0.10.4 - Battle of the Beasts Event - Start and End Times and Dates

0.10.4 - Battle of the Beasts Event - Start and End Times and Dates

During Update 0.10.4, you can take part in the new "Battle of the Beasts" temporary event, which is inspired by German folklore. Join one of four teams to complete missions and earn rewards!

Battle of the Beasts

Battle of the Beasts Event [UTC]
Battle of the Beasts Event Ends

Key Rules
  • The event is divided into four stages, with each stage running for 1 week.
  • Before starting each stage, you can choose one of four teams:
    • Welthund: a huge black dog with a sole big eye on its forehead.
    • Feuerputz: a demon that can take various guises. Most often, it appears as a flaming skeleton or horseman.
    • Glühschwanz: a night ghost in the guise of a dragon.
    • Lindwurm: a wingless creature with a dragon's head and a serpentine body.
  • Event participants are issued special missions throughout each day. Completing the missions will progress you through personal and team milestones.
  • The missions can be completed playing Tier V–X ships in Random, Co-op, and Ranked Battles.
  • Progress is reset to zero at the beginning of each next stage.
  • All players who have reached Access Level 8 can participate in the event.
  • You'll earn rewards by reaching specific personal and team progress milestones.

The missions are only available during a certain time period each day.
Daily Mission Time Starts:
Daily Mission Time Ends:

The rewards include themed patches, flags, and 10-skill-point Commanders, as well a new temporary resource Beast Tokens . You can exchange these Tokens for various in-game items in the Armory, including Battle of Jutland and German Destroyers containers.

A Battle of Jutland container can drop III König Albert or  V Agincourt, the "To Honor Skagerrak" and Jutland Veteran permanent camouflages for these ships, or other rewards. German Destroyers containers can drop signals, expendable camouflages, and elements of the eponymous collection.

Beast Tokens

In total, you can obtain up to 440 Tokens: 400 for completing the event missions and 40 from free daily bundles in the Armory.
The Tokens can be exchanged in the Armory for various in-game items, including German Destroyers containers that drop elements for the collection of the same name, as well as Battle of Jutland containers.

With the release of Update 0.10.6,  Beast Tokens  will be converted into Credits at the rate of 1: 9000{alertInfo}

You will also be able to earn one of each new commander by completing missions obtainable through special Twitch Drops. Stay tuned for a dedicated article with more details.{alertInfo}

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