Brisbane Queen of the Seas Web Campaign - Details, Rewards, Dates Times, All Regions


Brisbane Queen of the Seas Web Campaign - Details, Rewards, Dates Times, All Regions

New cruiser X Brisbane and her swashbuckling Commander pirate queen Matilda Kelly have found their way into the Armory! We can celebrate the event with a grand new adventure, follow the pins on the map to unveil our hero’s story! Complete the mission chains to earn Pirate Tokens, which can be exchanged for X Brisbane, 19-skill-point Commonwealth Commander Matilda Kelly, and other themed rewards.

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The Queen of the Seas Adventure

Guide our hero Matilda Kelly through the treacherous waters and unforgiving deserts of Australia as she attempts to escape captivity and reach the mythical continent of Mu. But first, she’ll need to find a suitable means of transportation.

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  • The adventure is made up of nine separate chapters.
  • Each chapter, represented by a step on the interactive map, will reveal part of Matilda Kelly’s story and present you with either a combat mission chain or some story options to choose between.
  • Follow the steps and make your choices!
  • The adventure includes a total of five mission chains, all of which reward you with a sum of  Pirate Tokens that can be used to claim rewards in a dedicated Armory section.
  • The details of each mission will become viewable under the Combat Missions tab in the game client after activating it in the map.
  • The mission chains must be completed in sequential order.

After making your choice for Matilda, the next stage of the adventure will become available. The waiting time is about 1 minute; after that, you'll need to refresh the page.

Pirate Tokens

By completing all five combat mission chains of the adventure, you can earn a total of 550 Pirate Tokens—enough to purchase 19-skill-point Commonwealth Commander Matilda Kelly with a unique voiceover; or 11 Distant Voyages Premium containers and/or Air Supply Premium containers; or 55 packs of 375,000 Credits; or a combination of the aforementioned containers and Credit packs.

You can also obtain up to 1,650 additional Pirate Tokens in the Armory: 1,350 in random bundles for Doubloons and another 300 in sequential bundles for Coal, Credits, Free XP, Steel, and Community Tokens.

The Bundles [UTC] Ends

The main reward of the event  X Brisbane with a Port slot, 3-skill-point Commander, and commemorative flag—is available in exchange for 700 Pirate Tokens.

brisbane_cruiser Brisbane Tier X Commonwealth (Australian) Light Cruiser 1947 {getButton} $text={Brisbane Post Page} $icon={link} $color={#e7ca94}
Developed after the end of World War II, this light cruiser project has powerful and advanced AA defenses. She is armed with 152 mm dual-purpose main battery guns housed in turrets designed to facilitate a high rate of fire.

Watch this video to learn more about the history and gameplay of the new cruiser and follow the instructions to enter a special giveaway!

Brisbane in the Armory

We've added a special Queen of the Seas category to the Armory, where you can exchange your Pirate Tokens for various bundles that include  X Brisbane Commander Matilda Kelly with 19 skill points and a unique voiceover, and many other valuable items. You can earn Pirate Tokens by progressing through the adventure's combat missions, from random bundles, and via special bundles for Free XP and other resources.

Pirate Cove

The Pirate Cove random bundles include  VI Mysore, Pirate Tokens, and expendable economic bonuses. Pirate Tokens are a temporary resource for the Queen of the Seas event. While the event is active during Updates 12.1 and 12.2, Pirate Tokens can be exchanged for a bundle that holds  X Brisbane. You can also exchange your Pirate Tokens for a Commander with 19 skill points, Air Supply and Distant Voyages Premium containers, and Credits.


The Armory is offering a bundle that holds  X Brisbane; a commemorative flag; and a special combat mission that will bring you more Ship XP, Free XP, and Commander XP per battle.

 X Brisbane is a light cruiser project with more powerful and advanced AA defenses that was developed after the end of World War II. She's armed with dual-purpose 152 mm main battery guns housed in turrets designed to facilitate a high rate of fire.

The ship comes with a permanent camouflage, and she has standard economic bonuses for her tier. She also has a reduced post-battle service cost. Commander retraining is not required for this ship.


Special Coupon

You'll also find a special coupon in the Armory that will allow you to purchase  X Brisbane at a 15% discount!


Matilda Kelly

You can exchange your Pirate Tokens for a bundle that holds Commander Matilda Kelly. The new Commander has 19 skill points and a unique voiceover.

Pirate Tokens can also be exchanged for Distant Voyages and Air Supply Premium containers, as well as Credits.

Combat Missions

Combat Missions [UTC] Ends

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