Updated Statement from WG - Asymmetric Battles Postponed Indefinitely

Updated Statement from WG - Asymmetric Battles Postponed Indefinitely

Last week, we decided to disable the Asymmetric Battles mode and unfortunately, we are unable to resume this battle mode at this time.

The original idea of a mode for this mode was “David vs Goliath” where players who have advantage in numbers are pitted against superiorly matched opponents who are outnumbered.

As you can expect - this concept and mode was unconventional for our Matchmaker since in this mode, the players choose which team to join, whereas usually, Matchmaker takes care of this part. This and the impact of such choice was one of the few factors we had an oversight of during our design phase. This largely resulted in battles where the presence of bots was too high to have an engaging and interesting PvP experience. This directly contradicted with our initial design goal of delivering a new mode with fin "David vs Goliath" gameplay.

Considering the circumstances, we concluded that in order to fix the issues that prevent us from delivering this mode in the state we want, we need more time and unfortunately it will not be possible to enable the Asymmetrical battle at this point.

We are disappointed that we are forced to take this step to disable this mode indefinitely but we plan to bring it back when we have fixed the issues and are confident of providing a fun and enjoyable experience.

Thank you for participating in the battles and for your feedback

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