Changes to 5x Test ships - Closed Test 13.4


Changes to 5x Test ships - Closed Test 13.4

WG is implementing balance buffs to the following test ships after analyzing combat statistics: IX Victoria, VI Montcalm, VII HMS Rodney, X Incheon and X Utah (Vermont).

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  • flag shipicon IX Victoria Ship Page Image
    • Main Battery Firing Range: The main battery firing range has been increased from 20.7 km to 23.9 km. this adds 3.2 km to the ships range. The enhancement should allow the Victoria to engage targets from a greater distance, allowing for more strategic positioning and potentially reducing the risk of return fire. It can also provide a tactical advantage in controlling wider areas of the map.

  •  shipicon VI Montcalm Ship Page Image
    • HP Increase: The ship’s hit points have been boosted from 24,800 to 27,300, this is an increase of 2,500 HP, this means Montcalm will now be more resilient in battle.

  • flag BB Premium Ship Icon VII HMS Rodney Ship Page Image
    • Engine Boost Speed Bonus: The speed bonus provided by the Engine Boost consumable has been enhanced. Previously, it was 8%, but now it stands at 15%, the new speed using the Engine Boost consumable will be: 27.37 knots, an increase of 3.57 knots. This improvement allows Rodney to accelerate more swiftly when using the Engine Boost.

  •  shipicon X Incheon Ship Page Image
    • Rudder Shift Time Reduction: The rudder shift time has been decreased from 11.2 seconds to 8.3 seconds. This reduction of 2.9s makes Incheon more agile and responsive in maneuvering.
    • Torpedo Parameters Update:
      • Reload Time: The torpedo reload time has been shortened from 125 seconds to 95 seconds. This reduction of 30s means Incheon can launch torpedoes more frequently.
      • Wider Launch Angles: The angles at which Incheon can launch torpedoes have been expanded. This allows for more flexible torpedo attacks.

  • flag BB Special Ship Icon X Utah (Vermont) Ship Page Image 
    • Main Battery Reload Improvement: The main battery reload time has been slightly reduced from 36.8 seconds to 36 seconds. This 0.8s reduction enhances Utah’s firepower.
    • Note: Utah is essentially a clone of Vermont, used specifically for testing her Unique Upgrade.

Kindly be aware that the information provided in this post is tentative. The announced adjustments and features are subject to change throughout the testing phase. The definitive details will be made available on our game's official website.

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