Every Premium and Special Ship Cost or Value in all Resources

Premium Ship Cost

Every Premium Ship Cost

UPDATED May 18th 2020

German Aircraft Carrier VI Loewenhardt
German Battleship  flagIX Ludendorff

*iconxxxxxx *Devs Base Value (How it Works)
*Devs Base Value is the Doubloon base value of the ship in respect of tier, class, status and final resource. (This can change).
To get a rough idea of what the cash cost will eventually be for the standard bundles, go to "Premium Shop" >> "Doubloons" then enter the amount of doubloons valued for this ship, you will see, roughly what the ship will cost once released.

work in progress ships
Japan Name Tier Ship Type Base value Status  Link
FlagIconAsama VIII Battleship  ? WIP link
FlagIconShikishima X Battleship Steel? WIP link
FlagiconArashi VIII Destroyer *icon10300 WIP link
Germany FlagIconLudendorff IX Battleship *icon19300 WIP link
FlagLoewenhardt VI Carrier *icon5800 WIP link
FlagiconZ-35 VIII Destroyer *icon10300 WIP link
FlagRhein IV Carrier 11k 1m WIP link
FlagWeser VI Carrier 68k 4.5m WIP link
FlagA Parseval VIII Carrier 158k 11.5m WIP link
FlagM Richthofen X Carrier 330k 28m WIP link
FlagIconAgir IX Cruiser *icon19300 WIP
FlagIconSiegfried IX Cruiser  ? WIP
FlagIconOdin VIII Battleship Dockyard WIP
Italy Italian FlagImpero VIII Battleship *icon12800 WIP
Italian FlagiconPaolo Emilio X Destroyer  ? WIP 
France Tri Color FlagChampagne VIII Battleship *icon12800 WIP
USA USA FlagRoosevelt X Carrier  ? WIP
USA FlagIconCalifornia VII  Battleship *icon9800 WIP
 Soviet Russia FlagZarya Svobody IX Battleship *icon19300 WIP
Kotovsky V Cruiser 11k 1.35m WIP
Petropavlovsk X Cruiser 24420.5m WIP
Al Nevsky X Cruiser 24420.5m WIP
Kirov V Cruiser *icon4300 WIP link
Moskva X Cruiser Coal? WIP link
Russia FlagIconBorodino VIII Battleship *icon12800 WIP
Russia FlagIconSlava X Battleship  ? WIP

Ships Recently Released
UK FlagIconLondon
UK FlagIconCheshire
EU FlagiconSmaland
EU FlagiconOrkan
Tri Color FlagiconMarceau

PUERTO RICO: TIER X Cruiser: 0.8.11 Directives 
research points OHIO TIER X Battleship: Research Points: Amount 62,000
COLBERT TIER X Cruiser: Research Points: Amount 57,000
SOMERS TIER X Destroyer: Steel: Amount 25,000
BLACK TIER IX Destroyer: Steel: Amount 14,000
NEUSTRASHIMY TIER IX Destroyer: Steel: Amount 20,500
FLINT TIER VII Cruiser: Steel: Amount 11,600
STALINGRAD TIER X Cruiser: Steel: Amount 28,000
BOURGOGNE TIER X Battleship: Steel: Amount 30,000
free xp
HAYATE: TIER X Destroyer: Value/Resource Unknown 
FRIESLAND TIER IX Destroyer: FXP Amount 1 Million
KRONSHTADT TIER IX Cruiser: FXP Amount 750,000
AZUMA TIER IX Cruiser: FXP Amount 1 Million
ALASKA TIER IX Cruiser: FXP Amount 1 Million
NELSON TIER VII Battleship: FXP Amount 375,000
MISSOURI TIER IX Battleship: FXP Amount 750,000
BLACK TIER IX Destroyer: Coal: Amount ?
NEUSTRASHIMY TIER IX Destroyer: Coal: Amount ?
FLINT TIER VII Cruiser: Coal: Amount ?
CAMPBELTOWN TIER III Destroyer: Coal: Amount 19,500
AIGLE TIER VI Destroyer: Coal: Amount 49,500
CHARLESTON TIER III Cruiser: Coal: Amount 15,000
YUBARI TIER IV Cruiser: Coal: Amount 25,500
SALEM TIER X Cruiser: Coal: Amount 240,000
SMOLENSK TIER X Cruiser: Coal: Amount 244,000
YOSHINO TIER X Cruiser: Coal: Amount 248,000
OKT. REVOLUTSIYA TIER V Battleship: Coal: Amount 53,500
GEORGIA TIER IX Battleship: Coal: Amount 228,000
MUSASHI TIER IX Battleship: Coal: Amount 176,000
JEAN BART TIER IX Battleship: Coal: Amount 228,000
THUNDERER TIER X Battleship Coal: 252,000


