Aquila - Italian Tier VIII Premium Aircraft Carrier 1944


 Aquila Italian Tier VIII Premium Aircraft Carrier 1944

An aircraft carrier being built in Italy during World War II. Was to have been the first representative of her ship type in the Regia Marina but the plans to complete her were set back by the country's capitulation 1943.
Aquila Commemorative Flag (Not WG in-game flag)
An aquila (from the Latin "aquila", meaning "eagle") was a prominent symbol in the shape of a golden eagle on a pole, used by Roman legions in ancient Rome. Aquila was revered as the divine symbol of Jupiter, and Roman soldiers would willing die for the standard of their legion.
Historical Info

Historical Info

Aquila (Italian for "Eagle") was an Italian aircraft carrier converted from the trans-Atlantic passenger liner SS Roma. During World War II, Work on Aquila began in late 1941 at the Ansaldo shipyard in Genoa and continued for the next two years. With the signing of the Italian armistice on 8 September 1943, however, all work was halted and the vessel remained unfinished. Aquila was eventually scrapped in 1952.
Key Features

Key features

Aquila has access to 2 types of squadrons: attack aircraft and torpedo bombers. The planes have low HP and relatively high speed. Each squadron of attack aircraft has a large number of planes divided into 2 attacking flights and is equipped with accurate armor-piercing rockets. While the rockets deal low damage individually, a well-executed strike can deal good damage to a target. Aquila’s aerial torpedoes enjoy a high base damage.
Auila Info

Auila Info

Ship Name:  VIII Aquila
Tier: VIII (8)
Paper ship: No
Class: Aircraft Carrier
WG introduction: Mar 9th, 2022
Status During Testing: Special Ship
Status when Final: Premium Ship
Ship Release: ~0.11.4/5
Base Value:  11,300  Doubloons
Nation:   Italy
Permaflage:   Type 10 - Aquila Free
Current development status: Work in Progress
Aquila Armor

Auila Armor

Hit Points: 51 100 hp
Overall: 6-80 mm
Fore Athwartships: 19 mm
Citadel Fore Athwartships: 30 mm
Aft Athwartships: 19 mm
Citadel Aft Athwartships: 30 mm
Citadel Torpedo Bulkhead: 19-30 mm
Armor Belt: 19 mm
Citadel Deck: 19-80 mm
Citadel Bottom: 40 mm
Superstructure: 13 mm
Torpedo Damage Protection: 13%
Tonnage: 28 800 tn
Air Wing

Air Wing

Attack Aircraft - Reggiane Re.2001:
Plane HP: 1030 hp
Cruising Speed: 169 kts
Max Speed: 209 kts
Engine Boost Time: 5 s
Engine Boost Reload Time: 10 s
Attacking Plane Amount: 5
Squadron Amount: 10
Detectability: 10 km
Aircraft on Deck: 24
Plane Restoration: 1 unit/58 s
Rocket Stats - AP 12x RZ.65:
Alpha Damage: 1150
Rockets in Payload: 12
Alpha Piercing: 32.1 mm
Ammo Type: Armor Piercing
Shell Air Drag: 0.35
Shell Always Ricochet At: 75.0°
Normalization: 10.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.022
Shell Detonator Threshold: 19.0 mm
Shell Diameter: 76 mm
Shell Krupp: 3300.0
Shell Mass: 8.0 kg
Shell Ricochet At: 70.0°
Shell Velocity: 520.0 m/s
Torpedo Bombers - Reggiane Re.2001:
Plane HP: 1150 hp
Cruising Speed: 169 kts
Max Speed: 204 kts
Engine Boost Time: 20 s
Engine Boost Reload Time: 40 s
Attacking Plane Amount: 2
Squadron Amount: 6
Detectability: 10 km
Aircraft on Deck: 21
Plane Restoration: 1 unit/68 s
Torpedo Stats - 1x 450 MM F200:
Alpha Damage: 8367
Torpedoes in Payload: 1
Aerial torpedo speed: 30 knots
Arming distance: 403 m
Range: 3.5 km
Secondary Armament

Secondary Armament

8 x 1  135 mm/45 Model 1938 on a shielded mount:
Range: 6.6 km
Reload: 10.7 s
Alpha Damage: 1950
Alpha Piercing HE: 23 mm
Velocity: 875 m/s
Chance of causing a fire: 9%
Anti Aircraft Defence

Anti Aircraft Defence

Mid Range:
12 x 1  65 mm/64 Model 1939 on a Model 1939 mount:
Firing range:  3.7 km
Hit Probability:  100 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  196
Action Zone:  0.1 - 3.7 km
Short Range:
22 x 6  20 mm/70 Breda Model 1941 on a sextuple mount:
Firing range:  2.0 km
Hit Probability:  95 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  308
Action Zone:  0.1 - 2.0 km


Maximum Speed: 30.0 kts
Turning Circle Radius: 950 m
Rudder Shift Time: 12.9 s
Propulsion: 151 000 hp


Surface Detectability:   13.4 km
Detectability by depths:  0~11.0 km
Air Detectability:  11.0 km
Available Consumables

Available Consumables

Slot 1: Damage Control Party:
Charges:  infinite.
Action Time:  60 s.
Reload Time:  90 s.
Slot 2: Fighters:
Charges: 4
Action time: 600 s
Reload time: 40 s
Radius: 3 km
Fighters: x 4
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing.
Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published stated as Released on our WGB website.

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