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We often wonder when the next update, PTS or random mode starts or ends, and look everywhere to try some hint of when this is, and that's why I created this page, it's not official and WG hold no responsibility for any wrong dates or times, but 99% of the dates & times provided here are correct.

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PTS 0.10.5 Round 1 [UTC]
 PTS Update 0.10.5 Starts  PTS Update 0.10.5 Ends

RU & NA UPDATE 0.10.4 [UTC]
RU Flag RU Update 0.10.4 Starts USA Flag NA Update 0.10.4 Starts

ASIA Flag ASIA Update 0.10.4 Starts UK Flag EU Update 0.10.4 Starts

WoWs Free Bonus Codes Streams [UTC]
 WoWs Free Bonus Codes Streams Starts  WoWs Free Bonus Codes Streams Ends

The Longest Night of Museums [UTC]
 Longest Night of Museums Starts  Longest Night of Museums Ends

German Destroyers Missions [UTC]
Germany German Destroyers Missions

Ranked Battles Season 3 [UTC]
 Ranked Battles Season 3 Starts  Ranked Battles Season 3 Ends

*Godzilla - Kong Refund [UTC]
 *Godzilla - Kong Refund Ends

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