What to Expect in World of Warships During Spring 2023


What to Expect in World of Warships During Spring 2023

Spring 2023 brings Pan-Am Cruisers, European Destroyers, Spanish Cruisers, U.S. Hybrid Destroyer Halford, improvements, Dockyard ship, Aprils Fools and much more.
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Spring 2023

Pan-American Cruisers

The testing of the Pan-American cruiser branch has commenced in Update 12.0!

Nation/Tier/Ship Class Estimated Research Cost Dev Status Ship Page Link
flag battleship X San Martin Cruiser image 240 000  CREDITS 20 000 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  IX Santander Cruiser image 170 000  CREDITS 13 000 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  VIII Ignacio Allende Cruiser image 110 000  CREDITS 9 000 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  VII Coronel Bolognesi Cruiser image 72 000  CREDITS 5 700 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  VI Almirante Cochrane Cruiser image 36 000  CREDITS 3 000 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  V La Argentina Cruiser image 11 500  CREDITS 1 350 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  IV Córdoba Cruiser image 5 600  CREDITS 700 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  III Vicente Guerrero Cruiser image 2 200  CREDITS 250 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  II Almirante Barroso Cruiser image 100  CREDITS 75 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  I Hercules Cruiser image 0  CREDITS 0 WIP Ship Page

From Tier VI, the new ships have access to Combat Instructions. For fire adjustment, Pan-American cruisers need to hit their target with their main guns a certain number of times. The activation of Combat Instructions significantly reduces the ships' consumable cooldown time.

European Destroyers

Nation/Tier/Ship Class Estimated Research Cost Dev Status Ship Page Link (Soon)
flag image X Gdansk Destroyer image 240 000  CREDITS 20 000 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  IX Lambros Katsonis Destroyer image 165 000  CREDITS 13 000 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  VIII Split Destroyer image 110 000  CREDITS 9 000 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  VII Grom Destroyer image 69 000  CREDITS 5 700 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  VI Stord Destroyer image 35 000  CREDITS 3 000 000 WIP Ship Page
flag  V Muavenet Destroyer image 11 000  CREDITS 1 350 000 WIP Ship Page

The ships of the new branch will represent such countries as Turkey, Norway, Poland, Yugoslavia, and Greece. Six ships will be added to the game: Muavenet, Stord, Grom, Split, Lambros Katsonis, and Gdańsk. Please note that the branch is still under development, and its concept may change during testing that's planned for the first half of 2023.

In their current concept, the new ships are artillery destroyers equipped with Smoke Generator. At Tiers VIII–X, they also have access to Surveillance Radar. Besides that, all ships of the branch have Engine Boost. Their main guns can inflict good damage per salvo and, starting from Tier VII, the ships enjoy flat-trajectory ballistics, enabling them to easily shoot accurately at long ranges.

The torpedoes of all ships of the branch are fast, but their number per salvo is small. Compared to the first branch of European destroyers, they inflict higher damage but have a shorter range. The modes for launching torpedoes are as standard: wide and narrow spreads.

Starting from Tier VII, the new ships are fast; and from Tier VIII, they enjoy large HP pools; however, their AA defenses are not the strongest, and their concealment is mediocre.

Spanish Cruisers

This spring, Spanish cruiser branch will be released for closed testing. It will be the first full-fledged Spanish branch in the game! At the moment, it's still too early to speak about a specific concept or specific characteristics, but their primary feature will be their ability to fire a series of salvos, and the caliber of their guns will increase from 120 mm at low tiers to 254 mm at Tier X.

New Superships

Two new superships, shipicon level Novosibirsk and flagship icon level Devastation, will be put to the test in spring. They will continue the branches of shipicon X Petropavlovsk and flagship iconX Conqueror.

A Hybrid Destroyer

flagshipicon Halford, one of the Fletcher-class destroyers, will be released for closed testing. Her primary feature is the availability of an aircraft catapult. She will be the first hybrid destroyer in our game.

West Virginia '44

In WG's message to the community published in September 2021, WG promised to release flag West Virginia '44 in 2023. They are now ready to confirm that the ship will be released for closed testing this spring.


The New Dockyard

Although the construction of flagshipicon IX Admiral Schröder is still in progress at the Hamburg Dockyard, we're already preparing the next ship, flag IX Daisen, to be laid down this spring.

flag IX Daisen is a fast battleship armed with powerful artillery and torpedoes. She inherited a number of archaic features from projects developed in the 1910s, including the placement of secondary battery guns in casemates.

The battleship is notable for her accurate main battery guns, but the number of those guns is small. Her armament also includes torpedo launchers with long-range torpedoes that inflict massive damage. The battleship is very fast but has a large turning circle radius.

Repeated Battle Entry With the Same Ship

WG are working on an improvement that will allow players to enter a new battle with a ship that was just destroyed without having to wait till the previous battle concludes. This way, you'll be able to fight more battles playing your favourite ship during a game session. This option should help speed up your game progress on your favourite ships.😀

April Fools' Day

The first day of April will be highlighted with a special temporary battle type. WG are not ready to share the details yet, but they can say that while preparing this activity, that they drew on inspiration from one of the former temporary battle types that previously featured in the game.

Seychelles Map

A new map, Seychelles, was released for closed testing in the summer of 2022. While developing it, WG say were inspired by the real geographical area of the Seychelles region. WG had to introduce some changes in the process of testing to ensure the map balance was optimal and to deliver a high-quality gaming experience, but a clear reference to the real Seychelles can still be seen. WG plan to add the map to the Live Server this spring.

Improvement of the Equipment Window

WG's work on improving user interaction with the interface is ongoing. They plan to improve the Equipment window. Recommended upgrades will be added for all ships, much like how the Commander Skills window is currently displayed. WG are also going to add a button for mounting a set of recommended upgrades, similar to the currently available button for mounting recommended signals.

Other Improvements

In WG's previous Waterline episode, they announced changes to notifications and the settings window that were to be implemented by the end of 2022. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to move these plans to spring 2023. Let's recall what exactly will be improved:

  • Notifications for players in the Port will be updated. A number of improvements will make notifications more structured and informative.
  • The Settings menu will be updated. The interface design will become more convenient; settings will be stored on the server; and we'll be able to easily add new settings when necessary, thanks to "under-the-bonnet" improvements.
Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published stated as Released on our WGB website.

😃Thank you for your comment, it will be added asap.✅

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