0.10.4: Auction - Bid on Rare and Collectable Items


0.10.4: Auction - Bid on Rare and Collectable Items

With the launch of Update 0.10.4, WG are adding a new way to obtain in-game items. It will be called "Auction" - you can participate in it and compete with other players to obtain rare goodies. It represents a great additional way to stock up on desirable items and resources.

Key Rules
  • Each auction has a limited duration.
  • It comprises the following stages:
    1. The available lot for the auction is announced. Its starting price and number of possible bid winners are announced at the same time.
    2. The auction begins and bids are placed.
    3. Bidding ends. The results of the auction are summed up.
    4. The auction winners receive their rewards, while the unsuccessful auction participants receive their bids back.
  • You can change your bid amount at any time, provided that bidding for that lot is still active.
  • The number of lots is limited. The highest bids win.
  • Information will be provided about the starting bid for each lot and the number of possible winners.
  • Depending on the lot, you can place various in-game resources as your bid.
  • After the results are calculated, the highest bids win. If the bids are tied, the bids that were made earliest win. The time when the last bid change was made is also taken into account.
  • It's a no-risk adventure! Any bid that doesn't win will be returned to the bidder when the auction closes.
For example, if there is a lot for 500 commemorative flags, the 500 players with the highest and earliest bids will each receive one flag. All other bids will be returned to the participating players' accounts.

Auction in Update 0.10.4 [UTC]
Auction in Update 0.10.4 Starts Auction in Update 0.10.4 Ends


COAL 100,000 Coal: starting bidCREDITS 25,000,000 Credits; 5,000 winners.
British Commander Adrian Griffiths with 14 skill points and 20 Rising expendable camouflages: starting bid > icon 9,000 doubloons; 1,000 winners.
 Thunderer commemorative flag: starting bid > icon 1,500 doubloons2,500 winners.

The number of winners and starting bid amounts are the same for the CIS, EU, NA and ASIA World of Warships servers.{alertInfo}

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