12.11 Holiday Celebrations in Santa City: Ships, Santa Containers, ❆ Snowflakes, Steel Rewards and Certificates

Image of Holidays in Santa City Events

12.11 Holiday Celebrations in Santa City: Ships, Santa Containers, ❆ Snowflakes, Steel Rewards and Certificates

Update 12.11 will start the holiday season in grand fashion – Below you will find some of the upcoming activities and content that WG has prepared for you!

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Daily Login Rewards

Image of Daily Login Rewards

As part of our holiday celebrations, the daily login rewards have been enhanced with some extra prizes, such as additional Superсontainers and even Santa’s Gift Containers!


⚓You will be able to claim in total 4x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift Containers – 2 of them in the first 3 days!
⚓Supercontainers await you on Days 8, 16, and 24.
⚓3x days of World of Warships premium time Premium Time.
⚓And many more delightful gifts! 
Additionally, you'll be able to collect a sleighful of presents through a variety of other sources. For example:
⚓1x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift Container upon entering the Armory.
⚓5x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift Containers will await you in the free daily random bundles.
⚓2x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift Containers in our portal activities.
⚓1x Santa's Big Gift container Santa's Big Gift Container for finishing 4 out 5 Twitch Drops missions!

Battle Performance Bonuses

image of battle performance rewards for 2023

Battle performance bonuses during the festive season have become a well-loved tradition, so we’re happy to bring them back. Please note that we have slightly changed the rewards from last year, and they now scale better with ship tiers.

Players will continue to earn coal Coal from Snowflakes in Tier V-VII ships: 

⚓Tier V ships will reward coal 700 Coal 
⚓Tier VI ships will reward coal 750 Coal 
⚓Tier VII ships will reward coal 800 Coal 
Tiers VIII and IX ships will reward Steel Steel.
⚓Tier VIII ships will reward Steel 70 Steel. 
⚓Tier IX ships will reward Steel 80 Steel. 
As last year, 

⚓Tier X ships will reward a coal Festive Certificate each, exchangeable for Santa’s Gifts. 

⚓Superships will reward Steel 200 Steel this year instead of Research PointsResearch Points. 

Don't forget, players with many ships in Port can collect multiple combat performance bonuses when earning enough base XP in battle, as in the previous Anniversary event.

Rewards for Certificates

coal Festive Certificate is a temporary resource that can be exchanged in Update 12.11 for:

⚓1x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift Container for 1x coal Festive Certificate.
⚓1x Santa's Big Gift container Santa's Big Gift Container for 3x coal Festive Certificates.
⚓1x Santa's Mega Gift containers Santa's Mega Gift Container for 5x coal Festive Certificates.
⚓1x Flags Premium Container for 20x coal Festive Certificates (limit: 3).
⚓ credits 375,000 Credits for 1x coal Festive Certificate.

The system works in a similar way to last year's New Year celebration—you’ll again be able to receive several rewards at once, depending on the number of ships in your Port and the amount of Base XP earned in the battle. For example, a player with more than 300 ships in their Port will be able to earn four rewards in one battle: one reward for entering the battle with a ship and three additional rewards for effective performance in battle.

Santa City is Back!

To commemorate the holiday season, the Fjords port will once again be bedecked in holiday decorations and turn into Santa City!

Santa City
Image of Santa City 1 Image of Santa City 2
Image of Santa City 3 Image of Santa City 4

Holidays in Santa City

The festive season is upon us, and our journey leads to the glowing Port of Santa City! The time of miracles does not pass without celebrations in World of Warships.

WG have prepared a special activity with loads of available rewards. All players can succeed in this event, from seasoned sea wolves to novice helmsmen.

Holidays in Santa City comprises 20 levels, and after you complete all of them, you'll be able to earn additional rewards. The goal is to earn Base XP in combat missions, meaning that you can simply play the game however you like. This makes it easier to earn truly valuable rewards! Fight 2—3 battles per day, and you'll be able to obtain flagPREMIUM BATTLESHIP VII Scharnhorst '43 in as little as 5–6 days!


