Streamers’ Team League 4 - On-Stream Giveaways - Rewards - Times Dates


Streamers’ Team League 4 - On-Stream Giveaways - Rewards - Times Dates

World of Warships content creators are at it again this weekend for the latest iteration of the Team League tournament.
Streamers draft players into their own personal teams and pit them against each other. You can choose to watch the event on any (or all!) of the participating streamers’ channels, and, as always, there will be juicy giveaways for viewers—including gorgeous permanent camouflages!
Streamers League #4 [UTC]

Participating Streamers

The following streamers will be both participating in and broadcasting the tournament, and each one will be giving away different goodies to their viewers, so choose wisely where to watch!
Also streaming the event (though not participating) are Citerella (German), Laorie (French), and Uocat (Chinese), who will also be hosting giveaways of their own.

On-Stream Giveaways

Giveaways on the different streamers’ channels include the following permanent camouflages*:
Permanent camouflage Ship
Alldestroyer flag X Grosser Kurfürst
Angler flag X Shimakaze
Aurora  X Moskva
Bionic  X Henri IV
Blue Aster flag X Z-52
Century Hawk flag X Hindenburg
Crocosaur flag X Montana
Eagles flag X Worcester
Freedom flag X Des Moines
Galaxy flag X Des Moines
Go Navy! flag X Worcester
Grigio-azzurro chiaro  X Napoli
Hellcarrier flag X Hakuryū
Makoto Kobayashi flag X Yamato
Norma flag X Minotaur
Paris  X République
Rover flag X Shimakaze
Royal Navy flag X Daring
Scorpioid flag X Yamato
Sharks flag X Worcester
Three Crowns flag X Småland
Three Crowns flag X Halland
Zaya flag X Zaō
*Please note: These permanent camouflages are only visual customizations—they have no associated economic buffs.
See you this weekend!

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