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Hey there! I have created this handy countdown page for you. It shows you when the next update, event, PTS, clan and rank modes, and more will start or end. It's not an official source and World of Warships is not responsible for any mistakes, but I think it's very reliable.

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PTS 12.9 Download size 3.0GB.

PTS 12.9 Round 1 [UTC]


Update 12.9 Download size 3.58GB.

Update 12.9 NA - Asia - EU Servers [UTC]


Clan Battles 22 Season "Anaconda" [UTC]


Brawl 6 vs. 6 playing Tier VIII ships [UTC] ENDS


12.8 Endless Holidays - FREE Recurring Daily Random Bundles [UTC] ENDS


12.8 Battle Pass [UTC] ENDS


Dockyard Lushun [UTC] Ends

12.8 Birthday Auction [UTC]


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