The Creatorverse: 5 Major YouTubers Bring their Unique Content to World of Warships in Update 13.1

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The Creatorverse: 5 Major YouTubers Bring their Unique Content to World of Warships in Update 13.1

WG have partnered with five major YouTubers to bring their unique content to World of Warships. CouRage, MoistCr1TiKaL, Ludwig, Nadeshot, and Sapnap are setting out on our virtual seas! Their respective Commanders: CouRage, Chuck Blast, Stonebeard, Nadeshot, and Sapnap, all have voiceovers by the YouTubers themselves!

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WG have also prepared thematic commemorative flags representing each of them, as well as permanent camouflages carefully crafted with their input.
YouTube Logo Youtuber captain Captain Perm CamosCamo: Camo for Ship:
TheRussianBadger TheRussianBadger USS Lobsterminator New Mexico
CouRage CouRage Pride of the Courageous flag  VI Leander
Penguinz0 Chuck Blast Blast Master flag  VI Bayern
Ludwig Stonebeard Stonewash   VI Normandie
Nadeshot Nadeshot Thief's Future flag  VI Pensacola
Sapnap Sapnap Fire Carrier flag  VI Fubuki

Schedule and Links to regional armory portals.

The Creatorverse [UTC] ENDS



As part of this collaboration, the Internet's container will be added to the game.

Tubers Container
Each Internets Container including: % chance Drop Rates:
• 11x Special Boost Special expendable economic bonuses: 12.5% for each type
• 1,000,000 credits Credits: 30%
• One of the following captain Commanders: CouRage, Chuck Blast, Stonebeard, Nadeshot, and Sapnap: 10%
• One of the following permanent camouflages: Perm CamosPride of the Courageous for flag  VI Leander, Perm CamosBlast Master for flag  VI Bayern, Perm CamosStonewash for   VI Normandie, Perm CamosThief's Future for flag  VI Pensacola, and Perm CamosFire Carrier for flag  VI Fubuki: 10%
Image of Internets Container Contents

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