World of Warships and Azur Lane are joining forces in Update 13.4 for the 6th Wave Collaboration


World of Warships and Azur Lane are uniting in 13.4 for the 6th Wave Collaboration.

World of Warships and Azur Lane are teaming up for another exciting collaboration! Update 13.4 introduces the Sixth Wave of this partnership. In update 13.4, five new Azur Lane Commanders, each with unique voiceovers, will join the already stellar lineup.

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Azur Lane Wave 6

The sixth wave of Azur Lane has flooded World of Warships! Ships, Commanders, and premium containers have become the main highlights in the Armory. Let's dive into the bundles!

13.4 Azur Lane Event Pass [UTC]

The Newest Squad: AL Shimakaze, AL Ägir, and AL Hornet

Three new ships have joined the proud fleet of Azur Lane: AL Shimakaze, AL Ägir, and AL Hornet. You can acquire them individually or as part of squadron bundles. Obtaining any of the squadron bundles will reward you with Commanders named after the included ships and commemorative flags for the ships. Each Commander comes with an individual voiceover and 10 skill points. You can have an unlimited number of identical Azur Lane Commanders in your roster simultaneously.

You'll receive the Port as a gift when purchasing any of the Azur Lane bundles.

Ship Bundles

You can also purchase other Azur Lane ships to fill the gaps in your collection. The ships come with permanent camouflages, and they have standard economic bonuses for their tiers.

All Commanders Aboard!

Special bundle for those who dream of collecting all the Azur Lane Commanders. Within, you'll find every ship-girl, including newcomers Shimakaze, Ägir, Hornet, Queen Elizabeth, and Fuso—a total of 34 Commanders!

Shimakaze Ägir Hornet Queen Elizabeth Fuso

Azur Lane: Ocean Guardians Containers

New Azur Lane Premium containers are another great way to add Azur Lane Commanders and even ships to your collection—each container is guaranteed to drop either one or the other.

A Sea of Azur Lane Colors

These random bundles hold Azur Lane permanent camouflages for 14 different ships!

You'll receive 1,500 Doubloons as compensation for each Azur Lane themed permanent camouflage that you already possess.

Azur Lane Collection

Finally, we would like to remind you about the Azur Lane collection. If you haven't completed it yet, you'll have a great opportunity to do so in Update 13.4. The Azur Lane collection elements drop from containers of the same name, and besides being available via the Event Pass and combat missions, you can also find them in the Armory: three for Coal and three more for Credits.

Once you've gathered all the collection elements, you'll be rewarded with Commander Azuma with 10 skill points and the following themed flags: Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Ironblood, Sakura Empire, Eastern Radiance, Northern Union, Iris, and Vichya.

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Azur Lane Event Pass

Update 13.4 introduces a new thematic Event Pass featuring content from the Azur Lane collaboration.


We present you a Thematic Event Pass dedicated to Azur Lane—participate in it and journey through two progression lines that offer loads of rewards! Each line comprises 20 levels; complete them to earn all the main rewards and gain access to additional rewards for completing extra levels.


You'll be able to obtain Azur Lane containers, the Azur Lane permanent camouflage for 

VI Queen Elizabeth

List of rewards for First Progression Line

, Commander Queen Elizabeth with an individual voiceover plus 10 skill points, and other valuable rewards in the first progression line. After completing the initial 20 levels, you'll receive 1x More Signals container per each extra level.

List of rewards for Second Progression Line

You can unlock the second progression line for

Doubloons. After unlocking it, the different levels of both progression lines can be completed either by completing missions or by purchasing each level for

Doubloons. Among the special rewards of the second progression line, you'll find Commander Fuso with an individual voiceover and 10 skill points; a bonus package for Tier VIII ships; Azur Lane permanent camouflages for

Daily and Weekly Missions

Completing daily and weekly missions will earn you the necessary Points to complete the Azur Lane Event Pass.




Eagle Union
Earn 250 Base XP in any battle type. 10 Points
Sakura Empire
Earn 1,500 Base XP in any battle type. 10 Points
Iron Blood
Earn 25,000 Base XP in any battle type (once per week). 20 Points
Royal Navy
Earn 7,000 Base XP in any battle type (up to 3 times per weekend). 10 Points (up to 30 Points per weekend)

You can earn 65 more Points for completing regional activities.


Points per Level

Points total

10 50
15 125
30 275
45 500

The number of Points required to complete each progression level gradually increases for every 5 levels completed. You'll be able to earn up to 825 Points during the event, and you'll need only 500 Points to advance along the whole progression line. You can exchange any remaining Points for extra levels.


©2017 Manjuu Co., Ltd. & Yongshi Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
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