December 31, 2019

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December 28, 2019

HALLAND European Tier X Destroyer Stats


HALLAND European Tier X Destroyer

European Flag FlagdestroyerHALLAND Tier X European Destroyer
The largest and most powerful destroyers in the Swedish Navy. Their main advantages were their powerful AA defences and extremely rapid-firing main battery artillery.
GOLDCOST:  XP240k XP  CREDITS19.5m Credits
Hit points:   19.200.
Plating:   6~20 mm.
Deck Plating:   Aft/Fore:   19 mm. Mid:   19 mm.
Hull Plating:   19 mm.
Superstructure:   13 mm.
Turret Plating:   6 mm.
Propulsion:   58,000 hp.
Tonnage:   3,400 tn.
main battery
2 x 2 120 mm 50 bofors m1950
Firing Range:   10.4 km.
Reload Time:   2.5 s.
180 Degree Turn Time:   7.2 s.
Maximum Dispersion:   93 m.
Sigma Value:   2.00σ.


M1950 HE:
Maximum HE Shell Damage:   1750.
Alpha Piercing HE:   20 mm.
HE Initial Velocity:   825 m/s.
COF:   8%
Air Drag:   0.322.
Projectile Krupp:   480.

M1950 AP:
Maximum AP shell Damage:   2100.
Detonator Threshold:   20 mm.
Initial Velocity:   825 m/s.
Air Drag:   0.322.
Projectile Krupp:   2400.
2 x 5 533 mm Quintuple/Torped m1947:
Maximum Damage:   10,700.
Range:   15 km.
Speed:   86 kts.
Reload Time:   110 s.
Launcher 180 Degree Turn Time:   7.2 s.
Torpedo Detectability:   1.8 km.
Torpedo Type:   Normal.
aa defence
Action Zone:   0.1-6.0 km.
Hit Probability:   100 %.
Area Damage:   6.
Continuous Damage Per Second:   140.
Damage Withing an Explosion:   1890.
Action Zone:   3.5 - 6.0 km.
Action Zone:   0.1-5.0 km.
Hit Probability:   100 %.
Continuous Damage Per Second:   337.
Maximum Speed:   35.0 kts.
Turning Circle Radius:   660 m.
Rudder Shift Time:   5.6 s.
Surface Detectability:   8.9 km.
Air Detectability:   3.9 km.
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   3.3 km.
Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Work Time:   5s.
Reload Time:   60s (40s).

Slot 2: Engine Boost:
Charges:   2 (3)
Duration time:   180 s
Reload Time:   180 s (120 s)
Boost Speed:   +8%

Slot 3: Repair Party:
Charges:   1 (2).
Action time:   14 s.
Reload time:   120 (80) s.
HP per second:   +192 hp.

Slot 4: Surveillance Radar:
Charges:   2 (3).
Duration Time:   15 s.
Detection of Ships:   7.5 km.
Reload time:   180 (120) s.
( ) Brackets denotes upgrade consumables.
IMPORTANT! Because this Ship is WIP, the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after this Ship is released


This Day in Naval History - Operation Stonewall, December 28, 1943


This Day in Naval History - Operation Stonewall

operation stonewall
was a World War II operation to intercept blockade runners off the west coast of France. It was an effective example of inter-service and inter-national co-operation.

From the start of the war, the Allies had maintained a blockade against the import by Germany of seaborne goods. Although rich in many basic industrial materials, Germany, like Britain, could not produce some essentials. These included rubber, tin and tungsten.

Until the German invasion of the Soviet Union in June 1941 (Operation Barbarossa), the blockade was evaded via the Trans-Siberian Railway and large quantities of materials were shipped by this route. Once this was closed, German and Italian ships, stranded in Japan and Occupied Singapore, were used to bring in these essentials to ports in Occupied France. These were the blockade runners.

Although an organised interdiction against these blockade runners could not be set up until December 1943, several ships were intercepted and sunk in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Few actually managed successful runs.

the operation:
HMNZS Gambia
The New Zealand cruiser, HMNZS Gambia, joined the operation in December, 1943, and operated from Horta, in the Azores, with HMS Glasgow, patrolling an area north of the islands.

On 23rd December 1943, aircraft from the American escort carrier USS Card spotted a suspected runner, and there were further reports of a flotilla of destroyers escorting another merchantman west from France. HMS Gambia, HMS Glasgow, and HMS Enterprise formed a cordon to intercept. Aircraft attacked the flotilla, now escorting an incoming merchantman (SS Osorno), reporting a hit and a near miss on Osorno.

More warships, HMS Ariadne, HMS Penelope, and four Free French destroyers, joined the patrol to intercept another runner.
On Christmas day, 1943 a radio message from the submarine U-305 was intercepted, this would mean the end of the blockade runner Alsterufer.
On 27th December the Alsterufer, under the code name Trave, was intercepted by 423 Squadron, 422 Squadron RCAF, and one from other Squadron from Canada.