Siliwangi: TIER VIII Destroyer: Doubloon Value 10,000 
Yudachi: Doubloon Value 6,500
Siroco: Cost = Doubloons 3500
Hill: Cost = Doubloons 3500
Benham: Cost = Doubloons 19,000
Leone = Doubloons 4800
Yukikaze = Doubloons 11000
Haida-  Cost = Doubloons 5600
Monaghan Cost = Doubloons 4600
HSF Harekaze Cost = Doubloons 9700
Shinonome Cost = Doubloons 4000
Asashio Cost = Doubloons 9300
Loyang Cost = Doubloons 8000
Z-39 Cost = Doubloons 5900
Kidd Cost = Doubloons 9100
Leningrad Cost = Doubloons 5250
Anshan Cost = Doubloons 3700
T-61 Cost = Doubloons 5400
Aigle Cost = Doubloons 4650
Gallant Cost = Doubloons 4500
Okhotnik Cost = Doubloons 2700
Vampire Cost = Doubloons 2300
Campbeltown Cost = Doubloons 1650
Smith Cost = Doubloons 1050
Błyskawica Cost = Doubloons 4800
Kamikaze Cost = Doubloons 2350
Kamikaze R Cost = Doubloons 4000
Fujin Cost = Doubloons 5000
Tachibana Lima Cost = Doubloons 950
Tachibana Cost = Doubloons 950
Gremyashchy = Doubloons 2350
Le Terrible = Doubloons 9500
Sims = Doubloons 5000
Cossack = Doubloons 9600
Asashio B = Doubloons 9300


CHESHIRE: TIER VIII British Cruiser:  *WG Doubloon Value 11.000 
LONDON: TIER VI British Cruiser:  *WG Doubloon Value 5.500 
WUKONG: TIER VIII Cruiser: *WG Doubloon Value 11,000 
GORIZIA: TIER VII Cruiser: *WG Doubloon Value 8,500 Doubloons 
Genova: Cost = Doubloons 4000
Bayard: Cost = Doubloons 11000
Lazo: Cost = Doubloons 8000
Murmansk Cost = Doubloons 3000
Montpelier = Doubloons 11000
Exeter Cost = Doubloons 4000
Marblehead Cost = Doubloons 3100
Atago Cost = Doubloons 10700
Atlanta Cost = Doubloons 9000
Charleston Cost = Doubloons 2000
Eastern Dragon Cost = *WG Doubloon Value 8500 Doubloons
HSF Admiral Graf Spee Cost = Doubloons 5100
Admiral Makarov Cost = Doubloons 5100
Mikhail Kutuzov Cost = Doubloons 10250
Prinz Eugen Cost = Doubloons 11000
Belfast Cost = Doubloons 8200
Indianapolis Cost = Doubloons 7500
Perth Cost = Doubloons 4800
Molotov Cost = Doubloons 4550
Duca d'Aosta Cost = Doubloons 4700
Admiral Graf Spee Cost = Doubloons 4700
De Grasse Cost = Doubloons 5500
Huanghe Cost = Doubloons 5400
Krasny Krym Cost = Doubloons 2950
Katori Cost = Doubloons 2250
Emden Cost = Doubloons 1500
Iwaki Alpha Cost = Doubloons 2650
Diana Lima Cost = Doubloons 1850
Yūbari Cost = Doubloons 2250
Albany Cost = Doubloons 1550
Diana Cost = Doubloons 1650
Arp Myoko Class Ships Cost = *WG Doubloon Value 8500 Doubloons
Arp Takao (Atago) Cost = *WG Doubloon Value 11000 Doubloons
Nueve de Julio Cost = Doubloons 8500
Boise Cost = Doubloons - 8500
Atago B Cost = Doubloons 10700
Wichita Cost = Doubloons 11500
Irian Cost = Doubloons 11500


