Update 11.11: 2023 New Year Celebration, Santa Containers and Contents Chances, Dockyard, Carol Clash, Brawls, and other Features

Update 11.11: 2023 New Year Celebration, Santa Containers and Contents Chances, Dockyard, Carol Clash, Brawls, and other Features

WG have prepared a bunch of fun activities and interesting rewards to celebrate the New Year! Let's talk about the main novelties of the upcoming Update.
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The Hamburg Dockyard kicks off the construction of  IX Admiral Schröder in Update 0.11.11.

The ship is armed with as many as eight 305 mm guns housed in four main battery turrets. She is well suited for combat at medium and short ranges due to her quite solid durability and decent armor protection for a cruiser. Closing in on a hostile ship will trigger her powerful, long-range and accurate secondary guns.

To repel torpedo attacks, her “trademark” German Hydroacoustic Search consumable will certainly come in handy. The cruiser has good concealment and is able to quickly change flanks and take up any needed position owing to her Engine Boost with improved characteristics.

Rules of the Dockyard

  • The construction process at the Dockyard comprises 30 phases.
  • You can advance through shipbuilding phases by completing Dockyard missions or spending resource 1750 doubloons to pass through each phase.
  • The combat missions span 6 weeks of Update 0.11.11 and the first 2 weeks of 12.0. The Dockyard itself will remain in your Ports until the start of Update 12.1.
  • In total, you can progress through 26 out of 30 shipbuilding phases by completing combat missions.
  • Completing the 19th phase will bring you  VII Renown '44.
  • Upon completing the construction process, you will receive  IX Admiral Schröder in the War Paint permanent camouflage with a Port slot, Commander with 10 skill points, and commemorative flag.

If you complete the construction of  IX Admiral Schröder by spending Doubloons, make sure to keep progressing through Dockyard combat missions. Completing each shipbuilding phase will bring you STEEL 250 Steel.

Carol Clash

One of the main New Year's features will be the Carol Clash temporary event. In this event, two teams of Santas from the North and South Poles compete to deliver gifts as quickly as possible.
Carol Clash is similar to events such as New Year's Night and Industry Titans.
You have to choose which team you want to be a part of and join the race. At the finish line, each team will give you a New Year's reward - one of the two themed commanders and one of the two permanent camouflages "Silver Swirls" for Halland or Conqueror. The first time you receive a reward from either of the two teams, you will also receive the Carol Clash achievement.

For participating in the event, you will be able to earn Frosty Tokens, which can be exchanged for New Year commanders, containers with permanent camouflages, and various other items.
In honor of the New Year, the following items were added to the game:
  • Themed commanders with unique voice acting - Papá Noel for Spanish ships, Papá Noel for Pan-American ships, Pirate Santa for Commonwealth ships, Scrooge Nicholson for British ships
  • "Frosty Night" Commemorative flag
  • "Festive Finery" container with permanent economic bonuses for Tier V-VIII ships and permanent camouflages

Battle Performance Bonuses

In Update 0.11.11, you can earn the traditional New Year rewards for your battle performance by playing your Tier V and higher ships!

The rewards differ depending on the ship tier.

  • Tier V–VII ships: coal 750 Coal
  • Tiers VIII–IX ships: STEEL 75 Steel
  • Tier X ships: 1 New Year Certificate
  • Superships: RESEARCH BUREAU500 Research Points

A New Year Certificate is a temporary resource that can be exchanged in Update 0.11.11 for  375,000 Credits or any of the three types of Santa's Gift holiday containers.

  • You can exchange 1 New Year Certificate for one Santa's Gift container.
  • It takes 3 New Year Certificates to grab one Santa's Big Gift container.
  • One Santa's Mega Gift container can be yours in exchange for 5 New Year Certificates.

You'll be able to exchange  New Year Certificates for the three Santa's Gift containers 2 days after Update 0.11.11 is released. With the release of Update 12.0, each remaining New Year Certificate will be exchanged for one Santa's Gift container.

