Delny - Tier X Soviet Russia Destroyer 1952

Image of warship Delny

 Delny Tier X Soviet Russia Destroyer 1952

Delny is a project of a Tashkent-class destroyer leader that was improved taking experience gained in warfare into account. She differs from her prototype in the composition of her torpedo armament and more advanced artillery systems, which are of a post-war design.
Delny Info:
Ship Name when Final:   X Delny
Tier:  X (10)
Paper ship:  Yes
Early Access:  No
Class: Destroyer
WG introduction:  October 1st, 2021
Status when final:  Researchable Ship
Ship release:  ~0.11.1
Research Purchase: 226 000  18 000 000
Nation:  Soviet Russia
Current development status: Released
Ship Armor:
delny plating
Health Points: 22700 hp
Armour: 12~50 mm
Internal bulkhead fore: 19 mm
Internal bulkhead aft: 19 mm
Side Plating: 19~50 mm
Bottom: 20 mm
Turret Plating: 12 mm
Tonnage: 4 327 t
Main Battery Armament:
3 x 2 130mm/60 on a BL-101 mount:
Max Range: 13.1 km
Reload: 5.0 s
180° Turn Time: 9.0 s
Dispersion at Max Range: 101 m
Sigma: 2.00σ
Sector of fire: Fore 208°..152° - Aft 28°..332°
Shell Types:
HE Shells: 6 x 130 mm HE-42:
Alpha Damage: 1900
Ammo Type: High Explosive
Alpha Piercing HE: 22.0 mm
Shell Air Drag: 0.2906
Shell Always Ricochet At: 60.0°
Normalization: 68.0°
Shell Detonator: 0.001
Shell Detonator Threshold: 2.0
Shell Diameter: 130 mm
Shell Krupp: 1.0
Shell Mass: 33.0 kg
Shell Ricochet At: 91.0°
Velocity: 950.0 m/s
Burn Probability: 8%
AP Shells: 6 x 130 mm SAP-42:
Alpha Damage: 2600
Ammo Type: Armor Piercing
Shell Air Drag: 0.2941
Shell Always Ricochet At: 60°
Normalization: 10°
Shell Detonator: 0.01
Shell Detonator Threshold: 22 mm
Shell Diameter: 130 mm
Shell Krupp: 1900.0
Shell Mass: 33.4 kg
Shell Ricochet At: 45°
Velocity: 950.0 m/s
2x3 533 mm 53-39 mod. 4:
Reload:  129 s
180° Turn Time:  7.2 s
Range:  10.0 km
Damage:  15100 hp
Speed:  60 kts
Visibility Distance:  1.2 km
AA Defence:
Long Range:
3 × 2 130 mm/60 on a BL-101 mount:
Firing range:  6.0 km
Hit Probability:  100 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  63
Damage Caused by Shell Explosions:  1680
Number of Explosions Per Salvo:  3
Continuous damage:  159
Action zone:  3.5-6.0 km
Mid Range:
3 × 4 45 mm SM-20-ZIF
Firing range:  3.5 km
Hit Probability:  100 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  113
Short Range:
2 × 4 25 mm 110-PM on a 4М-120 mount
Firing range:  3.1 km
Hit Probability:  95 %
Damage by Zone Area AA:  42
Depth Charges:
Maximum damage: 1700
Charges: 2
Bombs per charge: 16
Reload time: 40 s
Maximum Speed: 43.5 kts
Turning Circle Radius: 760 m
Rudder Shift Time: 5.0 s
Propulsion: 150,000 hp
Surface/Sea Detectability:   9.4 km
Detectability by depths:  0-4.44 km
Air Detectability:  4.44 km
Detectability after Firing Main Guns in Smoke:   3.73 km
Slot 1:  Damage control party
Charges:  infinite.
Action Time:  5 s.
Reload Time:  40 s.
Slot 2Smoke generator
Charges:  3.
Action Time:  20 s.
Reload Time:  160 s.
Action radius:  450 m.
Smoke dispersion time:  97 s.
Slot 2Repair party
Charges:  3.
Action Time:  28 s.
Reload Time:  80 s.
HP per Second:  +113 hp/s.
Slot 3Engine boost
Charges:  3.
Action Time:  120 s.
Reload Time:  120 s.
Boost: +8%.
All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change at any time.


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  1. I saw & heard on WG feed that Decembers update to 0.10.11 will be the last version of 0.10. The first update of January will be 0.11.0 (also been updated on the wiki). So Am I assuming that the Delny might be pushed back to 0.11.0 with the Pressum going back to to 0.11.1 as that has been in testing less time than the Delny?

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