New Ships - French Destroyers in Closed Test 13.4

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New Ships - French Destroyers in Closed Test 13.4

A new fleet of ships is gearing up to undergo testing in Update 13.4, featuring the all-new French Destroyers tech tree line! in this post we will give you an initial glimpse into their historical background and gameplay characteristics.

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French Destroyers

Tier V and Above:
The new French destroyer line starts from Tier V and includes six ships.

All-Round Capabilities:
These destroyers are designed to be versatile, with good main battery and torpedo armaments.

Torpedo Strength:
The torpedoes on these ships are particularly strong, with high base damage, speed, and range.

Main Battery:
The main guns offer reasonable damage per minute and solid shell damage.

A unique saturation mechanic allows these destroyers to take reduced damage after a certain threshold, enhancing their durability.

Emergency Engine Power:
This consumable provides a short burst of high speed, similar to the Ragnar’s ability.

However, there are trade-offs:

Torpedo Damage Drop-off:
The torpedoes lose damage over distance, dealing high damage up to 6 kilometers, then diminishing.

Main Battery Ballistics:
The shell ballistics are poor, making long-range engagements challenging.

Speed and Smoke:
These ships have a lower base speed and no access to the Smoke Generator consumable.

For gameplay:

Close-Range Combat:
The design encourages close-range, surprise attacks.

Short Skirmishes:
They excel in brief confrontations, thanks to their saturation mechanic and Emergency Engine Power.

Avoid Prolonged Battles:
Extended fights can be risky without consumables available.

Nation/Tier/Ship Class Base Value Dev Status Ship Page Link
flag shipicon X Cassard Destroyer image 240 000  CREDITS 19 500 000 WIP Ship Page Image
flag shipicon IX Orage Destroyer image 166 000  CREDITS 13 250 000 WIP Ship Page Image
flag shipicon VIII L'Aventurier Destroyer image 110 000  CREDITS 9 000 000 WIP Ship Page Image
flag shipicon VII Le Hardi Destroyer image 64 000  CREDITS 5 150 000 WIP Ship Page Image
flag shipicon VI Duchaffault Destroyer image 35 600  CREDITS 3 200 000 WIP Ship Page Image
flag shipicon V L'Adroit (Vent) Destroyer image 13 000  CREDITS 1 500 000 WIP Ship Page Image
All statistics are presented without crew and upgrade modifiers, but with the best modules available. Please note that these statistics may change at any time.
Please be aware that all information in this post is 'Work in Progress', the announced adjustments and features may undergo multiple changes during testing, all changes will be added to this post immediately after they become available, the final details will be officially published and labelled in the ship info as 'Released' on this post.

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