ST, Unique Commander Günther Lütjens Specialised Skills and Puerto Rico News on World of Warships

Günther Lütjens

German Unique Commander Günther Lütjens

Soon we will be testing a unique German commander, so today we are ready to reveal the current concept of his talents and improved skills:

* Secondary Armament Expert:
After receiving 100 "Secondary hits" ribbons, the reload time of secondary armament is reduced by 15%. Talent can be activated once per battle.

* Iron Strike:
After receiving 140 "Main battery hits" ribbons, the reload time of the main battery is reduced by 7.5%. Talent can be activated once per battle.

* Exemplary Reconnaissance:
After receiving 3 "Spotted " ribbons, the ship's hit points are partially restored. The talent restores 300 hit points per second. Its duration in seconds is equal to the ship's tier (e.g. Tier V = 5 seconds; Tier VI = 6 seconds; etc.). This talent can be activated repeatedly.

* Air superiority: 
After receiving 30 "Rocket hits", "Bomb hits", or "Torpedo hits" ribbons, the aircraft restoration time is reduced by 10%. Talent can be activated once per fight.

While working on Günther Lütjens' talents, we wanted to create a commander who would bring something to the table for each class of ships. Therefore, each one of his four talents complements one of them:

* "Secondary Armament Expert"
Will strengthen one of the main advantages of German battleships - a powerful secondary armament.

* "Iron Strike"
Will most often be activated on cruisers, giving them a decent increase in rate of fire.

* "Exemplary Reconnaissance"
Will prove especially useful to destroyer captains. The ability to recover hit points will increase their combat effectiveness. The scouting/flanking playstyle of destroyers also make it quite easy to earn "Spotted" ribbons in this type of ship.

* "Air superiority"
Only works for aircraft carriers.

The new commander also has the following improved skills:

* Preventive Maintenance:
-45% to the risk of modules becoming incapacitated instead of the basic -30%.

* Expert Marksman:
+3 deg/sec to the traverse speed of turrets with a gun caliber up to 139 mm and +1 deg/sec to the traverse speed of turrets with a gun caliber above 139 mm instead of basic +2.5/0.7 deg/sec.

* Improved Engine Boost:
+12.5% to the aircraft engine boost time instead of the basic -10%.

Puerto Rico News

The publication with the characteristics of the American Tier X Cruiser Puerto Rico contained a small inaccuracy: it was stated that the maximum dispersion of the ship's shells is 206 m, but in fact it is 248 m and the ship was tested with this value.

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