0.9.5 Soviet Cruisers and Split Details

Soviet Cruisers Coming to 0.9.5

Features of the new Tech Tree Branch
* Effective AP shells with excellent armor penetration capabilities, good ballistics, fewer over-penetrations, and enhanced ricochet angles.
* A relatively long reload time and special accuracy settings: the ships of the new branch have a larger dispersion ellipse at long distances in comparison to other cruisers.
* The combination of their accuracy settings and the Surveillance Radar consumable they carry, which has a 12 km operating range, makes the new cruisers most efficient in medium-range encounters.

* To automatically receive the new X Moskva and V Kirov you must have had at one point "ResearchedX Moskva and V Kirov.
* If you have in-port and do not sell X Moskva and V Kirov before 0.9.5YOU WILL NOT be automatically compensated in Credits.
* Make sure you sell X Moskva and V Kirov before update 0.9.5.
With the release of Update 0.9.5
X Moskva
V Kirov
will be replaced in the Tech Tree by
X Alexander Nevsky
V Kotovsky
0.9.6 Will see the following as Researchable ships in the Soviet Heavy Cruiser Branch
VIII Tallinn
IX Riga
X Petropavlovsk

Tier V Mikoyan

Tier VIII Tallin

Tier IX Riga

Tier X Petropavlovsk

Tier X Al Nevsky 

Tier V Kirov

Tier VIII Ochakov

Tier VIII Bagration

Tier V Kotovsky

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