Brisbane Sneak Peek Stream - Finished

Brisbane Sneak Peek Stream

Today WG have got a special treat in store for you at the official World of Warships Twitch channel!

Brisbane Sneak Peek Stream Finished [UTC]
 Stream Starts
Stream starts: Thu. 09 Mar. 17:00 UTC
Stream ends: Thu. 09 Mar. 19:00 UTC

Brisbane Adventure

Ahead of the launch of the Queen of the Seas adventure at the end of this week, WG are going to go over the rules and rewards of the event and play some battles aboard its grand prize:  X Brisbane!

Comic Download: Tony Moy's “4Forty2nd”

If you're a fan of history and art, then be sure to show up on time for the start of the stream at 17:00 UTC to not miss a special appearance from comic artist Tony Moy.
In collaboration with World of Warships, Tony Moy has just released his latest work—“4Forty2nd”—and we're honored to be able to share it with you via a special link on stream!
“4Forty2nd” tells the harrowing true story of the US Army's 442nd Regimental Combat Team — a unit composed almost exclusively of Japanese-American soldiers who heroically battled their way through the notoriously well-defended Axis frontlines during the Anzio campaign of World War II and beyond. All the action and emotion of the wartime narrative is brought to life in vivid detail thanks to Moy’s signature watercolor illustrations.

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