Just like during the celebrations of World of Warships’ 7th Anniversary, players with 100 or more ships in their Ports will be able to obtain several rewards in a single battle at once! The number of gifts you’ll receive after each battle depends on the number of ships you have in your Port and the amount of Base XP earned in that battle. For example, a player with a Port fleet exceeding 300 ships will be able to earn four gifts in one battle—one gift for entering battle with a ship and three gifts for effective performance in battle.


"Santa's Gift" Containers and Drop Chances

standard big mega

Santa's Gift Container

Santa’s Big Gift Container

Santa's Mega Gift Container


40x New Ships added to all "Santa's Gift" Containers

Tier V - VII Ships Tier VIII and IX Ships Tier X and Rare Ships
flag shipicon VI K. Schönberg flag shipicon VIII Rochester flag shipicon V Fujin
flag shipicon VII FR25 flag shipicon VIII San Diego flag shipicon V Kamikaze
flag shipicon VII Huron flag shipicon VIII Hampshire flag shipicon V Kamikaze R
flag shipicon VII Toulon flag shipicon IX Tulsa flag shipicon V Gremyashchy
flag shipicon VII Maya flag shipicon IX Carnot flag shipicon IX USS Black
flag shipicon V Rio De Janeiro flag shipicon IX Dalian flag shipicon X F. Sherman
flag shipicon VI Repulse flag shipicon VIII Brandenburg flag shipicon X Khabarovsk
flag shipicon VII Collingwood flag shipicon VIII Anhalt flag shipicon X Álvaro de Bazán
flag shipicon VI Novorossiysk flag shipicon IX Kearsarge flag shipicon VIII Anchorage
flag shipicon VI Béarn flag shipicon IX Giuseppe Verdi flag shipicon V Giulio Cesare
  flag shipicon IX Iwami flag shipicon VIII Odin
  flag shipicon VIII Hornet flag shipicon IX Hizen
  flag shipicon VIII Aquila flag shipicon X G. Kurfürst
  flag shipicon VIII Chkalov flag shipicon X Malta
  flag shipicon VIII I-56  
  flag shipicon VIII S-189

Full List of Ships in the 2021 Santa Containers

Tier X and Rare Ships Tier VIII and IX Ships Tier V - VII Ships
 X Max Immelmann
 X Thunderer
 X Marceau
 X Hayate
 X Småland
 X Salem
 X Napoli
 X Yoshino
 X Moskva
 X Smolensk
 IX Missouri
 IX Georgia
 IX Jean Bart
 IX Musashi
 IX Benham
 IX Neustrashimy
 IX Friesland
 IX Alaska
 IX Kronshtadt
 VIII Enterprise
 VIII Massachusetts
 VIII Lenin
 VIII Asashio
 VIII Mikhail Kutuzov
 VII Z-39
 VII Haida
 VII Nelson
 VII Flint
 VII Belfast
 VI Erich Loewenhardt
 VI Admiral Graf Spee
 VI T-61
 IX Pommern
 IX Marco Polo
 IX Ägir
 IX Azuma
 IX Z-44
 IX Groningen
 VIII Saipan
 VIII Indomitable
 VIII Graf Zeppelin
 VIII Kaga
 VIII Alabama
 VIII Constellation
 VIII Vanguard
 VIII Gascogne
 VIII Champagne
 VIII Flandre
 VIII Tirpitz
 VIII Roma
 VIII Borodino
 VIII Congress
 VIII Wichita
 VIII Cheshire
 VIII Tiger '59
 VIII Belfast '43
 VIII Bayard
 VIII Prinz Eugen
 VIII Mainz
 VIII Atago
 VIII Tone
 VIII Ochakov
 VIII Pyotr Bagration
 VIII Irian
 VIII Kidd
 VIII Cossack
 VIII Le Terrible
 VIII Z-35
 VIII Orkan
 VIII Loyang
 VIII Fenyang
 VIII Siliwangi
 VII Florida
 VII California
 VII Hood
 VII Duke of York
 VII Strasbourg
 VII Scharnhorst
 VII Ashitaka
 VII Hyūga
 VII Poltava
 VII Atlanta
 VII Indianapolis
 VII Boise
 VII München
 VII Weimar
 VII Duca degli Abruzzi
 VII Gorizia
 VII Lazo
 VII Nueve de Julio
 VII Yukon
 VII Sims
 VII Yūdachi
 VII Leningrad
 VII Błyskawica
 VI Ark Royal
 VI W. Virginia 1941
 VI Arizona
 VI Warspite
 VI Dunkerque
 VI Prinz Eitel Friedrich
 VI Mutsu
 VI London
 VI De Grasse
 VI Duca d'Aosta
 VI Molotov
 VI Admiral Makarov
 VI Perth
 VI Mysore
 VI Huanghe
 VI Ise
 VI Monaghan
 VI Gallant
 VI Aigle
 VI Leone
 VI Juruá
 VI Anshan
 V Texas
 V Agincourt
 V Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya
 V Viribus Unitis
 V Marblehead
 V Marblehead Lima
 V Exeter
 V Genova
 V Yahagi
 V Murmansk
 V Krasny Krym
 V Mikoyan
 V Kirov
 V Hill
 V Siroco
 V Okhotnik


