Early Access to European Destroyers - Times, Dates, Information

Early Access to European Destroyers - Times, Dates, Information

During Update 12.4 and 12.5, there will be early access to European Destroyers.
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Early Access European Destroyers - EU Ends Time [UTC]

European Destroyers Arrive in Early Access!

The Early Access system lets you obtain ships in advance of their official release. In other words, you can get your hands on ships that will be available for research in the future before anyone else!

Where Can I Obtain the Ships?

In sequential bundles in exchange for token European Tokens:

  • shipicon V Muavenet
  • shipicon VI Stord
  • shipicon VII Grom

At the end of a chain of sequential bundles for doubloon Doubloons:

  • shipicon X Gdansk

The sequential bundles also hold Golden Age permanent camouflages for shipicon VIII Splitshipicon IX L Katsonis and shipicon X Gdansk, as well as a commemorative flag.

As the final reward of the Update 12.4 Premium Battle Pass:

  • shipicon VIII Split

In random bundles for Doubloons:

  • shipicon IX L Katsonis

Where Can I Obtain Economic Bonuses for the Ships?

  • shipicon V Muavenet: In daily random bundles for doubloon Doubloons
  • shipicon VI Stord: For fxp Free XP
  • shipicon VII Grom and shipicon VIII Split: In sequential bundles for token European Tokens
  • shipicon IX L Katsonis and shipicon X Gdansk: In random bundles for doubloon Doubloons

How Many Tokens Can I Obtain and Where Can I Obtain Them?

In random bundles for doubloon Doubloons: 2,500 token European Tokens

Free of charge up to 1,300 token Tokens:

  • 950 token Tokens for completing combat mission groups
  • 20 token Tokens in free random bundles
  • 130 token Tokens in the Free Battle Pass
  • 100 token Tokens in bundles for fxp Free XP
  • 100 token Tokens in bundles for  Community Tokens

What Can I Obtain with European Tokens?

The number of token European Tokens you can earn by completing combat mission groups will be sufficient to purchase the following items in sequential bundles:

  • shipicon V Muavenetshipicon VI Stord and shipicon VII Grom
  • Bonus package for shipicon VII Grom
  • Golden Age permanent camouflage for shipicon VIII Split

If you obtain all the available free token European Tokens, you'll also be able to purchase a bonus package for shipicon VIII Split

When Does Early Access End?

After the release of Update 12.6 (Check countdown above), flag  European destroyers will become available for all players to research, and any token European Tokens remaining on your account will be exchanged for CREDITS Credits at the rate of 1:15,000 CREDITS Credits.

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Stats Pages:

Nation/Tier/Ship Class Dev Status Ship Page Link
flag shipicon X Gdansk Destroyer Early Access Ship Page
flag shipicon IX Lambros Katsonis Destroyer Early Access Ship Page
flag shipicon VIII Split Destroyer Early Access Ship Page
flag shipicon VII Grom Destroyer Early Access Ship Page
flag shipicon VI Stord Destroyer Early Access Ship Page
flag shipicon V Muavenet Destroyer Early Access Ship Page

Features of the New Ships

The new ships are artillery destroyers; in battle, they rely mostly on their main battery guns. The newcomers are able to effectively detect enemy ships thanks to their Smoke Generator and Surveillance Radar consumable combination. The most important thing is to choose the right moment to use them because Surveillance Radar has a large radius but a rather short action time.

The high-speed torpedoes of the new European destroyers should be considered as secondary armament in most situations due to their low damage and rather short range.

  • The ships are equipped only with HE shells with good damage per salvo. Starting from Tier VIII the shells have flat-trajectory ballistics.
  • The ships are equipped with Smoke Generator and Engine Boost, and starting from Tier VIII, Surveillance Radar is added in a separate slot.
  • They have average speed and weak concealment, but they have solid HP pools at higher tiers.

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