Early Access British Submarines - Details, Times, Dates, Rewards.


Early Access British Submarines - Details, Times, Dates, Rewards.

The third week of Update 12.1 kicks off an event dedicated to British Tier VI, VIII, and X submarines in Early Access.

Early Access British Submarines

Early Access British Submarines NA Time [UTC]
flag shipicon VI Undine Available in the 2nd sequential bundle for 170  British Tokens
flag shipicon VIII Sturdy Available in the 6th sequential bundle for 740  British Tokens
flag shipicon X Thrasher Available in the 9th sequential bundle for 1200  British Tokens
and then for 20,000 resource doubloons
In addition to the British submarines, the sequential bundles include the Iron Resilience permanent camouflage for flag  VIII Sturdy and the Victoria Cross permanent camouflage for flag  X Thrasher, a bonus package for flag  VIII Sturdy, and other rewards. The number of Tokens that can be earned during Early Access is sufficient to obtain flag  VI Undine for free, as well as the Iron Resilience permanent camouflage and a bonus package for flag  VIII Sturdy.
Players will have access to four groups of combat missions that unlock in sequential order. The rewards for completing the missions and groups themselves are  British Tokens and economic bonuses. The final reward for the fourth group of combat missions is a bonus package for flag  VI Undine.  British Tokens can also be obtained by completing a global combat mission chain, a new mission type that was introduced in Update 12.1. In addition to  British Tokens, you'll receive the British Submarines flag as a reward for the global mission chain.

Finally, British Tokens can be obtained as the final reward of the Free Battle Pass in Update 12.1.

You can obtain up to 
650  British Tokens for free:

  • 240  British Tokens for completing combat mission groups
  • 30  British Tokens for a global combat mission chain
  • 150  British Tokens in the Free Battle Pass
  • 100  British Tokens from bundles for Free XP
  • 100  British Tokens from bundles for Community Tokens
  • 30  British Tokens in free daily bundles
A special combat mission chain is available on the Update 12.2 Public Test Server. Complete it to earn additional  British Tokens
Even more  British Tokens can be obtained from random bundles available for resource doubloons. In these bundles, you'll also find flag shipicon VIII HMS Alliance, a bonus package for flag  X Thrasher, and other valuable in-game items.
With the release of Update 12.3, British submarines will become available for all players to research, and any  British Tokens on your account will be converted into CREDITS credits at the rate of 
Nation/Tier/Ship Class Estimated Research Cost Dev Status Ship Page Link
flag shipicon VIII Alliance Submarine Random Bundles Early Access Ship Page
flag shipicon VI Undine Submarine 2nd sequential bundle for 170  British Tokens Early Access Ship Page
flag shipicon VIII Sturdy Submarine 6th sequential bundle for 740  British Tokens Early Access Ship Page
flag shipicon X Thrasher Submarine 9th sequential bundle for 1200  British Tokens
and then for 20,000 resource doubloons
Early Access Ship Page
British Submarines Commemorative Flag

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