HMCS Huron - Commonwealth Tier VII Destroyer 1943

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flagshipicon HMCS Huron - Commonwealth Tier VII Destroyer 1943

A Tribal-class destroyer built for the Canadian Royal Navy. Unlike the British ships of the series, which entered service before the outbreak of World War II, she received enhanced anti-aircraft armament due to the abandonment of one of her main battery mounts.
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HMCS Huron Commemorative Flag.
Tobacco cultivation occupied an important place in the traditional culture of the Hurons, one of the indigenous peoples of North America. The flower of this particular plant is depicted on the emblem of destroyer Huron, named after this people.
Key Features:
Huron is armed with six 120 mm guns with a good rate of fire and powerful shells for the caliber. The arcing trajectory of the main battery guns will facilitate firing at targets from behind island cover, but make it difficult to hit enemies at extreme ranges. Huron is also equipped with a quadruple torpedo launcher that deals high damage and has the ability to launch torpedoes one by one, though they have a rather long reload time. The ship has superior engine settings that allow it to accelerate very quickly and is, moreover, equipped with an Engine Boost consumable with a long action time. The rest of its arsenal of consumables is made up of a Hydroacoustic Search with a rather high detection range for a destroyer and Repair Party. The ship notably lacks a Smoke Generator.

Huron Info:

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Ship Name:  flag shipicon VII HMCS Huron
Tier: VII (7)
Paper ship: No
Class: Tribal class destroyer
WG introduction:  May 12, 2022
Status during tests: battleshipSpecial Ship
Status when final: shipiconPremium Ship
Base Value: ~ 6800
Ship release: 0.11.7 (Phase 25 of the Puerto Rico Dockyard)
Nation:  flag Canada (Commonwealth)
Current development status: Released

Huron Armor:

Hit Points: 15,700 hp
Armour: 6-20 mm

Main Battery Armament:

3 x 2 120 mm/45 Mk.IX on a CPXIX mount:
Max Range:  12.3 km
Reload:  4.2 s
180° Turn Time:  18.0 s
Dispersion at Max Range:  107 m
Sigma:  2.0σ
Shell Types:
HE Shells 6 x 120 mm HE:
Max HE Shell Damage: 1600
HE Max Salvo: 11,400
HE Max DPM: 152,000
Alpha Piercing HE: 20.0 mm
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Shell Air Drag: 0.33
Normalization: 68.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Diameter: 120 mm
Shell Krupp: 1.0
Shell Mass: 22.68 kg
Ricochet: 60.0°/91.0°
Shell Speed: 808.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 5%
AP Shells: 6 x 120 mm AP:
Max AP Shell Damage: 2100
AP Max Salvo: 12,600
AP Max DPM: 168,000
Ammo Type: Armor Piercing
Shell Air Drag: 0.33
Normalization: 10.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.01
Shell Detonator Threshold: 20.0
Shell Diameter: 120 mm
Shell Krupp: 2438.0
Shell Mass: 22.68 kg
Ricochet: 60.0°/45.0°
Shell Speed: 808.0 m/s


1 × 2: 102 mm HE 35 lb:
Max HE Shell Damage: 1500
Range: 4.0 km
Reload: 4.0 s
Alpha Piercing HE: 17.0 mm
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Shell Air Drag: 0.33
Normalization: 68.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Diameter: 102 mm
Shell Krupp: 3.0
Shell Mass: 15.88 kg
Ricochet: 60.0°/91.0°
Shell Speed: 811.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 6%

Depth Charge:

Maximum damage: 5000
Charges: 2
Bombs per charge: 9
Reload time: 40 s


1 × 4: 533 mm Mk IXM:
Instead of choosing between wide and narrow spreads, captains can choose to fire off individual torpedoes or expend the entire launcher at once
Alpha Damage: 16,767
Range: 8.0 km
Reload: 96 s
Speed: 62 kts
180 degree turn time: 7.2 s
Torpedo detectability: 1.4 km
Enemy response time after spotting these torps: 8.68 s

AA Defence:

Long Range:
1 × 2:  102 mm/45 QF Mk.XVI on a Mk.XIX mount:
Firing range:  5.8 km
Hit Probability:  100 %
Damage Within an Explosion:  1190
Damage by long range AA guns:  18
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:  1
Action Zone:  3.5 - 5.8 km
Mid Range:
1 × 4  40 mm/39 Vickers QF Mk.VIII on a Mk.VII mount:
Firing range:  2.5 km
Damage by mid range AA guns:  35
Hit Probability:  100%
Short Range:
6 × 2  20 mm Oerlikon Mk.II on a Mk.V mount:
Firing range:  2.0 km
Damage by mid range AA guns:  119
Hit Probability:  95%


Maximum speed: 36.5 knots
Turning circle radius: 630 m
Rudder shift time: 3.8 s
Propulsion: 44,000 hp


Surface Detectability: 7.1 km
Air Detectability: 3.0 km
Detectability by depths: 0-3.0 km
Detectability whilst firing in smoke: 2.5 km


Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Work Time: 5 s
Reload Time: 40 s
Slot 2: Engine Boost:
Charges: 3
Action Time: 120 s
Reload Time: 120 s
Boost: +8%
Slot 3: Hydroacoustic Search:
Charges: 3
Action Time: 100 s
Reload Time: 120 s
Torpedo Detection Range: 3.0 km
Ship Detection Range: 4.0 km
Slot 4: Repair Party:
Charges: 2
Action Time: 10 s
Reload Time: 80 s
Regeneration: +157 hp/s
Regeneration HP per Charge: 1,570 hp/c
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.

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