New Ships: X Komissar and X Brennus Resource Distribution Methods


New Ships: X Komissar and X Brennus Resource Distribution Methods

WG have announced the resources that will enable you to purchase new ships Tier X Komissar and Tier X Brennus within upcoming updates.

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In future Updates, you will be able to add a couple of previously announced new ships to your Port. Here are the in-game resources they will be available for:

  • flag shipicon X Komissar will become available for Steel Steel. Ship Page Image
    • Possibly around ~ Steel25,000 to Steel28,000
  •  shipicon X Brennus will become available for Research Points Research PointsShip Page Image
    • Possibly around ~ Researchpoints57,000 to Researchpoints60,000

    Details concerning the cost of these ships and their release dates will be published on our portal at a later date, I will add the amount of resources for each ship as soon as they are released.

    Please be aware that all information in this post is 'Work in Progress', the announced adjustments and features may undergo multiple changes during testing, all changes will be added to this post immediately after they become available, the final details will be officially published and labelled in the ship info as 'Released' on this post.

😃Thank you for your comment, it will be added asap.✅

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