October 28, 2020

Oklahoma American Tier V Battleship 1916

Dec 26 2020
Main battery reload time reduced from 40 to 38 s.

 Oklahoma American Tier V Battleship 1916

A Nevada-class battleship belonging to the first series of the U.S. Navy's Standard battleships. Oklahoma had an all-or-nothing armor protection, and her main battery guns were concentrated in her fore and aft ends.

oklahoma Oklahoma Flag
Oklahoma has been the 46th U.S. state since 1907, and its first flag had been is use between 1911 and 1925.

Ship Name:   Oklahoma.
Tier:   V (5).
Is paper ship:   No.
Class:   Battleship (BB).
WG introduction:   July 30th 2020.
Status:   Premium Ship.
Base Value:  5000 icon Doubloons.
Resource purchase:   Reward for completing the " Always Courageous Collection"
Nation:   USA.
Permoflage:  Type 9 Free.
Current status:   Released

Health Points:   48,200.
Armour:   13~457 mm.
Citadel  Fore Athwartships:   25~330 mm.
Citadel  Aft Athwartships:  25~330 mm.
Citadel Torpedo Bulkhead:   51 mm.
Armor Belt:   273~343 mm.
Citadel Deck:   38 mm.
Citadel Armoured Deck Slopes:   51 mm.
Citadel Bottom:   30 mm.
Turret Plating:  127~457 mm.
Conning Tower:   406 mm.
Torpedo Protection Damage Reduction:   18%.
Tonnage:   31,706 t.

2 x 3 356 mm Mk.8 in a turret:
2 x 2 356 mm Mk.8 in a turret:
Firing Range:   17.1 km.
Reload Time:   38.0 s.
180 Degree Turn Time:   60 s.
Maximum Dispersion:   231 m.
Sigma Value:   1.80σ.

10 x 356 mm HE 1400 lb:
Alpha Damage:  4,900
Alpha Piercing HE:  59 mm
Ammo Type:  HE
Air Drag Coefficient:  0.31
Always Ricochet at:  60.0°
Normalisation:  8°
Fusetime:  0.001 s
Detonator Threshold:  2.0 mm
Shell Diameter:  0.356 m
Krupp:  385.0
Mass:  635.0 kg
Start Ricochet:  91.0°
Muzzle Velocity:  792 m/s
Burn Probability:  27%

10 x 356 mm AP Early 1400 lb:
Alpha Damage:  10,000
Ammo Type:  AP
Air Drag Coefficient:  0.31
Always Ricochet at:  60.0°
Normalisation:  6.0°
Fusetime:  0.033 s
Detonator Threshold:  59.0 mm
Shell Diameter:  0.356 m
Krupp:  1603.0
Mass:  635.0 kg
Start Ricochet:  45.0°
Muzzle Velocity:  792 m/s

18 x 1 127.0 mm:
Maximum HE shell damage:   1800.
Range:   5.5km. *
Reload:   ~7 s.
Air Drag:   0.36.
Alpha Piercing HE:   21 mm.
HE initial velocity:   957 m/s.
COF:   9%.

8 x 1 127 mm:
Action Zone:   -4.8 km.
Hit Probability:   75 %.
Damage Caused by Shell Explosions:   1190.
Damage by Zone Area AA:   95.
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:   3.
4 x 1 76.2 mm:
Action Zone:   ~3.0 km.
Hit Probability:   75 %.
Damage by Zone Area AA:   21.
8 x 1 12.7 mm:
Action Zone:   ~1.5 km.
Hit Probability:   70 %.
Damage by Zone Area AA:   84.

Maximum speed:   19.7 kt.
Turning circle radius:   610 m.
Rudder shift time:   13.4 s.
Propulsion:   24,800 hp.

Surface Detectability:   13.5 km.
Air Detectability:   10.2 km.
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   11.7 km.


Slot 1: Damage Control Party
Action Time:   20 s.
Reload Time:   80 s.

Slot 2: Repair Party
Charges:   4.
Action Time:   28 s.
Reload Time:   80 s.
HP per Second:   +318 hp.
(Total hp regenerated per charge:   ~8,904 hp).

Slot 3: Spotting Aircraft
Charges:   4.
Action Time:   100 s.
Reload time:   240 s.
Main Battery Firing Range:   +20%.

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October 26, 2020

Supertest: New Year 2021 New Content 0.911 - 0.9.12, Snowflakes, Ranked

Supertest: New Year 2021 New Content

The Supertest for updates 0.9.11 and 0.9.12 will begin soon:

expect the new branch of U.S. battleships to be coming out of early access, New Year celebrations, a new Dockyard event, and other new content. Update 0.9.11 With update 0.9.11, the new U.S. battleship subbranch will be released from early access and Kansas, Minnesota, and Vermont will be available to everyone.

In addition, the system of Ranked battles will be updated. 
The main changes:
  • Seasons of Ranked Battles will succeed each other almost immediately, only with short breaks to separate them.
  • Each Season is split into Sprints, each about 2 weeks long.
  • Each season there will be 3 leagues: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. To advance to the next league, you first need to reach rank 1 in the current league and pass the qualification.
  • In one Sprint, a player can only pass their current League and qualify to the next League.
    • If a player is not qualified, he will start a new Sprint in his current League.
    • If a player is qualified, he will start a new Sprint in the next League.
  • Rewards will be given for a certain number of victories in the League, and for reaching the first rank.
Detailed information about the new system and rewards will be published later. Added permanent "Predator" camouflage for Somers in exchange for Ranked Tokens.

