0.10.8 Early Access Soviet CV's

0.10.8 Early Access Soviet CV's

Update 0.10.8 brings Early Access to Soviet aircraft carriers   IV Komsomolets  VI Serov, and   VIII Pobeda.

Features of the Branch
  • Squadrons consist of one flight, which carries out one powerful attack with all aircraft at once.
  • Small number of aircraft in squadrons.
  • Starting from Tier VIII, aircraft are equipped rocket boosters. As with japan flagpremium battleship VI Ise and japan flagpremium cruiser VIII Tone, the boosters kick in automatically during take-off and provide a short-time increase in speed.
  • Small HP pool and low cruising speed of all aircraft.
  • All aircraft carriers are equipped with skip bombers armed with HE bombs instead of standard bombers.
  • Torpedo bombers' torpedoes have long range and arming distance.
  • Starting with Tier VI, attack aircraft squadrons are armed with HE rockets similar to the American Tiny Tim.

Soviet Tokens

Soviet Tokens
A temporary resource for the Soviet Aircraft Carriers event. Until the end of Update 0.10.9, Soviet Tokens can be exchanged for various items in the Armory. You can earn Soviet Tokens until the end of Update 0.10.8 by completing event combat missions.

A new temporary resource which can be obtained:
  • By participating in the Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry event
  • From free daily bundles
  • From random bundles available for doubloons Doubloons
  • For Community Tokens in the Armory
Rewards for Soviet Tokens
Sequentially available bundles with   IV komsomolets  VI Serov, and   VIII Pobeda, as well as the Forward Bound permanent camouflage for Tier IV, VI, and VIII Soviet aircraft carriers, and other rewards.

Forward Bound Perm Camo
A permanent camouflage that can be obtained in with Sequentially available bundles using Soviet Tokens

The Tokens that you earn by participating in the Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry and opening free daily bundles will be enough to obtain   IV komsomolets  VI Serov, and permanent camouflages for Tier IV, VI, and VIII aircraft carriers.
The random bundles available for Doubloons can drop the Forward Bound permanent camouflage for  X Admiral NakhimovSoviet Tokens, Victory expendable camouflages, and other rewards.

With the release of Update 0.10.10, Soviet Tokens will be converted into creditsCredits at the rate of 1:6000{alertInfo}

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