0.11.7 New Event and Ship Flags - Tokens - Certificates with Descriptions


0.11.7 New Event and Ship Flags - Tokens - Certificates with Descriptions

Upcoming Flags for events and ships with descriptions (Datamined from PTS 0.11.7)
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around the world flag
Around the World Flag
Hampshire Campaign 1
The first armillary spheres were invented in Ancient China in the 4th century BC and in Ancient Greece in the 3rd century BC. They were widely used in marine navigation to determine the coordinates of celestial bodies.
Flag awarded to participants of the Around the World event.
around the world flag
Scarlet Rose Flag
Hampshire Campaign 2
Sabres on a black background were often depicted on pirate flags. In the centre is the heraldic symbol of the county of Hampshire, which is host to two of the largest ports in England.
Flag awarded to participants of the Around the World event.
vallejo flag
Vallejo is a city in California, United States. The Mare Island Naval Shipyard, which built more than 500 warships, including battleships, was located here between 1854 and 1996. Its official badge featured a horse's head.
malta flag
Since 1943, the flag of Malta has carried the St. George Cross, granted by King George VI for bravery in defence during World War II. The island of Malta was the main bastion of the Royal Navy in the Mediterranean.
The Fletcher-class destroyer Velos was acquired by Greece from the United States in 1959. Velos means "arrow" in Greek, and the ship's coat of arms bears the corresponding symbol.
rico token
Puerto Rico Certificate
A temporary resource for the Dockyard event. A Puerto Rico Certificate is issued if you have cruiser Puerto Rico in your Port at the moment all shipbuilding phases are completed. Until the end of Update 0.11.9, the Puerto Rico Certificate can be exchanged for a bundle with Doubloons, Steel, or Research Points in the "Dockyard: Certificate Exchange" category of the Armory. If you have not exchanged your Certificate by the end of Update 0.11.9, you will automatically receive compensation in the form of 35,000 Doubloons after the release of Update 0.11.10.
rico token
Navigator Tokens
A temporary resource for the Around the World event. During Updates 0.11.7 and 0.11.8—as long as the event is active—Navigator Tokens can be exchanged for random bundles with various in-game items, including Tier VIII cruiser Hampshire, a themed permanent camouflage, and a themed Commander, as well as for Free XP, in the Armory. You can obtain Navigator Tokens by completing combat missions of the event campaign (which will be available on the website for a limited period), as well as from the Armory and Premium Shop until the end of the event.

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