Celebrating the New Year in Update 0.9.12:
New Year time for gifts. This time we have prepared for you many rewards and activities! Snowflake Snowflakes  During the celebration of the new year, players will be able to get traditional holiday bonuses on all their ships starting from Tier V. Now you can "shoot down a snowflake" or either by winning the battle or by gaining a certain amount of base experience. 
Starting with the update 0.9.11 this rule will also apply to a bonus for resetting a branch in the Research Bureau. Snowflake Snowflakes  on all ships of Tiers V-VII will bring 400-750 units of Coal, VIII-IX - 75 units of Steel, and on Tier X ships you can earn "Santa's gift" containers, from which with a certain probability you can get one of the many premium ships and other rewards.

Please note:
The "Snowflake" can only be shot down once during the 0.9.12 and 0.10.0 updates in all types of battle except training battles. Holiday campaigns In the update 0.9.12, players will be able to access two new temporary campaigns "In pursuit of Strasbourg" and "Ships and Fates" as a reward for which you can get Strasbourg with permanent "Winter Holiday" camouflage, thematic commanders, as well as researchable ships Hawkins, Visby, Kotovsky, New York, T-22 and Furutaka with permanent "Winter" camouflage.

New Port and Camouflages: 
New expendable camouflage "Winter Patterns" as well as permanent "New Year" camouflage, which can be installed on almost any Tier IX ship, will help to create the holiday atmosphere.

Also the port "Kure" was added to the game. The new Port and the Dockyard are inspired by Kure Harbor in Japan.

Players can build the new Japanese Tier IX battleship Hizen.

The rules of the event are largely similar to the previous dockyard, but this time the number of construction phases and the list of awards will change:
  • The construction of the ship at the dockyard consists of 26 phases.
  • Each shipbuilding phase can be completed by finishing groups of event combat missions or spending 1,950 Doubloons per phase.
  • The groups of combat missions will span two updates—0.9.12 and 0.10.0, and the Dockyard itself will remain in your Ports until the end of Update 0.10.1.
  • In total, you can complete 22 out of 26 shipbuilding phases by progressing through groups of combat missions.
  • The reward for the completion of the 5th shipbuilding phase will be Tachibana with a "Winter" permanent camouflage, a commander with 6 skill points, and a port slot.
  • The reward for the completion of the 15th shipbuilding phase will be Yahagi with a "Winter" permanent camouflage, a commander with 6 skill points, and a port slot.
  • For the completion of the other stages of construction, you will be able to receive "Santa's Gift" containers, new permanent "New Year" camouflage for Tier IX ships, new "Winter Patterns" expendable camouflages, and other rewards.
  • For the completion of the 26th shipbuilding phase, you will receive Hizen in her "War Paint" camouflage, a commander with 10 skill points, a port slot, and a memorable flag.

Mysore "Santa's Mega Gift" Container.
If you already have Tachibana in port, you will receive a compensation of  1,425,000 credits. Compensation for Yahagi will be icon 4000 Doubloons. If you decide to complete shipbuilding at the Dockyard by using Doubloons, you can still progress through the combat missions. However, in that case, instead of the usual rewards for completing the shipbuilding phases, you'll get  400 Research Points and  200 units of Steel for each completed phase. If you had no access to the Research Bureau, you'll get it upon receiving Research Points.

IMPORTANT! Because the information in this Article is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after these Ships are released. 


October 15, 2020

PTS 0.9.10 Round 2 "U.S. Battleships Part #2 and Halloween Event

PTS 0.9.10 Round 2  "U.S. Battleships Part #2 and Halloween Event

The "U.S. Battleships: Part 2" event, a new collection, and Key Battles.

Special Features of the Test
The rewards for activities on the Public Test server may differ from those on the live server. The new U.S. battleships are not available to research on the Public Test server.

  • Balance changes to ships in Key Battle, fixed several bugs in this type of battle, updated visual effects and text prompts.
  • Fixed an issue which caused German planes to slow down too slowly when engine boost was used and get back to the cruising speed too quickly.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the incorrect display of ship guns on the ship silhouette.
  • Balance changes to several ships were made.
  • Fixed several other bugs.
The first ship for Key Battles will immediately be available in the Port with her stock modules. New modules and ships can be obtained by completing combat missions. A description of the combat missions is available in the game client.

P.T.S 0.9.10 Round 2
Countdown Countdown
Combat Missions and Rewards:
1 2  
Play a Random or Co-op Battle.
Reward on the live server: 3x signals of each type, except for special signals
Play three Random or Co-op Battles.
Reward on the live server: 10x Type 6 camouflage patterns
Complete the "Always Courageous!" collection.
Reward on the live server: 1x Wargaming container
Complete the Halloween chain of combat missions.
Reward on the live server: 5x each of the following special signals—Dragon, Wyvern, Red Dragon, Ouroboros, and Hydra
Deal 1,000,000 damage in a Key Battle after completing the Halloween chain of combat missions.
Reward on the live server: 3x each of the following special signals—Scylla, Basilisk, and Leviathan

One Wargaming container provides  1 Day of Warships Premium Account.

Starting Bonuses
* > Every participant of the Public Test will have all researchable Tier VIII ships, helmed by Commanders with 15 skill points, credited to their PT accounts.
* > The research prices for ships and ship modules will be substantially discounted.
* > Players will be able to reset Commander skills free of charge.
If you're joining the Public Test for the first time since Update 0.9.9, you'll be awarded the following additional bonuses:

* > 500,000,000 credits; 30,000 doubloons; and 90 days of Premium Account.
* > 50 signal flags of all types (except special signals) will also be added to your PT account.
How to Enter
Join the Public Test and obtain its rewards, Follow the instructions HERE.