0.10.8: Game Technical issues recognised with solutions and fixes on the way


0.10.8: Game Technical issues recognised with solutions and fixes on the way

Details on main issues that players can face in Update 0.10.8, and the status of their fix
Torpedo Bug:
In Update 0.10.8, WG fixed a critical bug which caused torpedoes to deviate from the selected trajectory if the ship was in the act of turning. 
Unfortunately, because of this fix, another technical issue occurred which caused the torpedoes to be launched incorrectly. Torpedoes are not launched according to the position of the torpedo tubes and, consequently, go in a direction differing from the one shown by the aim. This happens when the cursor is located close to the ship.
Currently, WG have found one possible solution to the current issue. However, it's not been fully tested yet, and applying it now brings risks of creating other issues within the game. Therefore, WG have developed the following plan regarding this fix:
  • Today, 14 of September, WG are testing a fix internally within our studio. 
  • On Wednesday, 15 of September, WG are adding the fix on the Public Test server to test it together with their ST volunteers.
  • On Thursday, 16 of September, WG will check the results of all the test stages and, if everything is OK, apply the fix on the live server on 16-17 of September.
However, if during the result checking stage WG find critical problems, then, unfortunately, they won't apply the fix. In such a case, they will have to roll back the torpedo bug fix made in 0.10.8 and search for a better solution for both the old and the new bugs, which they will try to apply with the release of Update 0.10.9. Besides, as the bug negatively affects the game experience of many players, WG are also currently discussing the possible compensation for the issue. 
Missouri Guns Issue:
Update 0.10.8 also brought an issue which caused one of the Missouri turrets to fire shells with different accuracy and ballistics. 
WG are currently investigating the issue and the conditions in which it's reproduced, because this issue doesn't appear consistently. As statistics show, it doesn't have a critical impact on the ship's efficiency.
However, in spite of that, we'll continue working on finding the reasons and conditions of the occurrence of this issue. 
WG will share more information on the issue status and deadline of the fix once they are ready.
Mouse Input Bug
With the release of 0.10.8, an issue appeared with mouse input working incorrectly in battle (e.g. firing main guns or launching torpedoes) and then pressing on different UI elements. It affected Huawei computers and laptops. 
Currently, the issue can be fixed  by updating the Huawei PC manager to version v11.1.1.101 
The World of Warships team apologizes for the fact that in an anniversary update many players had to face a large number of critical bugs. WG state that they will do their best to fix these issues as soon as possible.{alertInfo}

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