12.6 How to Obtain Early Access for Tiers II-X Spanish Cruisers

Spanish Cruisers

12.6 How to Obtain Early Access for Tiers II-X Spanish Cruisers

With Update 12.6 you get a chance to obtain early access to Tiers II-X Spanish Cruisers.

Ship How to Obtain During 12.6 Status Link
flag  X Castilla Available to purchase for 20,000 doubloon Doubloons at the end of a sequential bundle chain. Early Access Ship Page
flag  IX Andalucía Via random bundles, available for 1,000 doubloon Doubloons each. Early Access Ship Page
flag  VIII Cataluña 500 Gold Spanish Tokens in sequential bundles. Early Access Ship Page
flag  VII Asturias 280 Gold Spanish Tokens in sequential bundles. Early Access Ship Page
flag  VI Baleares 190 Gold Spanish Tokens in sequential bundles. Early Access Ship Page
flag  V Galicia 110 Gold Spanish Tokens in sequential bundles. Early Access Ship Page
flag  IV Almirante Cervera 40 Gold Spanish Tokens in sequential bundles. Early Access Ship Page
flag  III Navarra Via daily random bundles available for Doubloons. Early Access Ship Page
flag  II Méndez Núñez Via free daily random bundles. Early Access Ship Page
flag  I Jupiter Available free in Update 12.8 Early Access Ship Page

Players can receive up to 1,020 Gold Spanish Tokens for free:

  • 800Tokens for completing combat missions of the Personal Challenges event.
  • 20Tokens in free daily bundles.
  • 100Tokens in bundles for Free XP.
  • 100Tokens in bundles for Community Tokens.

The sequential bundles for Gold Spanish Tokens include a commemorative flag and the following permanent camouflages: Celestial Dragon for flag  VIII Cataluña, Image Water Dragon for flag  IX Andalucía, Image and Sand Dragon for flag  X Castilla. Image

The number of Gold Spanish Tokens that can be obtained for free during the event is sufficient to obtain a sequential bundle that can drop flag  VII Asturias or the Celestial Dragon permanent camouflage for flag  VIII Cataluña (requires spending fxp Free XP and  Community Tokens).

Even more Gold Spanish Tokens can be obtained from random bundles available for doubloon Doubloons. Besides flag  IX Andalucía, the bundles for Doubloons additionally drop flag premium cruiser VI Canarias bonus packages for flag  IX Andalucía and flag  X Castilla. and other valuable rewards.

The final reward for completing the Premium Battle Pass is 500 Gold Spanish Tokens.

Players can also earn Silver Spanish Tokens:

  • 1 Token for each completed combat mission of the Personal Challenges event
  • 100 Tokens in the Free Battle Pass

The sequential bundles available for Silver Spanish Tokens include bonus packages for flag  V Galicia, Image flag  VI Baleares, Image flag  VII Asturias Image and flag  VIII Cataluña. Image

Silver Spanish Tokens can be exchanged for Gold Spanish Tokens at the rate of 2:1.

With the release of Update 12.8, Spanish cruisers will become available for all players to research, and any Gold Spanish Tokens remaining on your account will be exchanged for Credits at the rate of 1: credits 12,000 Credits.

Personal Challenges

The rules are similar to those applied to the Engagement stage of the Naval Battle:

  • Every player will have access to a personal table of records. This table displays all the available ship types and nations the player can helm into battle, as well as the conditions of various missions.
  • After fulfilling one mission, the player can move on to the next cutoff point on the table, which will offer a more difficult mission.
  • You have an unlimited number of attempts.

Personal Challenges are displayed in the same-name section of the Combat Missions tab in the Port. You can participate in the event playing researchable ships of Tier V and higher. You can also play Premium ships of Tier V–IX and special ships if the nation has a researchable branch of that type.

You can take on Personal Challenges in Random, Ranked, and Co-op Battles, as well as in Concealed Maneuvers.

The table of records will be reset 2 weeks after the update goes live. This means that the rewards will again become available to players who manage to reach the top level prior to the reset.

The rewards for Personal Challenges are Gold and Silver Spanish Tokens. Each completed mission will bring you 20 Gold Spanish Tokens and 1 Silver Spanish Token. In total, you can earn 800 Gold Spanish Tokens—400 Tokens for each completed phase. There are no limits on how many Silver Spanish Tokens you can earn.

Gold and Silver Spanish Tokens

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