WoWS Next 3 Months: 2 x New Dockyard ships - 4 New Super-Ships - 1 x New Marathon Ship - German Battlecruisers - Massive HD Graphics improvements

WoWS Next 3 Months: 2 x New Dockyard ships - 4 New Super-Ships - 1 x New Marathon Ship - German Battlecruisers - Massive HD Graphics improvements

WG are promising a list of things that will appear in-game during the next 3 months, 2 x dockyard ships, a marathon missions ship, 4 x new super-ships, amazing HD graphics improvements, German battlecruisers and more

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New Ships for 0.10.9: German Battlecruisers

In Update 0.10.9, the new branch of German Battlecruisers will be revealed.

These particular ships represent a class of battleships that can be considered Battlecruisers.
Their definitive distinction from standard battleships is a thinner hull plating but better main battery accuracy, low detectability, and good speed. The new German Battlecruisers also have powerful secondary armament, are equipped with long-range torpedoes, the Hydroacoustic Search, and the Fast Damage Control Team consumables. More Details (HERE)

Marathon Mission Reward Ship VI Novorossiysk

Regarding ships to be rewarded for in-game activities such as Mission Marathons, WG first have Soviet FlagPREMIUM BATTLESHIP VI Novorossiysk link, the modernized version of the Italian battleship Giulio Cesare, transferred to the USSR as reparation after WWII.

Winter Dockyard: will see 2 x New British Battleships IX Marlborough and VI HMS Repulse

This winter, the new Dockyard commences. This time, players should get ready to build PREMIUM BATTLESHIP IX Marlborough link. One of the intermediate rewards for advancing through the construction stages is the famous PREMIUM BATTLESHIP VI HMS Repulse link, one of the Renown-class battlecruisers which took part in WWI and WWII, ultimately sinking at the Battle of Kuantan in 1941.

4 x New Super-Ships will join Super-Battleships Satsuma and Hannover in Ranked Battles

In World of Warships, players are able to fight not just aboard historical ships, plenty of the in-game designs were either planned in real life but never constructed, or constitute our own 'What-If' guesses.

In Update 0.10.5, WG held the 'Grand Battle' event, dedicated to the super battleships: a hypothetical development of the large artillery ship concept.
In real life, creating this magnitude of steel giants became pointless due to the developments in naval aviation; however, during this event in World of Warships, players had the opportunity to feel and enjoy the awesome power of these ships in battle, which we appreciated immensely.

Super-Ships became not just a unique approach to portraying the natural evolution of the history of shipbuilding, but it also allowed WG to try a brand-new mechanic called Adjustment Fire.

The incredible potential of the Super-Ships and players' interest in them made WG consider the fate of these steel monsters in the game. WG decided that the unusual gameplay supplied by these ships could diversify previously-existing battle types. Therefore, at the end of this Fall/Autumn, players shall be able to sail back into battle aboard a set of new Super-Ships; this time, in a special season of Ranked Battles.

Aside from two familiar Super-Battleships  Satsuma Link and  Hannover Link WG are planning to add four (4) more Super-Ships; among them will be, French & American Super-Cruisers along with Japanese & Soviet Super-Destroyers.
These ships are going to have access to special mechanics that differs from the Adjustment Fire present on the Super-Battleships. 

WG state they will share the details about these ships and their special mechanics as well as the information about the Ranked season closer to its start. Stay tuned!{alertInfo}

More realistic HD Graphical Improvements

WG state they are constantly working on improving the visuals in World of Warships.

This Fall/Autumn, you can expect one of the most significant HD graphical updates the game has ever had.

Water simulation will be completely reworked. That means new realistic waves that constantly change their form and height, swaying ships, dynamic sea foam, all-new wake effects, and other visuals.

Along with water, the terrain in the battle maps will be renewed. Landmasses will receive new highly-detailed textures as well as a whole bunch of new animations. The process of updating maps is a long and laborious one; for that reason, similarly to when WG switched to a new lighting model, the maps shall be updated gradually over time.
WG will begin with the Philippines port and the Two Brothers and Hotspot maps.

Flora on islands will also be updated. There are new models for trees and underwater vegetation that will be added, and the overall quantity will be increased. This will allow us to create highly detailed forests and make the underwater world richer.

Please note that all information in the development blog is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published on our game's website.{alertError}

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