2019 New Year's Celebrations Snowflakes, Commanders, Dockyard, Event, Camos on World of Warships

2019 New Year's Celebrations


New Year is a time of gifts. This time we have prepared a lot of rewards and activities for you, including a very special treat!


In version 0.8.11, players will be able to receive holiday victory bonuses on all their ships starting from Tier V. Ships of Tiers V-VII will bring 400–750 units of coal, ships of Tiers VIII-IX — 75 units of steel, and victories on Tier X ships will earn “New Year’s gift” containers, from which it’s possible to receive one of many Premium ships and other rewards.


Each player’s own dockyard will appear in the port, where the American Tier X cruiser Puerto Rico will be built. The construction of the ship is divided into several stages: players will have to go through all stages of construction — from laying the keel to the installation of weapons and deck equipment.
The construction will take place in real-time and will continue after the player logs out. For the completion of each stage, players will receive various valuable rewards, and the final one will be the American Tier X cruiser itself.
The construction of Puerto Rico will only be available in version 0.8.11 and will take a long time, but the process can be accelerated. In order to be able to finish the ship on time, it is necessary to build various structures at the dockyard. These buildings become available sequentially, and their construction will require either Doubloons or a special temporary resource — Shipbuilding tokens. You can get tokens for completing the event directives. The progress of construction and available facilities can be monitored via a special port interface.

Event Directives

The event will consist of 7 directives. In addition to the Shipbuilding tokens, valuable rewards are available for completing the missions and directives, including various in-game items, “New Year’s gift” containers, and “Shipbuilding” containers.

New Collection

“Shipbuilding” containers contain elements of a new collection. It will consist of 20 elements and cover the stages of shipbuilding using Puerto Rico as an example.

New Year Port and Camouflages

The atmosphere of celebration in the game will be brought to life by a festively decorated port of “New York”, as well as New Year’s permanent camouflages for ships of the tier VIII, which can be mounted on almost any cruiser, destroyer or battleship.

In addition, the game will feature a special permanent camouflage for Puerto Rico.

Update 0.8.11 will include more gifts, which we will announce later. Follow the news on our portal.

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