0.11.5: The Return of Convoy 12 v 12 Tiers VIII to X


0.11.5: The Return of Convoy 12 v 12 Tiers VIII to X

Update 0.11.5 brings back the Convoy temporary battle type, which tasks you with defending or attacking transport ships as they sail to their destination point.

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WG have updated the format and diversified the maps, as well as increased the number of transport ships that now move along different routes. WG have also revamped the interface and tactical tips in battle, as well as changed the description of the Convoy rules in the battle-type selection window.

In real life, naval battles involved more than squadron duels and air raids. A significant aspect of confrontations between navies involved defending or attacking cargo lanes used to transport strategically important cargo.


To ensure high-quality matchmaking and contribute to battles being assembled more quickly, Convoy is only available during a certain Prime Time period each day.


12 vs. 12 with Tier VIII–X ships.


Timer: Return of Convoy Ends [UTC]


WG have changed some conditions of Convoy to bring more variety to the tactics of both teams and diversify the gameplay in this battle type.

Aircraft carriers, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, and submarines are allowed to participate.

Two teams participate in each battle, one is tasked with escorting cargo ships, and the other is tasked with attacking them. Players are randomly distributed among the two teams. You can enter each battle either alone or as part of a Division of 2 to 3 players.

The defending team needs to escort convoys of cargo ships as they sail along a defined route. The defending team wins if at least one of the convoy ships reaches the destination point or the entire enemy team is sent back to Port. The mission of the attacking team is to completely destroy either the convoys or its defenders.

In total, there are six AI-controlled transport ships in each battle. Depending on the map, transport ships will be split into three convoys of two ships or two convoys of three ships.

  • Each convoy moves along its own route.
  • Each route has its own destination. The destination points may be the same or different.
  • The convoy's route is visible to both teams on the Minimap.
  • The numbering of routes is tied to their travel time—the higher the number, the longer the duration of the route.

All convoys are made up of Liberty-class transport ships. They have little HP and weak armor, but they can deploy smoke screens, as well as change speed and maneuver to dodge enemy torpedoes. In addition, the transport ships are armed with two main battery guns and twelve secondary battery guns capable of firing at approaching enemies.


North, Hotspot, Trap, Two Brothers, Tears of the Desert, Crash Zone Alpha. A cyclone can appear on the Trap map.

Achievements and Combat Missions

As before, your successes in Convoy will be rewarded with special themed achievements. WG have updated their visual appearance for the new iteration.

Living Shield Receive two torpedo hits from the enemy while being within a 2-kilometer radius of an allied transport ship.
Neat Job Win by destroying all the transports and without losing any allied ships. At the same time, the damage caused by you should be more than 50% of the standard HP of your ship.
Safe Route Win a battle and save all transports. At the same time, the damage caused by you should be more than 50% of the standard HP of your ship.
Nerves of Steel Win and survive in a battle when the enemy has twice the number of warships or more. At the same time, the damage caused by you should be more than 50% of the standard HP of your ship. Can be completed while playing for any team.
Raider Destroy two transports in a single battle.

Due to the specifics of the battle type, you can only earn these achievements in Convoy.

You will have access to special combat missions that can be completed only in Convoy. Win and earn Base XP to obtain Community Tokens.

Detailed information about the special mission completion criteria can be found in the game client.

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