Clan Battles 16 "Albatross" Season - 7 v 7 Tier X (Changes to Restrictions)

Clan Battles 16 "Albatross" Season - 7 v 7 Tier X

Clan Battles 16 "Albatross" kicks off during Update 0.11.1.
Changes to Clan Battles 16 "Albatross" - Mar 14, 2022
After the analysis of battles in the current Clan season, it was decided to implement the following ship limits:
  • Banned ships:  X Petropavlovsk.
Restrictions will come into effect on the 16th of March, 11:30 UTC.
Clan Battles offer an excellent opportunity to show off your skills in World of Warships. It's not only the results of individual battles that are important here, but also general progress. Fight alongside your Clanmates and rise to the top!
Win Clan Battles to earn valuable rewards such as Steel, Coal, camouflages, special signals, Clan Tokens, and much more. The more victories you achieve, the more rewards you'll earn.

Clan Battles 16 "Albatross" [UTC]
 Clan Battles 16 "Albatross" Started  Clan Battles 16 "Albatross" Ends



Prime Times

Gaming sessions are available on:
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday.

Please note: Upon reverting to summer time (*BST British Summer Time and *DST Daylight Saving Time), the Prime Times for the Europe and North America servers will change.
  • RU: 16:00 - 20:00 UTC
  • EU: 18:00 - 22:00 UTC
    • *BST From March 30th, 2022: 17:00 - 21:00 UTC.
  • NA: 00:30 - 04:30 UTC* - next calendar day 
    • *DST From March 15th, 2022: 23:30 - 03:30 UTC
  • ASIA: 11:30 - 15:30 UTC
UTC Times
Tier X ships; 7 vs. 7.

Up to 11,000 Steel and loads of other rewards.

North, Hotspot, Islands of Ice, Land of Fire, Shards, Trident, and Crash Zone Alpha; all in Domination mode.
Battles on all maps will be fought in Domination mode.
On the days of any update releases, Clan Battles are held only during the Prime Time of your server.

Season 16 begins with the following restrictions:
The following rules apply for all maps:
  • Aircraft carriers and submarines are not allowed.
  • No more than two battleships per team.
  • No more than three mercenaries per Division.
  • A team cannot have two identical ships in its line-up.

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