0.11.2 Early Access: How to Obtain Tiers II - X Italian Destroyers

0.11.2 Early Access: How to Obtain Tiers II - X Italian Destroyers

0.11.2 will see the Italian Destroyer branch enter the game. How to obtain the destroyers is listed below.
Italian Destroyers Part 1:
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New Ships:
II Curtatone, III Nazario Sauro, and IV Turbine. The primary armament of the new ships placed at Tiers II to IV is their torpedoes. In terms of gameplay, these ships are similar to "conventional" destroyers, and all of them carry SAP and HE shells. At Tiers II to IV, ship consumables don't last long and are mostly used for illustrative purposes to introduce players to their unusual characteristics. Exhaust Smoke Generator will hide a ship even if she's running at full speed, and the Emergency Engine Power consumable provides a bigger boost to speed compared to the standard Engine Boost, but for a shorter period of time.

V Maestrale, VI Aviere, and VII Luca Tarigo. At Tiers V to VII, main battery guns get better but the ships continue to rely on torpedo tubes as their primary armament. Unlike their counterparts of other nations, there is only a slight increase in the firing range of their main batteries. The characteristics of their consumables, however, improve from tier to tier, helping shape a full-fledged style of combat. With Emergency Engine Power, SAP shells, and Exhaust Smoke Generator, Italian destroyers can close in on an enemy ship for dashing attack at short range.

VIII Vittorio Cuniberti, IX Adriatico, and X Attilio Regolo. At Tiers VIII to X, combat strategy may be based on an intermittent approach. Commanders will need to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation and choose between (or combine) the following two strategies:
  • Firing long-range quick-reload torpedoes in a measured way.
  • Relying on a combination of main guns, torpedoes, and consumables for a lightning-fast strike.

The closest similar ship suited to an aggressive combat strategy is IX Paolo Emilio. At the same time, researchable Italian destroyers will also rely on their main guns in knife-distance duels since torpedoes alone may not be enough to finish the job. Keep in mind that at Tiers IX and X, the standard firing range does not exceed 10 km. Upgrades to extend the firing range are not accessible.

Early Access:
II Curtatone is available via free daily bundles. You can obtain only one bundle per day out of a total of 12.
III Nazario Sauro is available via paid daily bundles. You can obtain only one bundle per day for 150 Doubloons out of a total of 12.
IV Turbine, V Maestrale, VI Aviere, VII Luca Tarigo, and VIII Vittorio Cuniberti are available via sequential bundles for Italian Tokens. You can obtain as many as  4700 Italian Tokens for free. This will be enough to grab Luca Tarigo and a special camouflage for Vittorio Cuniberti. These free Tokens can be earned in the following ways:
  •  4000 Italian Tokens by engaging in the Clash of Courage
  •  200 Italian Tokens in free daily bundles
  •  500 Italian Tokens in exchange for Community Tokens
You can also find Italian Tokens in random bundles available in exchange for Doubloons. With the release of Update 0.11.4, all Italian Tokens will be converted into Credits at the rate of  1:3000.
  IX Adriatico will be available via one of 60 x 1000 Doubloons collections of Milan bundles.
Upon obtaining all available sequential bundles for Italian Tokens, you will be able to acquire X Attilio Regolo in exchange for  Doubloons
When Update 0.11.4 goes live, the Italian destroyers will become available for all players to research.

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