Superships Admiral Ushakov and Sekiryu are Charting a Course for the 0.11.10 Lighthouse Auction, and more Lots

lighthouse auction

Superships Admiral Ushakov and Sekiryu are Charting a Course for the 0.11.10 Lighthouse Auction, and more Lots

The Lighthouse auction has started! The lots include Super Battleship Admiral Ushakov and Super Carrier Sekiryu and more...
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lighthouse auction

flagship iconlevel Admiral Ushakov - Soviet Super Battleship 1949

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A large, 105,036-ton ship with powerful armour, one of the variants of the post-war battleship project (Project 24) with nine 457 mm guns as main battery artillery.

flagwarshipwarship Sekiryu - Japanese Super Carrier 1945

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A powerful strike aircraft carrier, which is a further development of the Taiho class. In terms of size, hangar capacity, and AA defense power, she significantly exceeds her prototype.

0.11.10 Lighthouse Auction [UTC]
Lighthouse Auction Regional Links
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Navigate to the relevant Armory tab to take part in the Lighthouse auction (Be sure you are already logged into the regional web portal).

0.11.10 Lighthouse Auction:

  • ship icon supership Admiral Ushakov and special carrier supership Sekiryu will be available in the 0.11.10 Lighthouse Auction.
  •  100,000,000 (100 million) credits will be the Minimum bid, with a maximum 375 lots for EUNAAsia and 125 lots for CIS (RU).
  • The auction will be available during the times and dates above
  • All winners will have paid the lowest winning bid.
  • Update 12.1 will see ship icon level Admiral Ushakov enter the tech tree at a cost of credits 57,000,000 Credits and   Sekiryu enter the tech tree at a cost of credits 48,000,000 Credits

Single-Price Auction Rules

Bids are placed in the Armory

You can participate in the Lighthouse auction only within the special Armory category.
The highest and earliest bids win
Identical bundles are compiled into lots at the auction. The number of auctioned bundles is limited for each lot—the higher your bid and the earlier it is placed, the higher your chances of obtaining the item.
You can change your bid until the summing up of the results starts. The bid placement time will also change.

Single-Price Auction

Once the Lighthouse auction results have been summed up, the highest bids win. In the case of equal bids, the bid that was placed earliest wins. However, all winners will only pay as much as the lowest winning bid for the selected lot. Any excess will be returned to their accounts. Each winner obtains one bundle.

No Losses

If your bid does not win, do not worry! It will be automatically returned to you after the auction ends.

Bids, summing up of the results, rewards for the winners

Each auction consists of three stages:
Bidding Time
Bids are accepted for 4 days. During this time, you can also change any bids you have placed.
Result Calculations
Summing up the auction results. Bids can no longer be placed.
Rewarding Winners
The auction winners obtain their rewards, while the other participants receive their bids back.
4 days in total

It's a no-risk adventure! Any bid that doesn't win will be returned to the bidder when the auction closes.

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