Update 0.9.5 What to Expect! Part 1 Combat Missions, Armory, Free Steel, Clan and Ranked Seasons

0.9.5 What to Expect!  Part 1

Combat Missions and Armory Upgrade

New Global update of combat missions:
* The combat missions interface was fully updated.
* Now Directives are located in the battle missions section.
* The combat missions display on the post-battle screen was updated.
Combat missions with the "OR" condition were added: to accomplish this mission you need to complete one out of two conditions.
* For example, Earn 10,000 base XP "OR" Destroy 10 enemy ships. Completing any of these two conditions will lead to the completion of the battle mission and getting a reward. Thus, players will be able to decide which condition they like most and pick ships suitable for its completion.

New Rewards for Daily Missions includes Steel:
* New rewards for daily missions were added. For example, in Update 0.9.5 Steel will be added in a list of rewards for daily missions in the amount of 20Steel per day. And in JulyResearch points will be added there as well (for players who already have access to the Research Bureau). In total, players will be able to receive up to 1200 research points per month. 😉

    The rewards have also been updated: during summer, you’ll also earn Steel in addition to Coal when you complete combat missions! More details about that, as well as other changes to Daily Missions, will be available in the dedicated article covering combat missions.

    Please note: the new system is still being tested, so the final rewards may differ. We'll be closely watching the results and taking player feedback into account when making decisions about the further development of Daily Missions.

    Update to the Armory:

    * Armory interface was updated
    * Navigation between sections will become easier and more comfortable.
    * Ships and camouflages available in the Armory can now be previewed in the Port.

      Ranked Sprint:

      From June 24 to July 6th.
      The 12th Ranked Sprint will be held in a 8 v 8 format on Tier VIII ships in the "Domination" mode.

      There will also be 2 Clan Brawls:

      * On June 20th, there will be the Clan Brawl #10 in a 3 v 3 format on Tier X ships without aircraft carriers, with a restriction of one battleship, cruiser and destroyer in a team.
      * On July 4th, there will be the Clan Brawl #11 in a 4 v 4 format on Tier VIII ships, with a restriction of one ship of each class per team.

      Maps Improvements:
      The maps Riposte, Operation "Killer Whale", Defense of Naval Station "Newport", "Raptor" Rescue, Operation "Narai", as well as the Ports of Dunkirk, Kronstadt, Designer's Table, and Twitch Prime have been adapted for the new lighting model and enhanced HDR technology.

      There were also some small enhancements in the geometry of the maps Sleeping Giant and Greece.
      * Sleeping Giant: heights and positions of islands on the right flank were changed.  Gaps between islands located at the spawn points were closed as well.
      * Greece: a lintel located inside the A cap was replaced with the mound to avoid the situation when ships of one team could get spotted while enemies remained invisible.

      New Ships to 0.9.5 and Future Ships
      • V Kirov and X Moskva for 43,000 and 244,000 Coal, as well as X Shikishima for 32,000 Steel have been added to the "Ships for Resources" section.
      • IX Siegfried for 47,000 Research Points has been added to the Research Bureau.
      • IX Ägir is available in the Tech Tree in exchange for 1 Million Free XP.
      Ships IX Ludendorff and VI Erich Loewenhardt have been added for testing by developers, volunteers, and community contributors.

      Camouflage Patterns
      Permoflage:   Made of Steel Cost 10,000 Steel each, for
      Des Moines
      Bonus Stats:
      * -3% to surface detectability range.
      * +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship.
      * -50% to the cost of ship's post-battle service.
      * +20% credits earned in the battle.
      * +100% to experience earned in the battle.
      will become available in the Armory. These camouflages will grant standard bonuses, as detailed above but will allow you to stand out from other ships in battle and demonstrate your success in competitive modes of World of Warships to everyone.

      "French Navy" camouflage was added for
      "Victorian White" camouflage for
      "Freedom" for
      "Nordic" camouflage for

      Commanders Shirakami Fubuki and Houshou Marine with special voiceovers were added due to the upcoming collaborations with Hololive.

      Also, commander Leslie Violet was added to the game

      Warhammer 40,000

      As a part of our collaboration with Games Workshop, we've added content inspired by Warhammer 40,000.
      • Ships VIII Ignis Purgatio and VIII Ragnarok, which are the copies of VIII Amagi with unique permanent camouflages.
      • Commanders Justinian Lyons XIII and Arthas Roqthar the Cold.
      • Protector of the Faith and Primordial Annihilator expendable camouflages.
      • Iron Halo, Imperial Aquila, The Chaos Star, The Mark of Chaos patches.
      • Imperial Navy and Khorne flags.
      • "Warhammer 40,000 — Chaos" and "Warhammer 40,000 — Imperium" containers.
      Details on how to get these new items will be announced later.


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