Dido - Sherman - Canarias - Sevastopol Ship Flags and Descriptions

Dido - Sherman - Canarias - Sevastopol Ship Flags and  Descriptions

PT 0.10.11 datamining has found new ship flags, the flags datamined were of poor quality and hardly recognisable, so I have re-created the flags to show you much better quality, I have also added descriptions. 
These flags would usually only be available with the Admiral bundles in the shop/armoury
HMS Dido In-Game Flag (Link)
British cruiser Dido was named in honour of queen Dido—the legendary founder of Carthage. According to myths, after she parted with the Trojan hero Aeneas, she set herself on fire. This is the event that the flames on the ship's coat of arms refer to.
USS Forrest Sherman In-Game Flag (Link)
The destroyer was named after Admiral Forrest Sherman (1896–1951). The ship's badge features the top of the mast with a warship pennant that carries four admiral stars (corresponding to Sherman's rank) instead of the required seven. The pennant's cloth flutters in the shape of the letter "S"—the first letter of the admiral's last name.
Canarias In-Game Flag (Link)
Two white columns—the supporter on the coat of arms of Spain is represented by the Pillars of Hercules that flank the entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar. They are topped by the King and Emperor's crowns. When America was discovered, the "Further beyond" motto (Latin: "Plus ultra") replaced the "Nothing further beyond" motto (Latin: "Nec plus ultra") that had existed from ancient times.
Sevastopol In-Game Flag (Link)
The city's flag features the coat of arms of Sevastopol, where the white colour represents the white-stone city, and the blue colour represents the sea. The monument to sunken ships is a symbol of the city's defence during the Crimean War. The gold star medal of the Hero of the Soviet Union is a symbol of defence during World War II. The branch of the laurel that joins them together represents a common historical past.
To see the flags full size, RMB on the image and open image in new tab, feel free to use/share, but please link WoWs Gamer Blog as the source.{alertSuccess}

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