CT 0.11.10 - 4 x New Premium Ships - III Ning Hai - IX Sun Yat-Sen - IX Hector - Submarine VIII Alliance

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CT 0.11.10 - 4 x New Premium Ships - III Ning Hai - IX Sun Yat-Sen - IX Hector - Submarine VIII Alliance

4 x new ships: III Ning Hai, IX Sun Yat-Sen, IX Hector and Submarine VIII Alliance will be added to the game in the upcoming test session 0.11.10.

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Sun Yat-Sen - Pan-Asian Tier IX Premium Battleship {getButton} $text={Sun Yat-Sen Stats Page} $icon={link} $color={red}

A battleship similar in many respects to the Sovetsky Soyuz-class, except in the gunnery department.
Sun Yat-Sen is armed with six 457 mm main battery guns with good accuracy and range. She also has a healthy supply of HP and good armor. Her AA defenses are average, but with the help of the Defensive AA fire consumable, she can deftly fend off enemy squadrons. The main con of the ship is the reduced number of guns. The ship’s consumables are represented by Damage Control Party, Repair Party, and Defensive AA fire.

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Hector - Commonwealth Tier IX Premium Cruiser {getButton} $text={Hector Stats Page} $icon={link} $color={red}

A project for an enlarged version of the Dido-class light cruiser. The main differences between her and her prototype lie in the more powerful guns and torpedo armament.
Hector is armed with fourteen 133 mm guns divided between 7 turrets, as well as 4 four-tube torpedo launchers, similar in characteristics to those aboard cruiser Neptune. 
As a British ship, her torpedoes can be launched one at a time. The main battery has a high rate of fire yet low damage and armour penetration values; the torpedoes have comfortable torpedo launching angles. 

The cruiser has good concealment and manoeuvrability, but low HP and weak armour. Consumables: Damage Control Party and Repair Party with standard settings, a Crawler Smoke Generator, and the choice between Defensive AA Fire and Hydroacoustic Search.

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Alliance - British Tier VIII Premium Submarine {getButton} $text={Alliance Stats Page} $icon={link} $color={red}

A diesel-electric submarine with a long operating range, intended for use in the Pacific theatre. In the late 1950s, the submarine underwent a major upgrade.
Unlike the researchable British submarines, Alliance has access to both acoustic and standard torpedoes. The acoustic torpedoes have a shorter distance at which they stop homing, as well as improved turning speed towards pinged targets, but they are extremely slow, giving an opening for enemies to evade them. They also deal low damage. Like the researchable British subs, Alliance has an impressive dive capacity and good speed, but a small HP pool.


Ning Hai - Pan-Asian Tier III Premium Cruiser

ning hai image
A compact light cruiser built in Japan for the ROC Navy. Her distinguishing features were her moderate speed and relatively powerful artillery for her size.
Ning Hai is notable for her long-range, rapid-firing guns and powerful torpedo armament. She also enjoys good concealment and manoeuvrability, but a low speed and a small HP pool.
Hit points – 13 800.
Plating - 6 mm.
Fires duration: 30 s.
Torpedo protection - 4 %.
Main Battery Armament - 3x2 140 mm.
Firing range - 13.7 km.
Reload time - 8.0 s.
180 degree turn time - 24.0 s.
Maximum dispersion - 128 m.
Sigma – 2.00.
6 x 140 mm HE:
Maximum HE shell damage – 2400.
HE shell armour penetration - 23 mm.
Chance to cause fire – 10%.
HE initial velocity - 850 m/s.
6 x 140 mm AP:
Maximum AP shell damage - 2700.
AP initial velocity - 850 m/s.
Torpedo tubes - 2x2 533 mm.
Maximum damage - 10 833.
Range - 7.0 km.
Speed - 57 kt.
Reload time - 42 s.
Launcher 180 degree turn time – 7.2 s.
Torpedo detectability - 1.2 km.
AA defense:
AA defense short-range 4x1 7.7 mm:
continuous damage per second - 25.
hit probability - 85 %.
action zone - 1.5 km.
AA defense mid-range 6x1 76.2 mm:
continuous damage per second - 32.
hit probability - 90 %.
action zone - 3.0 km.
Maximum speed - 21.2 kt.
Turning circle radius - 390 m.
Rudder shift time – 3.6 s.
Surface detectability – 9.9 km.
Air detectability – 3.3 km.
Detectability after firing main guns in smoke  – 4.3 km.
Available consumables:
1 slot - Damage Control Party
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.
Please note! that all information in this post is preliminary. Announced adjustments and features may change multiple times during testing. The final information will be published stated as Released on our WGB website.

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