Two New D-Day Operations Introduced in Update 13.5


Two New D-Day Operations Introduced in Update 13.5

Over the course of four weeks in Update 13.5, all Captains are welcome to partake in two novel Operations. The first offers a perspective from the Axis forces' side of the conflict, while the latter sets the stage for the event's climactic conclusion with the Allied forces. Each Operation spans two weeks, providing opportunities to collect valuable rewards and Intelligence Folders.

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Atlantic Wall Defense

In this Operation, you'll be on the German side and need to resist the Allied onslaught. At the helms of German Tier V–VII destroyers, you'll need to protect your coastal batteries so their barrages can help your team reach for victory.

If you don't own a German Tier V–VII destroyer, a rental vessel will be provided. You can also helm a rental ship even if you do own that ship type but want to try a new one. The rental ships will also come in unusual configurations, for example—equipped with the Exhaust Smoke Generator and enhanced Hydroacoustic Search consumables, which is uncommon for Tier VII ships.

All destroyers in this Operation come equipped with the Drop Minefield consumable—you can lay minefields to delay and destroy enemies who get trapped in them. The Allied ships will arrive in waves, with the last wave consisting of the most powerful battleships, determined to destroy the coastal fortifications. An aircraft carrier is also part of their fleet, so watch the skies in the last wave, Captains!

Your main goal is to place as many minefields as possible in the way of attackers, with the bonus tasks being to save as many coastal guns as possible and destroy the Allied destroyers, battleships, and aircraft carrier while surviving until Axis reinforcements arrive. Lastly, if one of your teammates is destroyed, a buff—similar to the one introduced in the Last Voyage of Transylvania, will activate so you can continue your fight; however, this time it provides bonus HP regeneration to the surviving ships on your team.

Omaha Beach Assault

In the last 2 weeks of Update 13.5, the Omaha Beach Assault Operation starts. It takes place on the same map shortly after the battle of the Atlantic Wall Defense Operation, and you'll return to the Allied side to rescue damaged ships that are unable to move or attack, only hide in smoke that's gradually dissipating.

The smoke screen hiding each ship in distress has a specific duration, and when it dissipates, enemy Schnellboots and aviation will race to destroy the disabled ships. Your team will need to save the damaged ships from the German Schnellboots, minefields, and the same rentable destroyers from the previous Operation. What's more, they'll have all the same consumables, so bring your A-game Captains!

Your team can consist of Tier V–VII battleships, cruisers, and destroyers from Great Britain; the U.S.A.; the Commonwealth; France; the Netherlands; and some of Europe—specifically, flag shipicon VII Grom and flag shipicon VII Blyskawica from Poland, plus flag shipicon VI Stord and flag shipicon VII Stord '43 from Norway. 

The main goal of the operation is to rescue the crew of each damaged vessel by staying in its vicinity, then to destroy the very same coastal batteries you were defending in the prior Operation. Other tasks include destroying all the Schnellboots, escorting the attacking force once it arrives and starts heading toward the beach, defeating the remaining destroyers, and having half of your team still standing at the end of it all.

Classified Documents

As with the first D-Day Operation, the two above Operations include the use of Classified Documents for their duration. You can acquire these Classified Documents by unlocking Intelligence Folders from the reward track in the operation rewards. Opening each Folder will reward you with a random Classified Document, which come in three secrecy levels: Confidential, Secret, and Top Secret. These Documents will provide you different buffs against certain enemy types, with additional bonuses depending on the secrecy level. Confidential is the base level; Top Secret is the highest level.

You can read more about Classified Documents and the new D-Day Operations in our blog here.

With the release of each Operation, a new reward track part will be added, so you'll gain access to even more themed prizes—don't hesitate to grab them!

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