Pan Asian Cruisers - V Chung King - VI Rahmat - VII Chumphon - Supertest

Pan Asian Cruisers - V Chung King - VI Rahmat - VII Chumphon - Supertest

Key features of these cruisers are: Small-calibre guns. High rate of fire. Powerful deep-water torpedoes. Low survivability. Availability of the "Smoke Generator" consumable.
Ships Characteristics

Cruiser Chung King


 Chung King Pan-Asian Tier V Light Cruiser 1937 (Link)

Chung King is a light cruiser built in Britain. Designed for combat operations within squadrons and for hunting down enemy destroyers. In 1948, she was transferred to the Republic of China Navy.


Cruiser Chung King


 Rahmat Pan-Asian Tier VI Light Cruiser 1940 (Link)

Rahmat is a Dido-class light cruiser built in Great Britain. A small ship armed with dual-purpose artillery, designed to protect a squadron or convoy from attacks by destroyers and aircraft.


Cruiser Chumphon


 Chumphon Pan-Asian Tier VII Light Cruiser 1941 (Link)

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