0.10.10: Play a Variety of 6 x Superships in Long Ranked Mode and a Temp Co op Mode

0.10.10: Play a Variety of 6 x Superships in Long Ranked Mode and a Temp Co op Mode

WG are happy to announce that in Update 0.10.10, superships will be available again, and you'll have an opportunity to try them out in the new season of Ranked Battles.
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In addition to superships JAPAN FLAGbattleship Satsuma (Link) and battleship Hannover (Link), which you are probably already familiar with from the Grand Battle, you'll be able to enter battles helming four new superships:  Condé (Link)usa flag Annapolis (Link)JAPAN FLAG Yamagiri (Link), and  Zorkiy (Link).
The new Ranked Battles season starts a week after the release of the update, but superships will be accessible immediately once the update goes live. This means that you'll have an opportunity to try them out and familiarize yourself with the ships in Co-op Battles before the Ranked Battles season starts.

How to Get the Superships

Random bundles will be available in the Armory from the release of Update 0.10.10 until the end of Ranked Battles Season 5. There are a total of 10 bundles. Six of them hold 100 Coal, and the others hold all six superships to rent for 1 day. If deemed necessary, the rental period may be changed.
Each bundle will be available for 4  Supership Tokens, a new temporary resource. You can earn these Tokens by completing special combat missions playing Tier X ships.

  • During the first week of the update, a combat mission will be available that can be completed in Co-op Battles. You can complete this mission a maximum of 20 times. Each completion will reward you with 1  Supership Tokens.
  • Two combat missions will be available until the end of the Ranked Battles season, and they will be updated every week. The first mission can be completed in Ranked Battles a maximum of 20 times, and the second one—in Co-op battles a maximum of four times. Each completion will reward you with 1  Supership Tokens.
This method of distribution will help us prevent the battle queue from filling up with too many superships.{alertSuccess}

Details about the mission completion criteria will be available in the game client.{alertInfo}

Superships: Specific Features

The following superships will be available to play:
  • JAPAN FLAGbattleship Satsuma is a project based on battleship Yamato with reinforced primary armament, 510 mm guns in four twin-gun turrets.
  • battleship Hannover is a version of the H-42 project with 483 mm guns in four twin-gun turrets and her secondary battery replaced by dual-purpose artillery with a calibre of 128 mm.
  •  Condé is a large heavy cruiser armed with twelve 240 mm guns housed in quad-gun turrets. The ship's air defenses comprise post-war dual-purpose guns and AA defence systems.
  • usa flag Annapolis embodies a further development of the Des Moines-class heavy cruisers. The key differences compared to her prototype are her larger dimensions and increased firepower, the latter of which was achieved by equipping the ship with an additional main battery turret.
  • JAPAN FLAG Yamagiri is a large, fast destroyer equipped with dual-purpose main guns and powerful torpedo armament comprising three sextuple-tube torpedo launchers.
  •  Zorkiy is a project for a high-speed armored destroyer leader armed with dual-purpose guns and AA weaponry designed in the U.S.S.R. in the early 1950s drawing on experience gained during wartime.
The new superships boast unique features that will allow players to pursue alternative gameplay tactics and employ different decision-making strategies in battle.

Alternative Fire Mode: Burst Fire (Condé, Zorkiy, and Annapolis)

Each turret has one additional firing mode that is activated by pressing the F key. After switching to this mode, each separate turret can automatically deliver several consecutive salvos in rapid succession. After firing, the guns take a long time to reload. Depending on the ship, activating this mode can change the characteristics of guns and shells:
  • For  Condé, it increases the gun accuracy and penetration of HE shells.
  • For usa flag Annapolis, the characteristics of her guns and shells don't change. However, the number of salvos each turret delivers is higher and the interval between salvos and reload time are lower than those of  Condé.
  • For  Zorkiy, HE shell penetration is significantly increased.
You can switch back to the standard firing mode by pressing the F key. However, to fire again, you'll need to wait until all turrets cease fire in the alternative fire mode. A long reload period will follow a switch of the firing mode, after which the turrets will be able to fire in either standard or alternative fire mode again.

Alternative Torpedoes (Yamagiri)

The Japanese super destroyer is armed with two types of torpedoes that can be switched between in battle. The torpedoes differ by various parameters such as range, speed, and damage.
Switching to alternative torpedoes takes an additional fixed amount of time that's separate from the reloading mechanic. Torpedo launcher reloading is suspended while switching between torpedo types and then resumes immediately after.

Combat Instructions (Satsuma and Hannover)

Combat Instructions grant a temporary boost to the ships' characteristics in battle. To get the bonus, you need to fill a special meter by carrying out “adjustment fire” at any locked target: each turret salvo that hits a target or splashes near it is taken into account. Once the meter is filled, the bonus is activated by pressing the F key, which allows you to use the boost at the most optimal moment.

JAPAN FLAGbattleship Satsuma receives a bonus to the accuracy of her main battery; battleship Hannover receives a bonus to the range and reload time of her secondary battery.
If your ship ceases firing for some time, the progress of the adjustment fire meter gradually resets. However, progress won't decrease while the bonus is active or if the adjustment fire meter is already full.

Ranked Battle Season Rewards

The rewards for each league refresh and become available again at the start of each new Sprint.

Reaching Rank 1 will reward you with Bronze, Silver, and Gold League containers.

Reaching Rank 1 in the Bronze League will reward you with a commemorative flag.



Superships in Ranked and Co op [UTC]
 Superships in Ranked and Co op Starts  Superships in Ranked and Co op Ends



  • 7 vs. 7
  • Tier X ships and superships in all three leagues
This season will not feature submarines. The matchmaker will apply the standard ship-type restrictions. In terms of superships, team lineups will be mirrored.{alertInfo}

Game Maps and Modes

Hotspot, Islands of Ice, Shards, Sea of Fortune, Northern Waters, and Tears of the Desert.
The maps are the same for all three leagues. On the Tears of the Desert map, battles will be fought in Epicenter mode. Battles on other maps will utilize Domination mode.{alertInfo}

With the release of Update 0.10.11, the North, Crash Zone Alpha, Sleeping Giant, and Neighbors maps will be added.
Battles on the Neighbors map will be fought in Epicenter mode, while the Crash Zone Alpha, Sleeping Giant, and North maps will utilize Domination mode.{alertInfo}

Season Structure

The season is divided into six Sprints. The first Sprint runs for 1 week, and each subsequent one runs for 2 weeks. Each new Sprint starts immediately after the end of the previous one.

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