New Player and Returning Veteran Player Invites Codes 2022 - EU - NA - RU - ASIA

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New Player and Returning Veteran Player Invites Codes 2022 - EU - NA - RU - ASIA

Before you play your first battle make sure you click your regional link EU - NA - ASIA - RU below, after you click one of the buttons below, it will be very important to follow the instructions in order to get your free goodies. (see button images below)


The rules are very simple, in order to receive any of the Rewards that are offered that are shown/described above and below, you need to follow the instructions after you have clicked the regional server buttons below, the regional button you choose has a code embedded in the link which sends you to World of Warships game page, you will see a button on the page that says "ACCEPT INVITATION" click the button there, then you will go to registration page and fill in a few lines. 
If you have already downloaded the game and created an account possibly as a returning player, there will be a link you need to click "I already have a Wargaming account," but not played your first returning game, then you will receive the returning veteran rewards.
Imporatnt!! Do not leave the page you were sent too, until you have completed the registration or logged in, or you will lose my code and will nor be able to get the rewards that are offered
eu buttonna buttonasia buttonru button
EU = Europe and surrounding nations including Ukraine (my favourite server)
NA = United States and surrounding nations.
ASIA = Japan, Thailand, Korea and surrounding nations.
RU = Russia and surrounding nations.
The EU region is the most populated and to me the best region, which most players prefer, and tend to get the best one-off events with rewards.
The servers for each region runs 24/7, you can play Co-op (against bot enemy ships - easy and the fastest way to get your rewards) or Random (against other live players (best to play this when you gain experience).
eu buttonna buttonasia buttonru button
If you have not played the game for 90+ days, but want to re-join and get some free rewards, then click the region button above for the region you last played, there will be some fantastic rewards for just playing your first returning battle and bigger rewards for 25 more battles in Tiers IV or higher ships.
Community Tokens Shop
The “Naval Community” Armory tab will be stocked with a sizeable amount of in-game content that can be obtained in exchange for Community Tokens. At launch, you’ll be able to purchase a number of rare ship customizations, containers, and even a Premium ship! The pool of available rewards may be partially refreshed from time to time, but some items, such as Recruiting Station containers, will be a constant fixture.
With the release of Update 0.10.5, the following rewards will be available for Community Tokens:
Items to buy with Community Tokens  Price
  Junior Recruiting Station container  500
  Seasoned Recruiting Station container  1 500
  Veteran Recruiting Station container  3 000
 Community Trophies bundle (1x More Credits container, 1x More Signals container, 1x More Resources container)  750
  Supercontainer  6 000
Ship Containers
Premium Ship II-IV Container  8 500
Premium Ship V Container  15 000
Premium Ship VII Container  30 000
Expendable Customizations
 Recruiting Station camouflage  120
 Restless Fire camouflage  100
 Stream Dream camouflage  60
 MGT-20 camouflage  40
Permanent Customizations
 Skull permanent camouflage for flagV New York  2 000
 Ocean Liner permanent camouflage for VI Normandie  6 000
 Szarza permanent camouflage for flagshipiconVII Błyskawica  4 000
 303 Squadron permanent camouflage for flagshipiconVII Błyskawica  4 000
 Leningrad Defense permanent camouflage for VII Minsk  8 000
 Leningrad Defense permanent camouflage for shipiconVII Leningrad  8 000
 Remembrance Night permanent camouflage for flagVII Helena  8 000
 Gothic permanent camouflage for flagVIII Bismarck  10 000

 Recruitment Containers:
Recruitment containers are a special way of winning more rewards for simply just playing battles.
You will see below are some of the best ships the game has to offer for their Tiers.
The more you play the more points you earn, the bigger the rewards.

Contents and Costs of the Recruitment Containers:
Junior Container:
Cost 500 community token Community Tokens: You can find one of the following rewards in the Junior Recruit Container:
junior container

Seasoned Container:
Cost 1500  Community Tokens: You can find one of the following rewards in the Seasoned Recruit Container:
seasoned container

Veteran Container:
Cost 3000  Community Tokens: You can find one of the following rewards in the Veteran Recruit Container:
veteran container

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