PTS Public Test Server Times - Dates - Guide and Install

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How do I access the Public Test?
If you participated in the previous Public Test, simply update the client and use your existing Public Test account.

If you want to join the Public Test for the first time, register your account on the Public Test portal, install the Game Center (WGC) and the test game client. You can also log in using your Steam or Microsoft Store accounts and create an account for the Public Test.

You must register your Public Test account with the same email address as your live account in order to collect your rewards—no exceptions. If your Public Test account is registered to an email address that differs from your live server account email address, make sure you register a new Public Test account using your live server account email address.

PTS 0.10.6 Round 1 [UTC]
 PTS Update 0.10.6 Rnd 1 Starts  PTS Update 0.10.6 Rnd 1 Ends

How do I Install the Public Test client?
Use one of the following methods to install the game client.

Install an additional instance of the game:
1:   In the WGC, navigate to the World of Warships tab.
2:   Open the "Game Settings" menu and select "Install additional game instance".
3:   Select "Region: Public Test" in the upper-left corner on the screen that appears.
4:   Click the "Install" button.

Install the game using a code:
1:   In the WGC, navigate to the "All Games" tab.
2:   Click the "Install Game by ID" button and enter the following code: V09XUy5QVC5QUk9EVUNUSU9OQGh0dHA6Ly93Z3VzLXdvd3NwdC53b3JsZG9md2Fyc2hpcHMucnUv
and click the "Install" button.
3:   Click the "Install" button once again on the screen that appears.

Import previously installed game:
1:   In the WGC, go to the "All Games" tab.
2:   Click the "Import Installed Games" button.
3:   Select the game you want to import into the WGC on the screen that appears.
4:   Click the "Import" button.

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