Buffs 'n' Nerfs to Test Ships Kitakami, Yorktown, Essex, Komissar, and Navarin. - Public Test 12.9

Image of buffs n nerfs ships

Buffs 'n' Nerfs to Test Ships Kitakami, Yorktown, Essex, Komissar, and Navarin. - Public Test 12.9

WG continue to fine-tune the ships based on the test results. The changes will affect Kitakami, Yorktown, Essex, Komissar, and Navarin.

Changes to flag X Kitakami Ship Page
  • Changed the parameters of the base torpedoes:
    • Torpedo speed increased from 82 to 86 knots.
    • Torpedo range reduced from 14 to 12 km.
  • Added alternative deepwater torpedoes with parameters similar to Asashio's:
    • Maximum damage: 20,967.
    • Deal damage to Battleships, Aircraft Carriers.
    • Torpedo speed: 67 knots.
    • Detectability: 0.9 km.
    • Torpedo range: 20 km.
    • Torpedo switching time: 5 s.
  • Changed torpedo spread angles to fit standard parameters.
  • Ship HP restoration by Repair Party increased:
    • from 33% to 50% for the citadel
    • from 50% to 60% for other parts of the ship
  • Maximum speed increased from 32 to 36 knots. All other maneuverability parameters have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Engine Boost speed bonus decreased from 20% to 15%.
  • Short-Burst Smoke Generator was replaced with Exhaust Smoke Generator with the following parameters:
    • Consumable action time: 40 s.
    • Smoke Screen Dispersion time: 10 s.
    • Cooldown time: 80 s.
    • Number of consumables: 4.

Due to the low combat effectiveness of Kitakami, WG have decided to make adjustments to her torpedo armament. Since her gameplay heavily relies on torpedoes, we want to provide her with a wider array of options, so we changed her base torpedoes and added alternative ones. To make her less reliant on Engine Boost, her maximum speed has been increased. Changes to Repair Party and Smoke Generator, in turn, will increase Kitakami's survivability.

Changes to flagicon X Komissar Ship Page

Changed parameters of the attack aircraft jet boosters: 

  • Action time decreased, but the speed boost increased. 

In general, the distance the squadron can cross with the help of jet boosters will decrease by approximately 20%.

Changes to flagPREMIUM BATTLESHIP IX Navarin Ship Page
  • Added an option to install the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 upgrade.
Changes to flag VIII Yorktown and flag X Essex

Changed the parameters of the Patrol Fighter consumable:

  • Patrol Fighters' arrival time increased to standard parameters.
  • Patrol Fighters' HP increased by 30%.
  • Activation time when enemy aircraft enters their action radius reduced by 50%.

These changes will even further increase the effectiveness of their Patrol Fighters compared to Patrol Fighters of other nations.


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