311 Czechoslovak Squadron RAF:
311 Czechoslovak Squadron RAF
Aircraft from RAF Coastal Command acted in close co-operation, before the Allied ships and an RAF strike force could make contact.
Alsterufer was attacked repeatedly and her radio was disabled. Some hours later the shadowing RAF Coastal Command bomber, a Liberator of 311 Czechoslovak Squadron RAF, commanded by Lieutenant Odrich, set her on fire with bombs and rockets. She was then bombed again by two RAF Coastal Command Liberators from 86 Squadron RAF, then the Germans decided to scuttle the ship.
Fifty two survivors were rescued two days later by corvettes of the 6th Escort Group of the Royal Canadian Navy and other ships picked up twenty men.
A cargo of 344 tons of tungsten concentrate that would have met the needs of German Industry for a year, went down with her.

The German destroyers and torpedo boats had set out to meet and escort Alsterufer, in an operation codenamed Bernau, and now HMS Glasgow and HMS Enterprise sought to intercept them. Guided by shadowing Coastal Command aircraft, the cruisers intercepted eight destroyers in the early afternoon of 28th December and exchanged fire with them. Despite accurate German gunfire and torpedoes, effective German evading action and an attack with guided bombs by a Luftwaffe aircraft, the British ships maintained contact.

THE battle of the bay of biscay:
The German ships divided into two groups and the cruisers pursued one of these. By 1600hrs, two Elbing class torpedo boats (T25 and T26) and the Narvik class destroyer Z27 had been sunk and one had been damaged, but escaped. About 62 survivors were picked up by British minesweepers, 168 by a small Irish steamer, the MV Kerlogue, and 4 by Spanish destroyers. The blockade runner Osorno reached the Gironde, but struck a wreck in the estuary. She was beached and subsequently unloaded offshore.

HMS Glasgow, HMS Enterprise and HMS Ariadne returned to Plymouth, and HMS Penelope to Gibraltar. More blockade runners from the Far East were expected, so HMS Gambia and HMS Mauritius maintained the cruiser patrol north of the Azores for the next three days. HMS Gambia then returned to Plymouth on 1st January 1944.

Three more German ships were sunk between 3rd and 5th January 1944 by U.S. Navy patrols in the South Atlantic. These were the last runners.
By Autumn, German armies were retreating headlong out of France and the French ports were no longer open to Axis ships.


December 27, 2019

Balance Changes to British and European Test Ships

Balance Changes

Balance Changes 

Tier V British Heavy Cruiser Hawkins
  • Ballistics were changed. Now the shell will need less time to travel the same distance: at a range of 7 km instead of 3.94 seconds, it will take 3.80 seconds. At a range of 13,86 km instead of 10.08 seconds, it will take 9,19 seconds. Average armour penetration will remain almost unchanged.
This ballistics adjustment will increase Hawkins' shooting efficiency at all distances.

Tier IX British Heavy Cruiser Drake
  • Surface detectability increased from 12.24 to 13.2 km;
  • Detectability after firing main guns in smoke increased from 7.6 to 8.33 km;
  • Air detectability increased from 8.11 to 8.74 km.
Detectability changes will balance Drake's battle efficiency.

Tier IV EU Destroyer Klas Horn
  • Turrets firing angles are changed to prevent crossing over with ship's superstructures.

Tier VIII EU Destroyer Orland
  • Updated ship's AA guns and continuous AA damage:
  • Continuous damage of the short-range AA guns increased from 46 to 49;
  • Continuous damage of the mid-range AA guns lowered from 161 to 95;
  • Continuous damage of the long-range AA guns increased from 63 to 70.

Tier IX EU Destroyer Ostergotland
  • Replaced 1x3 and 1x5 torpedo launchers with 2x4.

WG have adjusted parameters, models and armament of EU Destroyers based on the internal testing.

IMPORTANT! Because the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the finalised information is released.

December 26, 2019

Ranked Sprint 1 v 1 Tier VIII Battles Rewards Rules Times Dates

Ranked Sprint

Ranked Sprint 1 v 1 Tier VIII Battles Rewards Rules Times Dates

Nobody to blame, rely and depend on, a real chance to demonstrate your skills in a real duel. a 7 day Season of Ranked Sprint Battles playing Tier VIII ships in a  1 vs. 1 solo task to reach Rank #1.


