2022 Brings changes to the Tech-Tree starting with Delny and Preussen

Cruiser Sejong

2022 Brings changes to the Tech-Tree starting with Delny and Preussen

WG are sharing more of their plans for the future and upcoming changes starting in 2022!

Delny (Link) and Preussen (Link)

In early 2022, two new researchable Tier X ships are going to be added to the game—Delny and Preussen.
  •  X Delny is a project of a Tashkent-class destroyer leader that was improved taking experience gained in warfare into account. She differs from her prototype in the composition of her torpedo armament and more advanced artillery systems, which are of a post-war design. The ship is armed with six 130 mm guns mounted in three twin turrets, has solid armor protection for a destroyer, and is equipped with efficient torpedo armament.
Cruiser Sejong
  •  X Preussen is a variant of the H-class battleship project. Her primary armament comprises eight 457 mm guns placed in four turret mounts. The ship has solid armor, powerful secondary armament, and the Hydroacoustic Search consumable.

Ship parameters

Delny and Preussen will replace X Khabarovsk and X Grosser Kurfürst in the Tech Tree, as they better match the progression and gameplay of their respective branches:
  • Delny embodies the logical development of the branch concept. She is similar to IX Tashkent in terms of her gameplay, and her specifications are more similar to Tashkent's than X Khabarovsk's are. Delny's improved armor represents the most significant difference compared with Tashkent.
  • Preussen continues the concept of the German battleship branch—ships of this branch are armed with few guns, but their impressive caliber compensates for their small number. Apart from that, the ship is similar to X Grosser Kurfürst and other German battleships in her features.
Detailed information about the ships' technical specifications is available in our Development Blog.

Details about the changes

  • When Delny and Preussen are added to the Tech Tree, X Khabarovsk and X Grosser Kurfürst will become special ships. This means that the base cost of the post-battle service of these ships will be reduced, and you will be able to assign Commanders from other ships of the same nation to them without any penalties and retraining requirements.
  • If you already own these ships, you will not lose them—they will stay on your account. If you have already researched one of these ships but haven't yet purchased her, or if you sold her, or if you reset the branch, then the ship will be added to your account.
  • The ships will keep their unique upgrades, as well as any purchased permanent camouflages. If you haven't yet purchased the Type 20 permanent camouflage for X Khabarovsk or X Grosser Kurfürst, it will be added.
  • Any Commanders attached to X Khabarovsk and X Grosser Kurfürst will preserve their specializations.
  • Delny and Preussen can be obtained only after they have been researched and purchased in the Tech Tree.
  • You will be able to obtain X Khabarovsk and X Grosser Kurfürst from the Armory in exchange for Coal.
All players who own any permanent camouflage for X Khabarovsk or X Grosser Kurfürst at the time when the ships are removed from the Tech Tree will receive the Type 20 permanent camouflage for Delny or Preussen, respectively.


In Update 0.9.5, a similar Tech Tree change was implemented in the Soviet cruiser branch— X Moskva was replaced by X Alexander Nevsky. Within the framework of that change, players who owned permanent camouflages for cruiser X Moskva did not receive any permanent camouflage for X Alexander Nevsky. The rules for crediting camouflages when replacing ships in the Tech Tree have now changed, and we have made a decision to credit the missing camouflages to owners of cruiser Moskva. All players who had any permanent camouflage for X Moskva on their accounts at the time when Update 0.9.5 was released will receive the Type 20 permanent camouflage for X Alexander Nevsky within a week of Update 0.10.9 being released. Those who already have the Type 20 permanent camouflage will receive 5,000 Doubloons as compensation.
Other details of the upcoming changes will be announced later. Stay tuned for more news!

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