The Fourth Annual Longest Night of Museums Historical Mega Stream Event Including Rewards on June 1st

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The Fourth Annual Longest Night of Museums Historical Mega Stream Event Including Rewards on June 1st

The year 2024 marks the 80th anniversary of the pivotal D-Day invasion, and WG are dedicating our full attention to the historic beaches of Normandy for a special edition of the event. The approximately 10-hour live stream will take you aboard several ships involved in D-Day for exclusive tours led by their curators. You will also experience the debut of two new documentaries produced specifically for the Longest Night of Museums and have the opportunity to acquire unique in-game items!

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Tune in to the official World of Warships Twitch channel on June 1 and don’t miss a chance of Twitch drop rewards and some intersting historical knowledge

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June 1st Program and Time UTC
Blyskawica (PL) 16:00 UTC HMS Belfast (UK) 17:00 UTC
Documentary by Magellan 17:45 UTC S-130 (UK) 18:45 UTC
"Normandy 0530 Hours"
Documentary by World of Warships 19:30 UTC
HMCS Haida (CA) 20:45 UTC
"Frog Fathers:
Lessons from the Normandy Surf" Documentary by World of Warships and FORCE BLUE
21:30 UTC
LST-325 (USA) 23:00 UTC
Tyler Pitrof, Naval History and Heritage Command Historian 23:30 UTC USS Texas (USA) 00:00 UTC
"Normandy 0530 Hours"
Documentary by World of Warships 00:45 UTC

*Please note that the schedule may change.

Documentary Premieres

This year’s Longest Night of Museums isn't just a way to remotely visit museums; the stream itself will become an exhibit for brand-new documentary content filmed exclusively for the event!

Frog Fathers: Lessons From the Normandy Surf

World of Warships and nonprofit organization Force Blue have teamed up again to produce "Frog Fathers: Lessons from the Normandy Surf." This documentary, narrated by John C. McGinley, traces the story of the forefathers of the U.S. Navy Seals, the NCDU and Navy Scouts and Raiders, who worked to clear the beaches of Normandy, as seen from the eyes of modern veterans of this elite corps.

Normandy, 0530 Hours

From the ruins of the famous Mulberry harbor at Arromanches to the German gun emplacements surrounding the Utah and Sword Beaches. This is a taste of the itinerary followed by the Wargaming staff who made the pilgrimage to historical D-Day locations to document their state 80 years after the “longest day.”

Twitch Drops

No World of Warships stream would feel complete without a share of in-game rewards for viewers! For this event, WG have prepared a special set of Twitch Drops: you’ll receive a Drop after watching the stream for 60, 120, and 240 minutes. Included are Twitch containers, expendable camouflages, and even a new commemorative flag introduced for the Longest Night of Museums 2024.

How to Obtain World of Warships Twitch Drops here.

World of Warships Partners
The perfect companion for life-long learners and enthusiasts of naval history, MagellanTV offers gripping documentaries about legendary ships, epic battles, naval warfare, and much more.
War History Online
War History Online is a comprehensive resource for those interested in military history and the latest war news from around the world. Their team of experienced historians provides accurate and unbiased coverage of events and developments in military history and the world of war.
“We here at NavalHistoria love to document, discuss, explain and simply ponder the fascinating history of the many extreme, weird and wonderful ships to have graced the seas.”

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