What makes a Ranked Sprint different from a regular Ranked Battles season? The answer is simple: a easier competition format with a reduced duration. The new Sprint will run for only 7 days, with all Ranks and Stars being irrevocable. For participating in the Sprint, you can obtain a huge number of Signals Signals and 500,000 Credits Credits. The reward for achieving Rank 1 is 10,000 Coal Coal for use in the Armory.
times and dates
Countdown Countdown
more rules
  • Only Tier VIII ships are allowed in these battles.
  • Battles are held in a 1 vs. 1 format.
  • Battle maximum duration: 15 minutes.
  • A ship's type won’t be taken into account during the matchmaking process. For example, when playing a battleship, you might find yourself opposing a cruiser, destroyer, aircraft carrier, or another battleship.
  • Players earn the Stars needed to climb the ranking ladder by winning battles.
  • The number of Ranks is 10, less than in a regular season.
  • All players start battles at Rank 10.
  • This Season, all Ranks and Stars are irrevocable.
  • All Ranks are divided into two leagues: Ranks 10 - 6 and Ranks 5 - 1.
  • To attain Rank 1, you must earn 40 Stars.
  • Players who reach Rank 1 can no longer participate in any further battles of the current Season.
  • Ranked Sprint achievements aren’t inherited from previous Ranked seasons, and won’t transfer to those that follow.
  • Stars earned in Ranked Sprints aren’t counted as the Stars required to obtain Ranked Battle emblems.
  • Due to the specifics of the format, there will be no battle achievements.

Battles will be fought in Domination mode on the following maps with a reduced combat area: Islands of Ice, Land of Fire, Sea of Fortune, Trident, Loop, and Greece.

December 24, 2019

Clan Brawls Rules, Rewards, Countdown Timers


Clan Brawls Rewards, Time and Dates

Update 0.8.11 features as many as three new Clan Brawls!

Don't miss this perfect opportunity to replenish your Clan's Treasury and clash for credits, Coal, Steel, Elite Commander XP, and Santa's Gift containers.

Unlike Clan Battles, Clan Brawls take place throughout the course of a single day, with only victories being counted.

  • Clan Brawl 5:  on December 21, players will be able to receive up to 2,500,000 credits; 100,000 Elite Commander XP; 5x Santa's Gift containers; and 1x Santa's Big Gift container.
  • Clan Brawl 6:  on December 28 can bring you up to 2,500,000 credits; 3,500 Coal; and 350 Steel.
  • Clan Brawl 7:  on January 4 will include up to 2,500,000 credits; 3,500 Coal; 5x Santa's Gift containers; and 1x Santa's Big Gift container.

Clan Brawl 5:
On December 21, battles will involve Tier V ships in a 9 vs. 9 format with a maximum of three battleships and five destroyers per team.

Clan Brawl 6:
On December 28, battles will involve Tier VIII ships in a 4 vs. 4 format with a maximum of one ship of each type per team.

Clan Brawl 7:
On January 4, battles will involve Tier X ships in a 12 vs. 12 format with a maximum of three battleships, five destroyers, and one aircraft carrier per team.

Each Clan will be able to select its preferred prime time:
  • CIS 15:00 – 20:00 UTC
  • EU 17:00 – 22:00 UTC
  • NA 0:00 – 05:00 UTC
  • ASIA 11:00 – 16:00 UTC
Please note: you won't be able to change the prime time once it has been selected! Unlike in Clan Battles, a Clan's place in the Brawl Rating is determined within the region of the selected prime time.

For achieving high positions in the final Rating, Clans will be awarded resources for their Treasuries.

Position Coal
1st 25,000
2nd 22,500
3rd 20,000
4th 17,500
5th–50th*   16,250–5,000
* Each subsequent position between 5–50 brings 250 Coal less.
On December 21, Clan Brawls will unfold on the following maps: Archipelago, Ring, Big Race, New Dawn, and Trident.

On December 28, Clan Brawls will be held on the following maps: Hotspot, Mountain Range, Shatter, Warrior’s Path, and Sleeping Giant, each with a reduced combat area.

On January 4, battles will take place on the following maps: North, Land of Fire, Shards, Warrior’s Path, and Crash Zone Alpha.


  • Battle duration: 15 minutes in a 4 vs. 4 format; 20 minutes in the 9 vs. 9 and 12 vs. 12 formats.
  • All three Clan Brawls will be held in Domination mode.
  • Any number of teams from a single Clan can fight in a Brawl if the composition of the teams meets the listed conditions.
  • Only victories are counted for the Rating.
  • Since only victories are counted, and defeats aren't taken into account, there’s no option to select Alpha or Bravo Ratings in a Clan Brawl.
  • Victories earned in a Clan Brawl aren’t counted towards the requirements to receive Clan Battle emblems.
  • If two teams share the same number of victories, the higher position in the Rating will be given to the Clan that first gained their final victory.
Clans which rank in the Top 1,000; Top 100; Top 10; or are named as Champion Clan in the selected prime time, will be awarded special achievements. In such cases, all Clan members who play at least one battle during the Clan Brawl will be awarded these achievements.

Please note: all achievements will be issued to players after the Clan Brawl of January 4 comes to an end.

We wish you the best of luck in the Clan Brawls! See you in battle!

New Year’s special—some articles will contain a special hidden button for attentive readers! All you have to do to claim your presents is read each article and click a special button you find within. Each button will remain active for 3 days and, when clicked, will endow you with three signals: Zulu, Papa Papa, and Equal Speed Charlie London.

Equal Speed Charlie London will bring you 50% more XP for each battle, Zulu will raise your credit earnings by 20%, and Papa Papa will triple your Free XP gains.