Head to the event page via the corresponding tab in the Port.

  1. Earn Points by completing daily and weekly combat missions.
  2. Advance along the progression line.
  3. Move to new levels.

There are two progression lines in the Holidays in Santa City event: one is available immediately and the other is locked. You can unlock the second progression line to receive additional rewards for completing levels. The second progression line can be unlocked any time using Doubloons.

This event will be taking the place of the Battle Pass. Holidays in Santa City will contain 20 stages, with post-progression available. WG wanted to make it easier for our players to reach the main reward in this activity - the new flagPREMIUM BATTLESHIP VII Scharnhorst '43 at stage 10.

Compared to last year's Dockyard, it will be easier for players to reach this free premium ship. Since the missions for this event are based on scoring Base XP, this allows you to play the game in the way you want and still allows the majority of players to claim this reward. Play 2-3 battles per day and you will be able to get this ship within 5-6 days!

Aside from flagPREMIUM BATTLESHIP VII Scharnhorst '43, you can earn rewards such as days of WoWs Premium account, a festive commander with unique voice-over, New Year permanent camouflages for Tier VIII and IX ships, Merry Christmas and Flickering Sparkles commemorative flags, Coal and Steel, and a total of 23 Santa’s Gift containers of all sizes, with 3 Santa's Mega Gift containers being the final prize. These rewards should provide you with interesting resources and the chance to get additional premium ships from our Santa's Gift containers!

Additionally, players can unlock the paid progression line for Doubloons that will earn additional Festive Certificates, two new historical commanders, the North Cape commemorative flag, more New Year permanent camouflages, Coal, and the new flagshipicon VII Stord '43 as the final reward. 

image of commanders

1x coal Festive Certificate is the reward for completing each additional level for both the first and second progress lines.

Both daily and weekly missions will be available for players to earn points and progress through stages.


Completing combat missions will reward you with the necessary Points to complete the Holidays in Santa City event.

There are four mission types:

Title Condition Reward
Dearest Wish
Earn 250 ship xp Base XP in any battle type. 10 Points
Bell Jingles
Earn 1,500 ship xp Base XP in any battle type. 10 Points
Festive Flavor
Earn 2,000 ship xp Base XP (up to five times per day). 1 Point (up to 5 Points per day)
Christmas Magic
Earn 2,000 ship xp Base XP (up to 10 times per week). 2 Points (up to 20 Points per week)

You can earn 25 more Points for completing the special combat missions for your region.

All missions can be completed over any number of battles. 
There will be three levels of daily missions to complete: 
  • Simple: Earn 250 ship xp base XP in any battle type to receive 10 points.
  • Moderate: Earn 1,500 ship xp base XP in any battle type to receive 10 points.
  • Difficult: Earn 2,000 ship xp base XP in any battle type to receive 1 point. May be completed 5 times per day. 
There will be one weekly mission: 
  • Earn 2,000 base XP in any battle type to receive 2 points. May be completed 10 times per week. 
In total, you will be able to earn 175 points from daily missions and 20 points from the weekly mission each week. The event will last for 5 weeks.
25 more points can be earned in special missions & activities throughout the Update. 
In total, 1,000 points will be available to earn, and you need only 500 points to obtain all main rewards.


Free Progression Line

image of rewards
scharnorst '43
rewards santa city 1

Important: You'll obtain Commander Commander "Aurora Di Natale" for completing the second level and flagPREMIUM BATTLESHIP VII Scharnhorst '43 for completing the 10th level.

The final reward is 3x Santa's Mega Gift containers Santa's Mega Gift containers.