For Brawls in Update 0.11.11, WG updated the available maps, improved the balance of divisions, and returned them to this type of battle. Players can expect 5 separate Brawls in the following formats:
Round 1 utilizes a 5 vs. 5 format with Tier VII ships. During this round, you can participate in the Brawl as part of a Division. All details about the other rounds will be available in a dedicated article. Stay tuned for more news!
  • First Brawl - December 12-19: 
    • 5v5 on Tier VII ships. A team can have no more than three battleships, five cruisers and three destroyers. You can participate in the Division.
  • Second Brawl - December 19-26:
    • 1v1 on Tier VIII battleships.
  • Third Brawl - December 26 - January 2:
    • 1v1 on Tier IX cruisers.
  • Fourth Brawl - January 2-9:
    • 5v5 on Tier X cruisers. You can participate in the Division.
  • Fifth Brawl - January 9-16:
    • 1v1 on Tier X aircraft carriers.

Bounty Event

WG regularly hold special in-game activities where players need to spot one of our volunteers or contributors in battle and sink them to earn a reward.

Starting from Update 0.11.11, this activity is called “Bounty Event.” You'll see it displayed in the game client while the event is active. During this activity, you need to hunt down one or more players with the Bounty status in Random Battles and sink their ships. In battle, a Bounty player can be identified by a special icon in the form of a target.

You can also try out the Bounty role by submitting an application during the event announcement and joining the ranks of randomly selected players. Fend off overwhelming enemy forces or hunt down other Bounty players if you encounter them in the opposing team.

Players who complete a special combat mission for the event will earn rewards, and those who manage to sink Bounties will get the Bounty Hunter commemorative achievement for each of them.

Tutorial tasks for new players

In the Waterline at the beginning of the year, WG told you that they were working on training tasks for new players. In update 0.11.11 WG are adding "Introductory Missions" in a test format. They will allow beginners to master the basic principles of the game. These tasks are accompanied by hints and consistently pay attention to various game mechanics, and for their completion the player will receive a small reward. The tasks will be available to players who have fought no more than 300 battles, and in order to complete them, they will need not only to prove themselves in battle, but also to perform certain actions in the port.

Map Changes

At the beginning of a battle, the distribution of ships on the flanks and in the center of the map will become more even between teams. Submarines will spawn closer to the opposite side of the map and more often on the flanks.

Adding and editing content

Added to the game:
  • "For Meritorious Service" and "Pioneer" patches.
  • "Pioneer" expendable camouflage.

The "Supertest" and "Deserved ST" camouflages have been updated.
The portraits of the standard Italian commanders have been updated, and several new ones have been added. 
Due to the separation of visual elements and economic bonuses, the contents of the "Christmas and New Year in the Navy" container have been updated - economic signals have been replaced with consumable economic bonuses, the amount of free experience in the container has increased, and the "New Year Sky" expendable camouflage has been removed.


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