PTS 12.11 Round 2 - Holiday Festivities, Salvage for Victory, the Sestri Ponente Dockyard, Combat Missions, Community Tokens, and much more!

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PTS 12.11 Round 2 - Holiday Festivities, Salvage for Victory, the Sestri Ponente Dockyard, Combat Missions, Community Tokens, and much more!

Joining the Public Test is a great way to earn permanent and expendable camouflages, containers that drop Premium ships, and other valuable items.

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Special Features of the Test

During Update 12.11, On the Public Test server, you’ll be able to participate in Holiday festivities, Salvage for Victory, the Sestri Ponente Dockyard, and more—let’s get into the details!


PTS 12.11 Download size 3.32GB.

πŸŽ…PTS 12.11 Round 2πŸŽ„ [UTC]


The Holiday Festivities Begin!

Update 12.11 comes with a boost for your daily login rewards—it will deliver additional awesome prizes! To celebrate the upcoming holidays, we’ve added more Supercontainers and Santa’s Gift containers to the login rewards!

No Captains, we haven’t forgotten about the Battle Performance Bonuses. We’ve made some slight changes compared to last year, aimed at creating a better scale for rewards per ship tier. You can earn Coal from Tiers V–VII; Steel from Tiers VIII and IX; and Festive Certificates for Tier X, which can be exchanged for Santa’s containers. Battle Performance Bonuses for superships will reward you with 200 Steel this year.

Festive Certificates are a temporary resource returning in Update 12.11, and you’ll be able to exchange these for festive rewards! For more info, please refer to this Page.

Additionally, we’re bringing the holiday season back to the Fjords Port—Santa City is taking over!

Holidays in Santa City

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During Update 12.11, we’re replacing the traditional Battle Pass with a new event geared toward celebrating the holidays! The Holidays in Santa City event comprises 20 stages with easy progression as you collect Points by completing daily and weekly combat missions. The main free reward is flagPREMIUM BATTLESHIP VII Scharnhorst '43 Ship Page Image. We’ll also be introducing a new festive Commander for this event!

You can also unlock the paid progression line version to earn additional Festive Certificates, two new historical Commanders, Coal, and flagshipicon VII Stord '43 Ship Page Image as the final reward.

Progress through the event

The prize draw pool will be shared between both Public Test rounds. 

We're running a prize draw of Festive Certificates for players who earn at least 1,000 Base XP in a single Random or Asymmetric Battle and reach certain stages of the Holiday in Santa City event.

Reaching the 10th and 20th stages will grant players the 1st and the 2nd tickets for the draw, respectively.

Item Distribution method Number of Distributed Items

5x Santa Certificate

Prize draw 10/realm

3x Santa Certificate

Prize draw 10/realm

1x Santa Certificate

Prize draw 30/realm

Rewards will be distributed after the release of Update 12.11.

Changes to Santa’s Gifts

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Don’t panic! Santa’s Gifts will mostly stay the same but with an improvement that we’re excited to share. We have an updated and shortened drop list! Last year’s containers had a ship list featuring a total of 174 ships. This year, we’ve removed 43 older ships and added 19 new ones to make it easier for you to obtain more of the ships you desire! All the removed ships are available in the Armory for direct purchase.

Sestri Ponente Dockyard

A new Dockyard is coming to World of Warships in Update 12.11. The construction process comprises 32 phases, 27 of which can be completed through missions. At least five phases will need to be purchased with Doubloons to finish building flagshipicon IX Michelangelo and add her to your Port. Starter Packs of five and 10 phases will be available to buy for resource 6,000 and resource 10,000 Doubloons, or you can purchase individual phases for resource 1,750 Doubloons each.

The main reward for completing all stages is flagshipicon IX Michelangelo Ship Page Image

Dockyard missions can be completed throughout Updates 12.11 and 13.0, as well as during the first 2 weeks of Update 13.1. The Dockyard itself will remain in the Port until the release of Update 13.2. 

Dockyard Combat Mission

Combat Missions - Round 2
Complete 32 shipbuilding phases at the Dockyard. (At least five of them must be progressed through by completing Dockyard combat missions.)
Reward on the Live Server: 1,000 Community Tokens.
The combat mission may be completed during Public Test 12.11.

Japanese Battleships Leave Early Access

Update 12.11 marks the end of Early Access to the new Japanese battleships — flag  VIII Yumihari Ship Pageflag  IX Adatara Ship Page and flag warshpicon X Bungo Ship Page. With the release of the update, they will become researchable ships for all players in the respective Tech Tree branch.

The new battleships have large-calibre main battery guns with a long firing range and good accuracy. One of their main features is High-Precision Spotter-Spotting Aircraft with high-precision optics—a new consumable that increases not only your main battery guns' range but also their accuracy.

The ships also have good concealment and average speed. Among the disadvantages of these battleships are their small HP pools, mediocre armor, and weak AA defences.

All players will be able to try these ships during the upcoming Public Test.

Asymmetric Battles

In Update 12.11, you can continue participating in Asymmetric Battles. For this iteration, battles are held in a 5 vs. 12 format and feature Tier VI–X ships, including superships. Players can select any ship type, while the bot team won’t have access to submarines. In player teams, the maximum tier difference between ships is limited to one, while ships on the bot team will always be at least one or two tiers lower than players’ ships.