Total cost in points Stage Free progression line
10 1 1x Day of WoWs Premium Time Premium Time
20 2 Commander Commander "Aurora Di Natale" with 6 skill points
30 3 3x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift containers
40 4 New Year permanent Camos camouflage for Tier VIII ships
50 5 Merry Christmas commemorative flag
65 6 3x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift containers
80 7 3x Days of WoWs Premium Time Premium Time
95 8 New Year permanentCamos camouflage for Tier VIII ships
110 9 3x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift containers
125 10 flagbattlesp icon VII Scharnhorst '43 and a port slot Port slot
155 11 New Year permanentCamos camouflage for Tier IX ships
185 12 1x Santa's Big Gift container Santa's Big Gift container
215 13 12,000 coal Coal
245 14 3x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift containers
275 15 Flickering Sparkles commemorative flag
320 16 1x Santa's Big Gift container Santa's Big Gift container
365 17 3x Santa's Gift container Santa's Gift containers
410 18 1,200 Steel Steel
455 19 3x Santa's Big Gift container Santa's Big Gift containers
500 20 3x Santa's Mega Gift containers Santa's Mega Gift containers
Post-progression 21+ 1x coal Festive Certificate

Paid Progression Line

Second progression line
image of rewards

The final reward is flagshipicon VII Stord '43

You can unlock the second progression line for 3500 resource Doubloons. Access to it gives you the chance to purchase progression levels for Doubloons; each level costs 1000 resource Doubloons.

As soon as you unlock the second progression line, you'll receive all the additional rewards for any completed levels.

*What are Festive Certificates?

coal Festive Certificate are a temporary resource that can be exchanged for the following items during Update 12.11:

image of festive rewards
Total cost in points Stage Paid progression line

New Year permanent camouflage for Tier VIII ships 

*The reward for unlocking the paid track

10 1 1x coal Festive Certificate
20 2 New Year permanent Camos camouflage for Tier VIII ships
30 3 1x coal Festive Certificate
40 4 1x coal Festive Certificate
50 5 Commander Commander Bruce Fraser with 10 skill points
65 6 1x coal Festive Certificate
80 7 New Year permanent Camos camouflage for Tier IX ships
95 8 4,000 coal Coal
110 9 1x coal Festive Certificate
125 10 North Cape commemorative flag
155 11 1x coal Festive Certificate
185 12 New Year permanent Camos camouflage for Tier IX ships
215 13 4,000 coal Coal
245 14 1x coal Festive Certificate
275 15 Commander Commander Erich Bey with 10 skill points
320 16 1x coal Festive Certificate
365 17 1x coal Festive Certificate
410 18 4,000 coal Coal
455 19 1x coal Festive Certificate
500 20 flagshipicon VII Stord '43 and a port slot Port slot
Post-progression 21+ 1x coal Festive Certificate

Additional Levels

The event runs until the release of the next update, and you'll be able to earn up to 1,000 Points during this time. At the same time, you'll need just 500 Points to advance along the whole progression line. You can exchange your remaining Points for additional levels.

 1 Festive Certificate is the reward for completing each additional level for both the first and second progression lines.

Changes to Santa’s Gift Containers

image of santa containers

Don’t panic! Santa’s Gift containers will remain mostly unchanged, but with an improvement that we hope you will be excited about – an updated, shortened ship drop list. Last year's containers had a ship list featuring 174 ships in total - this time, instead of just adding the new ships released over the last year, we have also removed over 40 older ships to make it easier for you to obtain your desired ships.

A total of 43 older ships have been removed from the drop list - all of which are available for direct purchase in the Armory. In their stead, 19 newer additions to the game have been added. These include some sought-after prizes such as flagshipicon X Brisbaneflagshipicon IX Jägerflagcarrier VIII Colossusflagpremium cruiser VIII Almirante, and flagpremium cruiser VII W. Virginia '44.

See the tables below for a full list of changes:


Added and Removed Ships

Added Ships Removed Ships
VI Dupleix
VI Leipzig
VII Tashkent '39
VII Tokachi
VII West Virginia '44
VIII Alliance
VIII Almirante Grau
VIII Colossus
VIII Nottingham
VIII Numancia
VIII Schill
IX Halford
IX Jäger
IX Karl Xiv Johan
IX Scarlet Thunder
IX Sun Yat-sen
IX Velos
X Brisbane
X Tromp
V Kirov
V Marblehead
V Murmansk
V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
V Texas
VI Aigle
VI Anshan
VI Arizona
VI Duca D'aosta
VI Huanghe
VI Warspite
VII Atlanta
VII Flint
VII Indianapolis
VII Sims
VIII Alabama
VIII Belfast '43
VIII Cossack
VIII Gascogne
VIII Graf Zeppelin
VIII Irian
VIII Le Terrible
VIII Loyang
VIII Mainz
VIII Prinz Eugen
VIII Saipan
VIII Vanguard
IX Azuma
IX Black
IX Groningen
IX Marco Polo
IX Neustrashimy
IX Pommern
X Grosser Kurfürst
X Hayate
X Khabarovsk
X Marceau
X Moskva
X Salem
X Yoshino

A full list of the new ship containers can be seen further down the page.

All other aspects of Santa's containers, such as drop rates for each category, will remain the same as last year.

Santas Gift Containers Contents and Ships Drop Chances.

Santa's Gift Container Santa's Big Gift Container Santa's Mega Gift Container
standard big mega
standard big mega

Santa's Gift Container

Santa’s Big Gift Container

Santa's Mega Gift Container

Tier V–VII Ships Tier VIII–IX Ships Tier X Ship or a Rare Ship
 icon cruiser V Agincourt
 premium cruiser V Exeter
 premium cruiser V Genova
 shipicon V Hill
 premium cruiser V Krasny Krym
 premium cruiser V Marblehead Lima
 premium cruiser V Mikoyan
 shipicon V Okhotnik
flag shipicon V Rio De Janeiro
 shipicon V Siroco
 icon cruiser V Viribus Unitis
 premium cruiser V Yahagi
 carrier VI Ark Royal
flag shipicon VI Béarn
 premium cruiser VI De Grasse
 icon cruiser VI Dunkerque
 shipicon VI Gallant
 icon cruiser VI Ise
 shipicon VI Juruá
flag shipicon VI K. Schönberg
 shipicon VI Leone
 premium cruiser VI London
 premium cruiser VI Makarov
 premium cruiser VI Molotov
 shipicon VI Monaghan
 icon cruiser VI Mutsu
 premium cruiser VI Mysore
flag shipicon VI Novorossiysk
 icon cruiser VI Friedrich
 premium cruiser VI Perth
flag shipicon VI Repulse
 icon cruiser VI W. Virginia 1941
 premium cruiser VII Abruzzi
flag shipicon VII Ashitaka
 shipicon VII Błyskawica
 premium cruiser VII Boise
flag shipicon California
flag shipicon VII Collingwood
flag shipicon VII Duke of York
flag shipicon Florida
flag shipicon VII FR25
 premium cruiser VII Gorizia
flag shipicon Hood
flag shipicon VII Huron
flag shipicon VII Hyūga
 premium cruiser VII Lazo
 shipicon VII Leningrad
flag shipicon VII Maya
 premium cruiser VII München
 premium cruiser VII Nueve de Julio
 icon cruiser VII Poltava
flag shipicon VII Scharnhorst
flag shipicon VII Strasbourg
flag shipicon VII Toulon
 premium cruiser VII Weimar
 icon cruiser VII Yukon
 shipicon VII Yūdachi
 shipicon VIII Alliance (New)
 premium cruiser VIII Almirante Grau (New)
flag shipicon VIII Anhalt
flag shipicon VIII Aquila
 premium cruiser VIII Atago
 premium cruiser VIII Bayard
 icon cruiser VIII Borodino
flag shipicon VIII Brandenburg
 icon cruiser VIII Champagne
 premium cruiser VIII Cheshire
flag shipicon VIII Chkalov
 carrier VIII Colossus (New)
 premium cruiser VIII Congress
 icon cruiser VIII Constellation
 shipicon VIII Fenyang
 icon cruiser VIII Flandre
flag shipicon VIII Hampshire
flag shipicon VIII Hornet
flag shipicon VIII I-56
 carrier VIII Indomitable
 shipicon VIII Kidd
 premium cruiser VIII Nottingham (New)
 premium cruiser VIII Numancia (New)
 premium cruiser VIII Ochakov
 shipicon VIII Orkan
 premium cruiser VIII Pyotr Bagration
flag shipicon VIII Rochester
flag shipicon VIII S-189
flag shipicon VIII San Diego
 premium cruiser VIII Schill (New)
 shipicon VIII Siliwangi
 premium cruiser VIII Tiger '59
 icon cruiser VIII Tirpitz
 premium cruiser VIII Tone
 premium cruiser VIII Wichita
 shipicon VIII Z-35
 premium cruiser IX Ägir
flag shipicon IX Carnot
flag shipicon IX Dalian
flag shipicon IX Giuseppe Verdi
 shipicon IX Halford (New)
flag shipicon IX Iwami
 shipicon IX Jäger (New)
 icon cruiser IX Karl XIV Johan (New)
flag shipicon IX Kearsarge
 icon cruiser IX Scarlet Thunder (New)
 icon cruiser IX Sun Yat-sen (New)
flag shipicon IX Tulsa
 shipicon IX Z-44
 shipicon IX Velos (New)
flag shipicon V Fujin
flag shipicon V Giulio Cesare
flag shipicon V Gremyashchy
flag shipicon V Kamikaze
flag shipicon V Kamikaze R
 premium cruiser VI Dupleix (New)
 premium cruiser VI Loewenhardt
 premium cruiser VI Graf Spee
 premium cruiser VI Leipzig (New)
 shipicon VI T-61
 premium cruiser VII Belfast
 shipicon VII Haida
 icon cruiser VII Nelson
 shipicon VII Tashkent '39 (New)
 premium cruiser VII Tokachi (New)
 shipicon VII Z-39
flag shipicon VIII Anchorage
 shipicon VIII Asashio
 carrier VIII Enterprise
 premium cruiser VIII M. Kutuzov
 icon cruiser VIII Lenin
 icon cruiser VIII Massachusetts
flag shipicon VIII Odin
 premium cruiser IX Alaska
 shipicon IX Benham
 shipicon IX Friesland
 icon cruiser IX Georgia
flag shipicon IX Hizen
 icon cruiser IX Jean Bart
 premium cruiser IX Kronshtadt
 icon cruiser IX Missouri
 icon cruiser IX Musashi
 shipicon IX Neustrashimy
flag shipicon X Álvaro de Bazán
 Special Cruiser X Brisbane (New)
flag shipicon X F. Sherman
  X Max Immelmann
flag shipicon X Malta
 Special Cruiser X Napoli
 shipicon X Småland
 Special Cruiser X Smolensk
 warshpicon X Thunderer
flag shipicon X Tromp (New)

