4 New Test Ships and New German Commander on World of Warships

4 New Test Ships and New German Commander

In the 0.8.11 update, a unique German commander, Günther Lütjens, will be added to the game.

He will have the following 4 talents, each of which is activated upon receiving a certain number of different ribbons:
A one-time acceleration of secondary armament reload time — gained after receiving the ribbons for secondary armament hits.
A one-time acceleration of the main armament reload time — gained after receiving the ribbons for main armament hits.
Restoration of hit points — gained after receiving ribbons for spotting enemies. This talent works similarly to the “Repair party” consumable and can be activated repeatedly.
A one-time acceleration of aircraft restoration time — gained after receiving ribbons for scoring hits with torpedoes, bombs and rockets.
Günther Lütjens also has advanced “Preventive Maintenance”, “Expert Marksman” and “Improved Engine Boost” skills.

Test ships

British cruiser Bedford, Tier VIII:

The ship has been renamed to Albemarle.
The ships of this series were to be named after British admirals of the Age of Sail, unlike other heavy cruisers, which were named after the counties of Great Britain. We therefore decided to rename Bedford to Albermarle after George Monсk, 1st Duke of Albemarle.
Soviet tier VIII battleship Borodino and the British tier VIII cruiser Cheshire will be added to the game for testing.

Soviet battleship Borodino, Tier VIII:

British cruiser Cheshire, Tier VIII:

Also, new Pan-Asian ships were added to the game for testing:

Tier IX battleship Bajie
Tier VIII cruiser Wukong.

These ships are based on the Japanese battleship Izumo and the French cruiser Charles Martel, but with changed characteristics and consumables. At the moment, the concept of the ships involves the following changes:

Tier IX Pan-Asian Battleship Bajie

Bajie will have a main battery armament with higher accuracy and firing range , which is balanced by an increased main battery reload and turn time:

Tier VIII Pan-Asian Cruiser Wukong

Wukong will be notable for the increased rate of fire from her main battery armament, deep-water torpedoes, “Torpedo Reload Booster” and “Spotting Aircraft” consumables with standard characteristics. She will have no “Hydroacoustic Search”, “Fighter”, “Engine Boost” and “Main Battery Reload Booster” consumables:.

These ships will be dedicated to Lunar New Year celebrations.

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