Earn Base XP in a Single Battle

Throughout the duration of the Update 12.11 Public Test, aim to earn as much Base XP as possible in a single Random or Asymmetric Battle. The 20 best players will receive a container with a Premium Tier V, VI, or VII ship.

The prize pool will be shared between both Public Test rounds. Prizes will be distributed after the release of Update 12.11.


Awarded To

Number of Distributed Items

Premium Ship VII container

1st–5th Place


Premium Ship VI container

6th–10th Place


Premium Ship V container

11th–20th Place



Combat Missions and Rewards

Progress through combat missions on the Public Test Server to earn Community Tokens. These Tokens can be exchanged for various rewards in the Armory, including rare permanent camouflages, containers, and other in-game items.

Please note: The Battle Pass rewards on the Public Test Server will differ from the rewards on the upcoming 12.11 Live Server.

Combat Missions - Round 2
icon imageEarn 8,000 Base XP in Random Battles and/or Asymmetric Battles.
Reward > Live Server: 1x containerTactical Special container.
icon imageFight three Asymmetric Battles and deal more than 70,000 damage in each of them.
Reward > Live Server: 500  Community Tokens.
icon imageEarn 10 "Citadel hits" ribbons in Random, Asymmetric and/or Co-op Battles.
Reward > Live Server: 450  Community Tokens.
icon imageEarn 7 “Caused flooding” ribbons in Random, Asymmetric and/or Co-op Battles.
Reward > Live Server: 7x Pioneer Expendable Camouflages.
icon imageEarn 12,000 Base XP in Random, Asymmetric, and/or Co-op Battles.
Reward > Live Server: 1,600  Community Tokens.
icon imageEarn 250 Base XP in a single Random and/or Co-op Battle.
Reward > Live Server: 100  Community Tokens.
icon imageEarn 1,000 Base XP in Random and/or Co-op Battles.
Reward > Live Server: 200  Community Tokens.
icon imageEarn 1,000 Base XP in Random, Asymmetric, and/or Co-op Battles. This combat mission will only be available on the second and third days of each round of the Public Test.
Reward > Server: 1,000 coal Coal; 2,500 fxp Free XP; 200  Community Tokens; and 500,000 credits Credits.

Other Changes

We’ve updated the Commander skill recommendations for most ships in the game.

We’ve changed Commander skill recommendations for most ships in the game to accommodate the Commander skill update taking place in Update 12.10.

More Combat Missions and Rewards

Progress through combat missions on the Public Test Server.

You can progress through combat missions on the Public Test Server to earn Community Tokens. These Tokens can be exchanged for various rewards in the Armory, including rare permanent camouflages, containers, and other in-game items.

  • Players who log in to the Public Test Server for the very first time will receive a one-time reward per account: 250 resource doubloons, 2x More  Coal containers, and 1x container Tactical Special container.
  • A one-time reward is given for the first time you log in to each of the 12.11 Public Test sessions: 100 resource doubloons and 750 coal Coal.

Combat Mission Chains

In Public Test 12.11, players will also have access to special combat mission chains that grant rewards on the Live Server.

Combat Missions Chain - Chain 1
Deal damage, earn Base XP and "Destroyed" ribbons.
Can be completed in Random, Asymmetric, and/or Co-op Battles.
Reward > Live Server: 1x container Tactical Special container and 7,500 coal Coal.
Combat Missions Chain - Chain 2
Win battles, earn Base XP, deal damage, and earn "Destroyed" ribbons.
Can be completed in Random and Asymmetric Battles.
Available for completion three times per day at the following times: 
11:00–15:00 UTC; 
17:00–21:00 UTC; 
22:00–02:00 UTC.
Reward > Live Server: 5,000 fxp FreeXP, 700 coal Coal, 800,000  Credits and 10,000 ecxp Elite commander XP.

Combat mission details will be available in the Public Test client.

In total during Public Test 12.11, you can obtain up to 8,500  Community Tokens, 32,600 coal Coal, 4x container Tactical Special containers, 2x More  Coal containers, 14x Pioneer expendable camouflages, 150,000 fxp FreeXP, 24,400,000  Credits, 280,000 ecxp Elite commander XP and 450 resource doubloons.

Starting Bonuses

Newcomers receive bonuses!

  • The research prices for ships and ship modules will be substantially discounted.
  • Ability to redistribute Commander skills for free.

If you’re logging in to the Public Test server for the first time since Update 12.10, you will additionally receive the following bonuses:

  • All researchable Tier VI and VIII ships with 21-skill-point commander Commanders.
  • 500,000,000  Credits; 30,000 resource doubloons; 250,000 coal Coal; and 90 premium time days of Warships Premium Account.
  • Sets of expendable economic bonuses and 50  signal flags.

If you've played at least one battle on the Public Test Server in Update 12.10, your account will be copied from the Live Server to the Public Test server.


How to Participate
All information on how to join the Public , Follow the instruction {getButton} $text={PTS Guide/Instructions} $icon={link} $color={red}

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