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  1. They've REMOVED a lot of GOOD SHIPS from Tier VIII-IX category such as: Alabama, Cossack, Graf Zeppelin, Kaga, Kii, Loyang, Mainz, Roma and Azuma - the ones I hoped to get, and left mostly trash on Tier VIII-IX category. Probably a reaction to me getting Loyang and Kaga last year, so this year I can't get the ships I desired, such as Alabama, Cossack, Graf Zeppelin, Kii, Mainz, Roma, Azuma =(
    Chances to get Atago or Schill from all remaining Tier VIII-IX trash are close to 0%

    1. don't know what you are crying about? These ships are all year round in various evets or containers and nwet in the skelp.
      WG has done + for players because there is a chance to get something unique rather than shit Alabama

    2. What AvE Sarmat has said is true, WG have pointed out that the ships removed are available in other ways.

  2. In order to get "something unique", ave sarmat, you must own ALL Tier VIII-IX ships. And since 12 new ones are added to this category, even if you had ALL "old ones" you'll still get Numancia instead of "trash Alabama", while with addition of 6 trash ships to "rare" category you still get chance to get duplex or tokachi instead of "something unique" you desire. It's not me "crying about" it, it's you who'll cry after getting numancia, duplex and tokachi instead of "trash Alabama"

  3. The thing is they they removed best of available ones, Joby

  4. how much does Kitakami cost?

    1. How to obtain: 2nd week of 12.11, In the "Salvage for Victory" event she will be your reward at the 80th Stage!

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