Bonus Code - How to Redeem

Bonus Code - How to Redeem

How to redeem a Bonus Code
1, Log in with your Wargaming ID.

2, Go to Activate Wargaming Code.

1, Input the code and press REDEEM.
  • Allow ~24h delivery processing time. 
The Bonus Code gave me an item I already have. What now?
  • It is not possible to have two or more identical items on your account.
  • Codes that provide items you already have will either not work or the item's value may be compensated with in-game currency.
The Bonus Code is not working. Why?
  • Invite codes can't be used with existing accounts.
  • Expiry date overdue.
  • Already used.
  • Typing the code incorrectly.
  • Regional restrictions.
  • Event restrictions. Example: should you have 2 or more Gamescom Bonus Codes, only the first one used will be credited in your account.
I'm still having issues with the Bonus Code
Contact Player Support.

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