BAJIE: TIER IX Battleship: WG Doubloon Value 19,000 
POLTAVA TIER VIII Battleship: *WG Doubloon Value 9.500 
Viribus Unitis Doubloon Value 5,000
Lenin Cost = Doubloons 11000
Massachusetts Cost = Doubloons 12750
Texas Cost = Doubloons 5150
Duke of York Cost = Doubloons 9800
Kii Cost = Doubloons 12900
Roma Cost = Doubloons 13100
Gascogne Cost = Doubloons 12400
Alabama Cost = Doubloons 12200
Ashitaka Cost = Doubloons 9200
Scharnhorst Cost = Doubloons 9500
Hood Cost = Doubloons 9700
Mutsu Cost = Doubloons 6550
Dunkerque Cost = Doubloons 5200
Arizona Cost = Doubloons 6600
Giulio Cesare Cost = Doubloons 5200
König Albert Cost = Doubloons 2200
Arkansas Beta Cost = Doubloons 2850
Mikasa Cost = Doubloons 2000
Ishizuchi Cost = Doubloons 2500
Aurora Cost = Doubloons 2250
Tirpitz Cost = Doubloons 12500
Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya Cost = Doubloons 5050
Warspite Cost = Doubloons 6500
Imperator Nikolai I Cost = Doubloons 2800
Arp Kongo Class Ships Cost *WG Doubloon Value 5000 Doubloons
Duca degli Abruzzi Cost = Doubloons 8600
Vanguard Cost = Doubloons 13000
Tirpitz B Cost = Doubloons 12500
Massachusetts B Cost = Doubloons 12750
Jean Bart Cost = Doubloons 19200
Dreadnought Cost = Doubloons 3500
W. Virginia 1941 Cost = Doubloons 7000
Prinz Eitel Friedrich Cost = Doubloons 6800


INDOMITABLE: TIER VIII Aircraft Carrier: WG Doubloon Value 12,000 
Ark Royal: Amount Doubloon Value 6,000
Kaga Cost = Doubloons 11000
Graf Zeppelin Cost = Doubloons 13700
Enterprise Cost = Doubloons 14000
Saipan Cost = Doubloons 11000
reward ship
BAJIE: TIER IX Battleship: WG Doubloon Value 19,000 
WUKONG: TIER VIII Cruiser: WG Doubloon Value 11,000 
SILIWANGI: TIER VIII Destroyer: Lunar Container 
GORIZIA: TIER VII Cruiser: 0.8.11 New Year Directives 
GENOVA TIER V Cruiser: Italian Tokens 22 x Chance of Winning the Ship.
ARK ROYAL: (Possible Reward in Unsinkable Sam Combat Mission Container)
CHARLESTON: (Given to New account Players On calendar Day 3)
PRINZ EITEL FRIEDRICH: (Award Ship (In The Name Of His Highness!event))
DREADNOUGHT: (Award Ship in the December Dreadnought Marathon)
EXETER: (Award Ship for completing Exeters Last Stand March 2019)
BENHAM: Cost = (800 Rogue Wave Fuel Tokens).
HILL: Cost = (Free Rogue Wave Event Reward)
SIROCO: Cost = (Free Symbols of France Event Reward)
IMPORTANT! Because some of these Ships are WIP, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after these Ships are released.