0.11.6 New Flags - Ensigns with Descriptions

0.11.6 New Flags - Ensigns with Descriptions

Upcoming Flags - Ensigns with descriptions.
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The arrows crossing the celestial sphere on the coat of arms of Rio de Janeiro are reminiscent of the Holy Martyr Sebastian, the patron saint of the city. The red Phrygian cap in the center symbolizes freedom and the pursuit of liberty.
San Diego is the second most populous city in California and the key ship base of the United States Navy in the Pacific. San Diego Bay was discovered by Spanish navigators in 1524, and the city's motto reads as "Semper Vigilans" (Latin for "ever vigilant").
The "Saxon crown" has been used as an English heraldic device since the early 20th century. This symbol dates back to the coins of King Æthelstan (10th century), which contained the first known depiction of the crown of an English monarch.
Tobacco cultivation occupied an important place in the traditional culture of the Hurons, one of the indigenous peoples of North America. The flower of this particular plant is depicted on the emblem of destroyer Huron, named after this people.
Álvaro de Bazán is an outstanding Spanish naval commander who knew no defeat. He was granted the title of Marquis of Santa Cruz in 1569. The shield depicted on the coat of arms under the heraldic crown of the marquis is placed against the background of the cross of the knightly order of Santiago, of which de Bazán was a member.
The Free State of Anhalt as part of Germany was formed in 1918 on the territory of the duchy of the same name and formally existed until 1946. Its coat of arms was a symbol of the city of Bernburg, the oldest possession of the Dukes of Anhalt.
Iwami is a historical province in Japan in the western part of Honshu island. From the beginning of the 13th century up until the year 1600, Iwami was ruled by the Masuda samurai clan. The flag depicts his family emblem, or mon.
British Battlecruisers
The commemorative medal to honor the Battle of Jutland depicts an admiralty anchor with laurel wreaths under the naval crown.
To commemorate the launch of the new British battleships hitting the seas in Early Access in Update 0.11.6. (British Battlecruisers Event)
The first anchors were used thousands of years ago in the Bronze Age. Images of sea and river anchors are widely used in heraldry and are well known to modern people. (British Battlecruisers Event)
The sextant was invented around 1731 by an Englishman called John Hadley, and subsequently replaced the astrolabe as the main navigational instrument. The name of sextant comes from the Latin word "sextans" in the genitive case—the length of the scale of this instrument is 1/6 of a full circle. (British Battlecruisers Event)
Wind Rose
The wind rose is usually placed on compasses and maps to show the cardinal directions and their intermediate points. It is a star with a number of rays that is a multiple of four. (British Battlecruisers Event)
The information in this post is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Some changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the update is released.

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